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    Lets, Go, SHOPPINNNNNG! (Buying shit)


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    Lets, Go, SHOPPINNNNNG! (Buying shit)

    Post by Fenrir on Sun Sep 24, 2017 9:47 pm

    Fenrir had arrived at the market with a very specific goal in mind.  In a recent mission, all of his gear had been damaged beyond use or repair, and so he was in need of new gear, which would be retrieved today.  His first stop would be the weapons store, where he would purchase new weapons pouches, along with kunai, shuriken, and senbon to fill them.  He would also purchase two wrist-mounted Senbon Shooters, much like the pair he had before, but slightly less used.  He also made sure to restock on his explosives and bombs.  It wasn't a good sign if you had to use one, but dammit if they didn't make most fights a hell of a lot easier.

    After leaving the weapons store, Fenrir only had one stop left to make.  He had a very specific guy that he went to for custom items, or in this case, weapons.  The process was made very clear the first time they worked together.  Fenrir left the supplies a week before he wanted the weapon, along with  the description of what he wanted.  In return, the Smith would have his weapon ready within the allotted time, and it would meet all specifications.  And so, when Fenrir arrived at the door, his partner was ready.  The door was opened, the weapon was traded for the payment, and they parted ways.  And it was like this that Fenrir finished his days activities, heading home with a lighter wallet and heavier pouches.


    Character Name: Fenrir
    Spendable Experience: 450
    Total Experience: 4750
    Renown: 0
    Ryo: 2,800

    Bloodline: Sharingan (2 tomoe)

    Elements: Fire, Water, Lightning




    • Strength:B
    • Constitution: D
    • Stamina: C
    • Speed: B
    • Coordination: C
    • Intelligence: C
    • Perception: C

    [b]Limit Break Points:


    • Physical: 2
    • Technique: 0
    • Destiny: 1

    [b]Link to Character Updates:
    Fenrir's Updates
    Link to Character Application: Fenrir
    Link to Known Techniques:Fenrir's Updates[/b]

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