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    Help Desk

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    Help Desk

    Post by The Founder on Fri Dec 16, 2016 8:40 pm

    Post in this topic whenever you need an Admin or General Moderator to do something for you, such as:

    -Move/Edit/Delete a Topic/Post.
    -Add/Remove an Account to/from a Group.
    -Apply for a position as a Registration Moderator.
    -Add/Remove/Edit a Forum/Subforum.
    -Report a case of harassment, abuse, or spamming.

    We will get to your requests as soon as we can and will either complete your request or send you a PM indicating why we couldn't complete your request, and then delete your post in this topic to avoid cluttering it. Please don't repost your request unless one of the following has happened:
    1. The action was not completed and you received no PM.
    2. You were specifically instructed by staff to repost your request.
    3. A week or more has passed.

    Please understand that we will not be able to satisfy every single request that comes our way, so if we deny your request multiple times, we ask that you do not continue to post that request until something happens that makes you believe there's a better chance of the request not being denied this time around.

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