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 Even Tai users need weapons

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PostSubject: Even Tai users need weapons   Tue Oct 24, 2017 10:18 am

Nozomi found herself rummaging through a store to stock up on her ninja supplies. She had never had any ninja tools before, her father not having bothered acquiring any for her as his training with her was strictly a Taijutsu based thing. The ninja academy had taught her the usefulness of ninja tools, and she knew it would be smart to incorporate them into her fighting style. Maybe then she'd be better up against someone like Makahshi. Then again, maybe not.

After collecting the necessary supplies, the young girl brought them up to the counter, and waited as the man tallied up the cost for her. It was a big spend for one go, but would be worth it soon enough.

Total Ryo Spent= 40,000


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Even Tai users need weapons
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