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    Kirā Clan ( Done)


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    Kirā Clan ( Done)

    Post by Cut on Thu Oct 05, 2017 5:01 pm

    [Clan Name]Kirā
    [Clan Location]Krir
    [Bloodline Name & Type]Doujutsu
    [Current Clan Leader]Kirā Askari
    [*]Kirā Askari

    Clan History/Description

    It is the only known dōjutsu not belonging to the Three Great Dōjutsu (三大瞳術, San Daidōjutsu; Literally meaning "Three Great Eye Techniques"), consisting of the Sharingan, Byakugan and Rinnegan. While the latter found their roots within the lineage of Kaguya Ōtsutsuki, it is still unknown how the Taiyōgan came to be or what its exact relation is with the other dōjutsu.

    Clan/Bloodline Traits & Characteristics
    The Taiyōgan perceives long distances, chakra, thoughts and the life force of others. In addition, it can see through physical barriers, track fast-moving objects and possesses a certain degree of premonition, not unlike the abilities of a fully-evolved Sharingan.

    It is able to prevent other dōjutsu from perceiving some of these within its vicinity, such as the Byakugan's 360° degrees of vision, the Sharingan's predictive abilities and the Rinnegan's ability to see chakra. The degree to which the Taiyōgan is able to negate others' vision is dependent on both parties' experience.

    By mastering the Taiyōgan and subduing it, a user can go against the eye's "nature" and force it to release some of the experiences it has accumulated. This allows the user to perform irresistible genjutsu who can fool other dōjutsu. The only limit to this power is that the user can only project images they have witnessed, whether this was within the physical realm or some other.

    The Taiyōgan is one of the few ways a human being is able to witness the pure, unadulterated life force within other beings, though it is far from the only manner to manipulate it. In general, medical ninjutsu influences life force on a daily basis and one could ever consider the simple act of killing as a manipulation of it. Taiyōgan users have the advantage of spotting life force and thus have an even easier time controlling it. They are able to transfer life force between different bodies, either to heal someone even if they are on the brink of death or, in a more macabre application, steal that of others to extend their own lifetime.

    Clan Techniques

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    Re: Kirā Clan ( Done)

    Post by Akame on Thu Oct 05, 2017 10:02 pm

    Heya! So, first and foremost with this is I'm going to need a bit more history than "nobody really knows much about this dojutsu". There had to have been someone with it before the current timeline, a way that it developed, etc. Second is I'm going to need a lot more detail with how the eye actually functions as well as what it looks like. You're going to have to put it into stages with a gradual experience cost to show progression with the eye as well, just as the Byakugan and Sharingan have for their abilities.

    I can assure you that some of these abilities are going to have to go or, depending on your description of them, be toned down. I can't say for certain what exactly, but once the edited version of the clan is done we can work on that portion of things. For now, just work on including a description of the eye and a description of how the eye would function within the limits of our systems. For example, you mention perception being heightened. Depending on the rank of the eye, that could be a single + or it could be more than that. We have to know that in order to know how it will operate within our site in its applications. I would recommend taking a look at the Uchiha registration to see how the Sharingan is outlined and would take note of the experience progression accompanying the Sharingan's levels. While you don't have to be quite as in depth as Izumi was for the Uchiha, a more in depth description of this dojutsu is required. I'll be more than happy to work with you on making this work once that is done. Thank you!

    Uchiha clan

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