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    The Raikage's Office


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    The Raikage's Office

    Post by Calypso on Sat Nov 18, 2017 12:28 pm

    Calypso sat at her desk, leaning back in her chair whilst examining the papers strewn across the surface in front of her. She had been back for some time, but it she was still getting used to the feel of it. She was accustomed to being able to escape her position of leadership by simply passing it onto someone else, being the captain of a ship had its perks in that way. Her only responsibility was making sure her crew was taken care of and that her ship didn't sink. Every now and then, she raided a ship or smuggled something into the other Lands. It was fun work, truly and she formed a bond with her crew. Her one ship grew into a small fleet however, so she decided to take the naval power back to her home. When she arrived, though, she found her replacement slacking and her village slowly dying because of it. She unseated it, took up her mantle again, and that was how she got where she was today. The paperwork was as tedious as ever, but at least she was doing all that she needed to, bringing her village back to its splendor.

    She wanted to have a bigger hand in bringing up the next generation of powerful Ninja within her village, to make sure that they would not ever let her village slack as much as the Second Raikage and those higher ranked shinobi in his regime. She had decided that as soon as these papers she had were finished and finalized, she would leave a Shadow Clone in her place to finishe her work while she adopted the guise of a Jonin to lead a squad. She had pulled the files of a Genin Squad that was without a leader currently and decided she would lead them. Shimiko Chinoike, Natsuru Senou and Ryuko von Rose, all girls that showed promise. She was a firm believer in the power of the fairer sex, so she definitely wanted to be the one to nurture that power. "Who knows?" She thought to herself "Perhaps I can groom one of them to become my successor. I am not inclined to leave the village in the hands of another male leader just yet, after the whole Seigi debacle. Maybe Shimiko might want to step up to rectify her brother's mistakes..." She was deep in thought, mulling over what she might teach them all, when there was a knock at her door. She looked up slowly before speaking, her voice as smooth as velvet "Enter."

    The door opened to reveal Calypso's assistant, a young timid girl that wanted to become a Kunoichi but didn't favor putting herself in danger in the fields. Raikage's assistant was a good career choice for someone such as her "Sorry to bother you, my lady, but a letter has arrived for you. A letter from the Land of Fire, Konohagakure more specifically. With the official seal of the Hokage." Calypso arched an elegant eyebrow and held out her hand for the letter. She wondered what the Hokage could possibly be writing to her about. She had learned of Kazuya Uchiha, much like she had heard of the other Kage, but he didn't seem like the kind of person to contact another village without official business. Maybe it was about a village alliance? She didn't see anything immediately valuable in that other than knowledge. She would more readily accept an alliance with Kirigakure, but she would see whatever the man had to say and take it into consideration.

    She opened the letter and read the words there:

    The Hokage's Letter:
    Fellow Kage,

    It has come to my attention that an unknown presence has been moving across our lands. Deaths have already resulted from this shadow in the Lands of Fire, Wind, and Earth, with casualty numbers unknown and more likely to follow. This presence is clearly hostile and has thwarted all attempts to gather more information on it, let alone stop it, and may pose a great risk to all of our great nations should it be allowed to continue. It is my wish that we come together, as Kage, to discuss this shadow in person and decide what must be done to deal with it in order to maintain a safe and peaceful environment for each of our villages. The location of this Five Kage Summit should take place in as neutral a location as we can manage while maintaining each other's security and distance from the projected path of the shadow. To this end, I propose the Three Wolves Mountains in the Land of Iron.

    Respond swiftly,
    Uchiha Kazuya, Hokage

    Calypso read the words and then her eyebrows raised a fraction. She had heard tell of this specter, and she had been planning on issuing roaming patrol squadrons through the Land of Lightning to protect all of those within her country, but now she knew it was much more serious than that. Especially if it required a Summit. The Land of Iron was the perfect place for such a meeting, as it was truly neutral. If this threat had traveled through all the lands with major villages, then they could have a very large problem on their hands. It may force the five villages and Gokage to form an alliance between them all until the threat had passed, which some might be opposed to. The tensions between some villages were still high, she knew that first hand. The conflict that had existed between her clan and the Hozuki those short years ago still left a bitter taste in her mouth, if she was being completely honest. But if she played her cards right, she could pull a lasting alliance or two out of this.

    "My lady? What will be your reply to the Hokage?"

    "Tell him that I will be in attendance. With two of my best guards. That means you, Naomi. Also prepare the village for my absence, I suspect this summit will take some time not only to reach but to settle a course of action."

    The blonde female blushed at her Kage's words but gave a small nod "Yes, Raikage-sama. Right away." She turned on her heel and left out quickly, leaving Calypso to her thoughts and paperwork. She looked down at the things on her desk and gave a bit of a sigh before picking up her pen once more and beginning to finish her work. Once all of her work had been done, Calypso donned her cloak and Kage hat and made her way to her home. She needed to prepare for her journey to the Land of Iron and the summit that would determine how they would handle this threat in the shadows.


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