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    Just Picking up Tools


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    Just Picking up Tools

    Post by Copycat on Mon Oct 30, 2017 10:32 pm

    For once in her days worth of duty and work, she had some free time in her life. So rather than spending that free time training like she usually would, Kanna decided on something else. As she strolls along the rather active streets of Konohagakure, her cyan gaze shifts amongst her surroundings, sniffing at the air to alert her nose of the wafting scent of a sweet meat dish from a nearby restaurant. She didn't want to be here to stock up on calories, though; she's no Akimichi.

    So the semi-redheaded, semi-black haired woman continues to head along the direct pathway, taking her time to enjoy the sunlight beaming down, accentuating the mid-summer weather. It isn't long before she finds herself at her destination after a decent amount of walking and waiting for the traffic, consisting of other people heading in her direction or in different ones, to clear up. When she finally enters the shop, it's no less than a relief to finally be out of the sun and away from the crowd.

    Fully garbed with her usual black robes and chuunin vest, she slips a hand into her robes and unveils a good portion of ryo, counting what she has after paying bills for her apartment and such. Once determining how much ryo she had at her discretion, Kanna heads along, purchasing various tools and such. Some were just basic ninja tools while others were for meager defense. Some even were for medical purposes, since she'd recently handed off her medical supplies to the hospital.

    After a good amount of time looking about and choosing what she wants, she rings up what she wants and pays the necessary amount, before heading on home, sealing some of her belongings away to carry them more easily.

    -5,000, Medikit x1
    -10,000, Leather Armguards x1
    -15,000, Blood Pills x1 (sack)
    -1,500, Kunai x15
    -600, Steel Wire x6 [90 ft]
    -1,250, Senbon x25
    -4,500, Explosive Tag x3
    -3,000, Smoke Bomb x3
    -3,000, Chili Pepper Bomb x3
    -3,000, Fuuma Shuriken x1
    -3,000, Small Sealed Weapon Scroll x3 [1 with 5 kunai, 1 with 5 shuriken and 1 with 5 senbon]
    -50, Hip Pouch x1
    -50, Holster x1

    basically broke now.


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