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 Rule Updates

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PostSubject: Rule Updates   Thu Sep 28, 2017 1:30 pm

This will be the topic for any changes to current rules, as well as any new rules put out. As always, everyone is free to comment on the rules and even suggest new ones by either contacting one of our staff or by posting in the Suggestions forum.

We've made a change to the Stat and Skill trading rule! We've also clarified what is meant when we say "stat raise". See below:
Quote :
-Trade One Skill Point for One Stat Raise or vice versa. Maximum 3 trades either way. Trading a Skill Point to a Stat Raise rewards 500 Experience to put towards stats or Bloodlines, but does not count towards the character's total Experience. Trading in this way also does not award a flat Stat Raise; Raises are considered a maximum for how many stats a character can have and do not allow anyone to bypass the experience requirements for raising Tiers.

We've added a new method for determining the speed, power, and range of projectiles. We hope this will make it easier for everyone to determine how your stats play in comparison to objects that are thrown or launched. See this link for more information.

As always, we make these updates to improve the game, and if they affect your character in any way, you are allowed to post an update with your changes and just a quick description on how the changes affected your character. In this case, everyone who traded Skill Points for Stat Raises may post an update claiming 500 Experience for every Skill Point traded in this way. Additionally, if this new information on Projectiles has you wanting to make your character a user of bows or thrown objects, you may switch your Skills around; the same applies if this change makes those things less appealing to you, but in that case, we'd like to hear why so that we can work to improve!
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Rule Updates
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