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 Buying sick weapons

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Makahshi Kereko

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PostSubject: Buying sick weapons   Tue Oct 31, 2017 4:26 pm

Makahshi walked over to the counter and decided it was time to buy some weapons. This is what he opted to buy:

Kunaix15 - 1,500
Shurikenx15 - 1,500
Baldric | 50 ryo ea.
Hip Pouchx15 - 1,500
Explosive Tagx2 - 3,000
Flash Bombx3 - 3,000
Smoke Bombx3 - 3,000

Total Spent: 13,550

Makahshi then walked out.

"Makahshi Kereko. But to you my name is Pit, and you're not talking your way out of me"

Strength: C
Constitution: C
Stamina: A
Speed: B
Coordination: A
Intelligence: D
Perception: B
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Buying sick weapons
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