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    Hagoromo's Comet & The Inevitable Ascension of Humanity

    Shimiko Chinoike
    Shimiko Chinoike

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    Hagoromo's Comet & The Inevitable Ascension of Humanity  Empty Hagoromo's Comet & The Inevitable Ascension of Humanity

    Post by Shimiko Chinoike on Mon Sep 16, 2019 8:20 pm

    Hagoromo's Comet & The Inevitable Ascension of Humanity  E1eea018c53440d78e6dfdc48ae4efe5

    Hagoromo's Comet & The Inevitable Ascension of Humanity

    Rejoice! After years of careful study astronomers has confirmed that in a few days time, we will soon be visited by an ancient artifact. This artifact is a massive chunk of earth and chakra that has been designated as Hagoromo's Comet and when it passes by Earth it will bring with it a spirit of hope and renewal. Hagoromo, also known as the Sage of Six Paths, gave us the wonderful gift of chakra. He used this mystical power to defeat the foes of darkness and empower mankind to connect with one another. Hagoromo envisioned a world where all humans could truly understand one another and live together in harmony. Unfortunately, he and his disciples did not live to see this day come, but their heroic actions planted the seed for a society based on virtue and love. The message of the Sage reverberates today through the Ninshuu faith. It echoes through history as many leaders fought and died for the sake of equality and tolerance. Martyrs, holy men, and righteous warriors whom sought an end to the sea of blood that has marred human history. And despite the centuries of war that occurred after his death, Hagoromo's mission lives on. The development of the village-system was a major step towards global peace and stability. The coming of Hagoromo's Comet is the second (and perhaps most important!) stage in humanity's ascension.

    Scientists agree that the trajectory and nature of this comet is anomalous. There is no way that a celestial body which originated from the Earth so long ago could find its way back after nearly a millennium has passed. Scientists agree that the color, makeup, and overall structure is consistent with the mighty missile hurled into space by our great Forefather. So with this knowledge I ask you brothers and sisters, who is guiding this comet towards us? If you search your feelings you will know the answer: Hagoromo. The Sage of Six Paths is sending this comet as a reminder to humanity to not lose hope. We have overcome centuries of imperialism, warfare, and brutal genocides. We have seen horrible things and while there may be challenges again, our Forefather wants us to know that we shall prevail in the end. Hagoromo's Comet brings with it a resonance of power and peace. Experts have stated that because the comet is composed of cakra once possessed by the Sage, it has a natural kinship with every chakra sensitive being on the planet. If our hearts call out to him in unison, he shall answer. The spirit of the Sage will burn in our souls and will motivate us to defeat evil once and for all. Hagoromo's Comet is a warning to the disruptive and wicked individuals of this world and beyond, that their time is coming to an end.

    Naysayers will tell you to not have hope. That the destruction of the Blood Prison and the prevalence of terrorist organizations is an sign of our inevitable destruction. To those naysayers, I say this: you underestimate the people of Earth. Mega-cults? Not a problem. Freelance mercenary guilds? Insignificant. Eschatological terror sects? Mere insects in the wind. All of these issues mean nothing when compared to the power of the Sage and the hope he has given us. It is darkest just before the dawn and with the coming of the Comet and its mystical properties, I have faith that humanity will win the day.

    The pessimists and apocalypticans will never tell you about the heroes who opposed Honiko. The will never inspire you with the tales of valor committed in open and secret. They will not mention the mysterious resurrections of those victims of the plagues and humanity's defiance in the face of a once fatal illness. They will scare you with boogymen tales of extra-terrestrials. Instead of using this momentous occasion to bridge the gap with our interstellar brothers, they fearmonger. They assume the worst of our species and that of other world's. Hagoromo warned us against this baseless and vile suspicion. He encouraged us to link with each other and understand all manner of life. He taught us to believe in ourselves and in our powers. Through this belief, as well as the through the virtues of love and justice, we will destroy the irredeemably evil and save the lost and confused.

    So I say to all mankind, shinobi and civilian alike: prepare for a glorious new era! An era where we vanquish the foes of humanity and rise to take our rightful place among the evolved beings of the universe. The stars are the limit my friends. Hagoromo has given us the means to become something greater. We can enlighten, inspire, educate, and uplift the peoples of Earth and beyond but only if we have faith. On the eve of Hagoromo's Comet: gather with your loved ones, commit to three simple but powerful promises, and feel the awe-inspiring might of our progenitor as he ushers us into a new harmonious age.

    - This opinion piece was written by an Anonymous author in the Ninja Daily


    Hagoromo's Comet & The Inevitable Ascension of Humanity  1pwf20

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