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    Orochi Risu

    Orochi Risu

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    Orochi Risu

    Post by Orochi Risu on Thu Oct 19, 2017 7:36 am

    Name: Orochi Risu
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Village: Kirihagakure
    Rank: Genin

    Clan: /
    Bloodline: /
    Element(s): Fuuton
    Skill(s): Ninjutsu, Ijutsu

    • Strength:D
    • Constitution:D
    • Stamina:D
    • Speed:D
    • Coordination:D
    • Intelligence:D
    • Perception:D

    Unique Abilities:
    Mad Medic: By having been interested in Ijutsu from a very early age and having studied the subject greatly, Risu has reached the point where using Ijutsu has become easier and less taxing on her. Risu's Ijutsu Techniques cost 1 rank less chakra.
    Anatomic Genius:  Thanks to the knowledge gathered by her medical studies, Risu is well versed in how the human body functions and has near unparallelled knowledge on how to increase her own body's potential thanks to this. This very knowledge allows her to learn any Ijutsu and Taijutsu technique at a faster rate of -50% wordcount for techniques related to these skills, however, due to this focus, techniques of other skills need +100% wordcount.
    Hidden Reserves: Nozomi can pull out a hidden well of reserves when she's pushed to her limits, choosing to push herself farther than she should naturally be able to. When she accesses these hidden reserves, her Stamina is increased by a tier, granting her an increased pool of chakra, although this drains her vitality, lowering her Constitution by a tier in the process. Her stamina cannot be boosted to beyond A rank with this though. Instead, if at A rank or above, 20 stamina will be temporarily restored.

    As a sixteen year old, Risu no longer has the lankiness of a child, but has yet to fully become a full grown woman. With a height of 5'4" she's not exactly tall, but neither is she short for anyone her age. With her slender build, alabaster skin and long jet black hair, she has an almost regal appearance, that is if it weren't for her golden, snake-like eyes which she inherited from her mother.

    With no scars to be found on her body, she's allowed to wear whatever kind of clothing she desires, though there are distinct differences between the clothing she wears during free time and the uniform she wears when on duty. Varying from nicely made yukatas to simple haoris and spats. While on duty, Risu also prefers to accentuate her eyes with purple, blue or black make up, with the intent of showing off her least human part.

    Born as the daughter of two active Kiri shinobi, Risu did not spend much time with her parents, her uncle Enaka however was always around for her, aiding her in her studies and supporting her whenever her parents could not be there for her.

    There were hardly any problems during her youth, as she got into Kirigakure's shinobi academy pretty quick and thanks to her uncle's guidance and tutoring, the theoretical lessons at the academy were never an issue to her, yet when it came to the practical stuff, she seemed to get a bit behind her peers, which in turn seemed to disappoint her parents, with mainly her father Orochi Taro believing her to be a complete failure and unworthy of her family's decent name as strong allround shinobi.

    Yet, luckily for her, Enaka managed to aid her yet again, showing her that he to, used to be a shinobi and that with his guidance she might actually excell in her practical studies as well. With harsh and grueling training, she managed to catch up to her peers and even got to the point where she became a fully fledged genin at the age of twelve.

    Alas, disaster struck when both Risu's parents got killed during a mission for the village. The Higher Ups of the village claimed that there was no foul play or involvement of enemy shinobi, they were just unlucky to have been caught in an unexpected landslide on one of the islands, leaving Risu all alone. Afterwards she was never the same, something which her uncle noticed and so he begun to tell her everything of his own past, of how screwed up Kirigakure had always been and how the village had more darkness than any other. However, he warned her that if the day would come that she had to choose between her own life and the village, she had to run, no matter how far and no matter how long, he wished for her to run and choose life above all else.

    Risu is on the surface a rather normal, quiet and perhaps slightly arrogant person, eager to always show that she was not to be underestimated by her peers and as such he has had some clashes with others of her age and upwards. Despite all of that though, within her her true personality of a monster resides.

    She is sadistic and cruel to those she dislikes, she has issues with trusting people and has a hard time controlling those instincts, but luckily has managed to keep herself in check so far.

    After the death of her parents and the revelation by her uncle about the village, she has begun to be more rebellious, distancing herself more and more from the people that seemed to completely devote themselves to the village. Her belief is that humans are weak by birth and only become strong by stepping over the corpses of others or by adding anything you desire to create your own identity.

    Roleplay Sample:
    Will give you one if you want one XD

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    Re: Orochi Risu

    Post by Akame on Thu Oct 19, 2017 11:28 am

    Nikuyo could get along pretty well with this one hahaha. Approved~

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    • Speed: C
    • Coordination: B
    • Intelligence: A
    • Perception: B

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    • Technique: 0
    • Destiny: 1

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