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 Ueda Clan [W.I.P.]

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PostSubject: Ueda Clan [W.I.P.]   Mon Oct 09, 2017 2:48 pm

Bacteria Release (Kinton)
Hiro Ueda (NPC)

  • Raisa Ueda

Clan History/Description

The Ueda clan was originally developed in Yukigakure. It started of as a relatively small clan. Not many people in Yukigakure even knew of its existance, but the Ueda clan members liked it that way. They lived in seclusion and developed their jutsu. Living in seclusion led to inbreeding and the majority of the Ueda clan got deadly genetic disorders from doing so. There were certain clan members who didn’t get the genetic disorders and were smart enough to branch out and meet other people. However, they were still rather uneducated and thus were afraid that Yukigakure somehow had to do with the kind of genetic disorder that developed, so they went to the land with the complete opposite climate of Yukigakure: Sunagakure. There, the Ueda clan repopulated. Though they still tended to keep to themselves, they weren’t nearly as reserved as they were in Yukigakure.

Clan/Bloodline Traits & Characteristics

The Ueda clan has no defining physical features. They can be diverse as any shinobi. However members of the Ueda clan do have specific style clothes. Traditionally the Ueda clan members of all genders wore kimonos and some current clan members especially the older ones still wear kimonos. Still sticking to traditions a lot of female members wear kimono-like jackets with mostly simple patterns.

All Ueda clan members are immune to the bacteria listed under clan techniques. If a custom jutsu is made the creator can choose if the whole clan is immune to it, if only the creator is immune to it, or if nobody is immune to it. Ueda clan members have complete control of their bacteria.

Bloodline Description & Abilities

Kinton is produced by a unique fusion of suiton and raiton (which Ueda clan members can use separately). The bacteria cells are produced with suiton and raiton is used as electrical signals going from the bacteria’s nucleus to the rest of the bacteria’s cell in order to control the bacteria. Since Kiton are microscopic, it’s impossible to detect and very hard to get onto someone without directly injecting someone with the bacteria, placing it in someone’s food, etc. Therefor, Kinton users had to be crafty in the way they transmitted their bacteria. One of the techniques they found to be useful was putting their Kiton inside of a suiton technique, so when a bacteria infested suiton hit their target the bacteria could infect the target.

Bloodline Limits & Drawbacks

All forms of bateria are able to have antibacterias created to kill off the bacteria invading the body. This can be accomplished through either using ijutsu the rank of the bacteria or above it or by developing an antibiotic to cure the bacteria. This is done through chemistry.

Since bacteria release is a combination of suiton and raiton it is weak against fūton. Additionally no member of the Ueda clan can utilize fūton at any point in their life nor the release effective against it: katon.

Clan Techniques

Name: Bacteria Release: Transfer
Rank: E
Power: -
Activation Cost: 1
Upkeep Cost: -
Range: Right next to host
Speed: -
Element: Kiton
Skill: Ninjutsu
Classification: Ueda Clan Exclusive
Requirements: Kiton
Parent Technique: -
Hand Seals: Snake
Description: After performing the snake hand seal (or adding it onto the hand seals required to do a jutsu this jutsu is being applied to) a bacteria of the
Weaknesses: Bacteria can't be transferred onto something or someone from a distance.

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Ueda Clan [W.I.P.]
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