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    Advertising Contest!

    Toonami & Konami

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    Advertising Contest!

    Post by Toonami & Konami on Sun Nov 05, 2017 11:23 am

    All right Gladius members we are starting our first ever advertising contest! This is going to be a great way to bring more people to the site and also create an incentive for spreading the word about us. The contest will have 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place rewards.

    1st Place - 250 Experience
    2nd Place - 200 Experience
    3rd Place - 150 Experience

    Everyone who participates and advertises on at least five sites gets 100 experience. Site has to already not have an ad and you must provide links. Here is the site advertisement:

    Gladius Advertisement


    [*]Gladius is a new text based Naruto roleplaying game where you can create your own shinobi, explore the world of Naruto, and create meaningful stories with others. We offer:

    [*]A skill based progression system so that you can objectively track the abilities and path of your character as you move from Genin to Jounin

    [*]A quest feature that allows you to seek out new and exciting techniques from the anime and manga.

    [*]An active and engaged staff willing to assist you with getting custom techniques and abilities approved

    [*]A dynamic storyline that is affected and changed by player actions ensuring that everyone has a chance to make their mark on site history.

    [*]An in depth and strategic Village Resource system designed to enhance the stakes during war and conquest.

    Join us at [url=http://gladiusrp.forumotion.com/forum]Gladius[/url] and get others to join for a referral bonus!

    The contest will end on Dec. 5th.

    Here are some bonuses open to everyone:

    For every member you bring over from another site, or through an advert, so long as they post a character and make 1 ic post, receive 50 exp.

    Are you from an advertisement? If so where, just let us know and receive 50 exp just for telling us

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    Re: Advertising Contest!

    Post by Ryuko on Tue Dec 05, 2017 1:51 am

    And the results *durmrolls*

    1. Ryuko  
    2.  Kaori
    3.  Orochi Risu

    Runner ups -
    4. Natsuru
    5. Humerus

    Thank you for your particapation and Please don't forget to claim your experince

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