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    Early Twilight



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    Early Twilight

    Post by C on Sun Nov 12, 2017 12:04 pm

    The sun had risen over the mountains spanning across the majority of the Land of Lightning, displaying a glorious crimson pattern over the parts of the sky split from the sun's direct rays by means of the high rising mountains that served as Kumogakure's base and its natural defense. Many people, citizens and shinobi alike, looked up to the sky in the early hours of the morning in reverence to the colorful display.

    They watched in hazed anticipation for the colors to shift from deep red, to bright orange, then to an illustrious yellow before settling in to light blue. It was a miracle of nature that happened every single morning, save on particularly dreary, cloudy, or rainy days, and this one looked to be especially clear. That's why it was confusion that greeted the sudden fade of the colors, for everyone that had looked up in awe now looked to each other with questions for which none had the answers. A great shadow fell upon the expansive plains settled just East of the mountains, a shadow so great and terrible that it snuffed out all light from their view, and looked upon the grassland as an eclipse spreading darkness across the land.

    The people continued to stare, their curiosity temporarily overwhelming an inherent sense of fear that soon grew beyond their control once they realized what it was that had caused this shadow. The people screamed and ran, while the few shinobi in the area sought to defend their lands. They were beyond hope, however, as a series of immense explosions sundered the land and scorched the grass. With a great many tremors felt all the way to the Village Hidden in the Clouds, all life in this portion of the plains was wiped out. Then, the shadow pressed onward, turning along the mountain range and disappearing beyond their peaks as though it had finally found what it sought.

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