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 Yuki, Yugno, Akira Starting techs

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PostSubject: Yuki, Yugno, Akira Starting techs   Thu Nov 09, 2017 9:20 am

Name: Hiding in Mist Technique
Rank: D
Cost: 3
Range: 25 m. radius (125 m. radius w/source)
Speed: C (only applicable when expelled)
Element: Water
Classification: Village Specific
Handseals: Seal of Confrontation
Requirements: N/A
Description: The user conjures a thick, white mist which reduces visibility to absolute zero. This can be achieved by using a water source such as a lake, reservoir, or being in a damp environment. If no sources are present the user can still produce a mist by expelling it from their mouth.
Drawbacks: Just like real life fog the mist can only exist in conditions where it can survive. Very hot, arid climates forces the mist to evaporate (clearing up over two rotations.) In addition the mist can be cleared by strong winds or sudden bursts.

Name: Body Flicker Technique
Rank: D
Power: C
Activation Cost: 5
Upkeep Cost: -
Range: 50m
Speed: -
Element: -
Skill: Ninjutsu
Classification: Open
Requirements: -
Parent Technique: -
Hand Seals: Half Tiger
Description: This technique enhances the user's movements by fortifying their step with chakra. This is essentially a burst of energy to make their body function at higher speeds. This technique boosts the user's movement speed by one tier up to 100 meters. If at any time they stop running they must require an reactivation. The hand seal may be held to constantly refresh the 100 meter limit providing a constant speed increase. [/size]
Weaknesses: Just like a full sprint the user must remain in a straight line in order to benefit from the bonus. If the user were to change direction they must reactivate the technique.[/size]

Name: Silent Killing
Rank: D
Activation Cost: -
Upkeep Cost: 1
Range: 30 m.
Speed: -
Element: -
Skill: -
Classification: Village Exclusive
Requirements: -
Parent Technique: -
Hand Seals: -
Description: This technique allows the user to move silently without producing any sound as well as increase their attentiveness to their surroundings allowing the user to track foe by diminutive measures, such as breathing (unlocked at B-tier Perception.) This allows the user to soundlessly approach their victim through smoke or mist without any warning before delivering a final blow.
Weaknesses: This technique allows the user to track their sound alone. Noise obstructions loud enough make the user unable to focus on pinpointing the enemy's location. Although the user moves silently they are still vulnerable to Doujutsu, sensory, and other means of tracking. The user's speed is capped at one tier below their base Speed when using this technique.

Name: Wind Release: Verdant Mountain Gale
Rank: D
Cost: 3
Range: 40 meters
Speed: C Rank for manipulation
Element: Fuuton
Classification: General
Handseals: Snake (hold)
Requirements: Ninjutsu, must hold Snake seal
Description: By using wind-based chakra, the user can infuse their bladed weapons with it from a distance and manipulate them.
Drawbacks: Doesn't add any power to the weapon, only allows for manipulation of it. Holding the hand seal leaves the user more vulnerable than before.

Name: Soft Body Manipulation
Rank: D
Power: D
Activation Cost: -
Upkeep Cost: 1
Range: self
Speed: -
Skill: Ijutsu/taijutsu
Classification: Open
Requirements: Ijutsu or Taijutsu
Parent Technique: -
Hand Seals: -
the user's physical flexibility allows them to activate her cells to such a degree that their body becomes mallable and able to extend certain parts beyond the human limits. This technique allows the user to extend their limbs, neck, etc to a max of 3 meters, with additional 3 meters possible with each rank of Constitution above rank D, maxing at 15 meters with S rank constitution.

The speed at which Soft Body Manipulation can stretch limbs is based on the user's base Coordination rank.
Weaknesses: Can't use this technique when stamina is below 10

And Basic academy Jutsu
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Shimiko Chinoike

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PostSubject: Re: Yuki, Yugno, Akira Starting techs   Thu Nov 09, 2017 2:24 pm

You claim your starting techs in an update not in the technique registration forum.

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Yuki, Yugno, Akira Starting techs
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