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    Preparing some necessary supplies

    Orochi Risu

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    Preparing some necessary supplies

    Post by Orochi Risu on Fri Oct 20, 2017 2:17 pm

    Annoyed by the fact that she was seriously running low on any and all of her supplies, Risu tried to start her day after breakfast by carefully looking at everything she did have, but to her surprise she was not just running low on food and proper utensils, but apparently she had managed to run through her entire supply of medicine, not to mention the fact that her tools and shinobi utensils also needed a serious update.

    When she had checked everything in storage room, she to the basement of the small house she'd been living in with her uncle, checking wether or not they'd need any more wood or coal, but luckily it seemed Risu's uncle had already thought about those matters and had restocked the basement with all necessary goods. It seemed that at least she had nothing to worry about when it came to the household's expenses for now, so with that in mind, the young woman went back upstairs to her room to clean herself up before leaving for the bussy market in town.

    Despite Kirigakure's reputation as a gloomy place, with many a nasty and bloody story circulating from mouth to mouth, in the end it was still a large village; a center of commerce and resources, where merchants and peddlers sold their goods and where most of the Land of Water's wealth came from. Risu hardly bothered thinking about her village's reputation, deciding that in her own opinion it wasn't all completely bad, except for maybe the very people running the damn place.

    Ignoring most of the stalls selling food and various accessories and ornaments, the genin managed to find herself the desired utensils and medicin from a apothecary near the market, a few new kunai and hip pouches from a local smith, not to mention the springloaded umbrella and the rebreather mask from an Artisan's stall at the market. When she finally managed to get everything she needed, Risu managed to drop off half of the stuff at her uncle Enaka's laboratory which was located closer to the Mizukage's residence than the market, but thankfully also closer to their own house, so she could drop off the stuff she could carry at home and pick up the rest later.

    All that was left, was to recheck the inventory she had made up, to be certain that she had not forgot any of the tools, utensils and other stuff she was supposed to go and buy, though when she did check her list, Risu discovered one glaring issue: that shopping spree had truly put a serious dent, if not a sinkhole in her finances.

    shopping list:

    1x Rigged Umbrella | 10,000 ryo
    1x Rebreather Mask | 10,000 ryo
    10x Kunai | 1000 ryo
    5x Explosive Tag | 7,500 ryo
    2x Hip Pouch | 100 ryo

    1 bag of Military Ration Pill | 5000 ryo
    1x Medikit | 5,000 ryo
    1x Bandage Wrap | 500 ryo
    1x Grain Alcohol | 100 ryo

    1X Fuuma Shuriken | 3,000 ryo

    TOTAL: 42, 200 ryo

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