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    Hagoromo's Comet & The Downfall of Humanity

    Shimiko Chinoike
    Shimiko Chinoike

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    Hagoromo's Comet & The Downfall of Humanity Empty Hagoromo's Comet & The Downfall of Humanity

    Post by Shimiko Chinoike on Sat Sep 14, 2019 11:34 pm

    Hagoromo's Comet & The Downfall of Humanity Capture

    Hagoromo's Comet & The Downfall of Humanity

    The shinobi world has existed for at least 1,000 years. From what historians can trace it is by far the longest and most enduring period of human development in recorded history. Countless events of major significance have occurred since the birth of chakra on this planet. For this gift, we have to thank Hagoromo. But that begs the question. Was chakra truly a gift? Ever since the passing of the Sage of Six Paths, mankind has been at war for centuries. Armed with a new means of murder, the Sage's presence on Earth has served to do nothing but inflame passions that have already long existed. Chakra has now become the primary mechanism of death and misery for all peoples. However, this article was not written to criticize Hagoromo, much more comprehensive work has been done on this subject by historians far more learned than I. Instead, this article's purpose is to warn you that after centuries of warfare, Hagoromo's failed experiment is about to come to a crashing and horrifying end. And it will take all of us with it.

    Celestial Body #B4A21, more commonly known as Hagoromo's Comet in the media, is heading towards Earth. The superstitious, religious, and foolishly optimistic will tell you that this interstellar event brings good fortune to mankind. They are wrong. Astronomists are in agreement that what we are witnessing is nothing short of a miracle. There is no way that an object that has been flung so far out of the Earth's orbit and into space centuries ago can make its way back to Earth via natural forces. Space is too big and our planet is too small. The Comet is being guided back to this planet by by an unknown intelligence. Who is guiding it? The naivest among us will tell you that Hagoromo himself is directing the meteor from the heavens and that he plans to use it strengthen the faithful in a final bid to vanquish evil. However, I ask those believers: where is the evidence for your bold claims?

    Where was Hagoromo when a band of vicious criminals destroyed the Blood Prison and unleashed the worst horrors of this realm and beyond? Where was Hagoromo when a brutal death cult was legalized and given safe haven in one of the largest countries in the world? Where was Hagoromo when Shiroi committed atrocities in a Valley dedicated to one of his disciples? Where was Hagoromo when a mysterious and virulent plague wiped out millions of innocent people?

    He was nowhere to be found. He is dead and will remain such. For as long as we pine our hopes on a dead man, we have no prayer of overcoming what awaits us. Of course, that is assuming there was ever any hope to begin with. A possibility which any rational mind would have long ago dismissed. Experts agree that calamities have been rising around the world and that the destruction of the Blood Prison guarantees further destabilization of the world order. Leaked documents from foreign governments suggest that we are not alone in the universe. Aliens walk among us, some of them openly serving in militaries of the Great Nations. Rest assured that they and their kin have taken an interest in our little blue speck. The unraveling of our civilization and the arrival of Hagoromo's Comet is of no coincidence.

    There is nothing positive about this event. Humanity has been in decline for centuries, but the pace of our destruction has been greatly accelerated by our kind and those not native to our planet. Astronomists assign a less than 1% chance that the comet collides with Earth but given the unlikely and horrendous events of late, who would bet on the inhabitants of this place? Our luck has been horrendous and our time is running out. I suspect that if this Comet does not destroy us immediately it will bring with it our final doom. A destructive alien species? A new disease? Enough fuel to empower the fanatics tearing at the seams of our society? I cannot say for sure. All I know is that this Comet does not bode well for humanity. It is a herald of our doom. A destruction that has been centuries in the making and that is entirely unavoidable. Say your goodbyes and enjoy the time you have left. For the end of our species is nigh.

    - This opinion piece was published in the Shinobi Times by an Anonymous writer


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