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    Future's Starting Points


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    Future's Starting Points

    Post by LeoraShinsei on Tue Nov 21, 2017 9:40 pm

    There was so much Asahi needed to purchase yet so little time. It was his early stages into the Genin stage yet he didn’t even possess the appropriate gear. Luckily he was granted an allowance to spend on his equipment, but the problem was what sort of tools he should gather. Asahi spent a bit of time coming up with a list that he should go by on with his 50,000 Ryo being the limit. Once Asahi came up with a list of sorts he decided to make a trip outside of his home towards the market plaza.

    The Genin’s first stop happens to be the weapon’s shop which contains the necessary ninja tools and contraptions. Of course he got stared at by the clerk since Asahi appears to be rather weak and feeble. Even so he makes short work of purchasing exactly 20 senbons, 1 wrist-mounted senbon launcher, 2 chili pepper bombs, and 1 explosive tag. Of course Asahi took a bit of time examining the launcher since it was a new discovery to him. It didn’t take him long to find the trigger, how to aim it, how to reload it effectively, and how to equip it. The only thing that he needed help on was the clerk giving him some tips about aiming with the launcher.

    After purchasing those items Asahi made his second trip towards the apparel shop which consists of not only normal clothing, but also pieces of armor as well. He bought the basic protection of leather arm guards and leather shin guards. Asahi figured a little protection couldn’t hurt, and if anything it’ll reduce the chances of damaging his limbs. At least that’s to hoping, but in fear he wouldn’t have enough for the other pieces of equipment he’s been meaning to purchase that’s all he got. Asahi made sure the armor pieces were fitted to him, but also has the feature to alter its size slightly since Asahi is still growing and could produce more muscle/fat mass. In addition, Asahi made sure to purchase a backpack and 2 hip pouches.

    Now having the armor, weapons, and the ammunition he needed Asahi feels a little better about himself. Not too rough on the edges as he looked much like a Genin or at least appears to be more than the average child. Still Asahi pondered on his other skills, even though he only knows of one technique, it’ll be wise to purchase a scroll or two that deals with sealing. It’ll be good practice he figured, and so he made his way over to the scrolls shop. Honestly Asahi has never entered this type of shop before, so he spent about an hour reading the scrolls and what they contain. There was quite a few advanced stuff that were considered to be quite rare (in Asahi’s mind), and way too complex for him to understand. In the end Asahi purchased a generic sealing scroll and a small sealed weapons scroll that contained 5 kunai inside it.

    Having the scrolls in hand, Asahi felt like his vision towards the future was becoming clear to him. He could see himself becoming a keeper of scrolls, yet secretly working in the Anbu. Being part of the intelligence division maybe, but that’s all big ambitions for someone like him to have. Asahi’s train of thoughts was disrupted when he realized that if he was ever in a bind during a mission or battle, he’ll need some ways to keep himself alive. This leads the young Genin to thinking of going for the medical shop in the plaza. It would be the best option, and so Asahi made his over to the shop.

    When he entered the shop Asahi had no idea what to buy. So he asked the clerk what the average shinobi purchase. The clerk was kind enough to list off blood pills, military ration pills, grain alcohol, and bandages. Those were the common choices as the rest were more in the medical field. After learning more about what the basic stuff can do, Asahi purchased 1 bag of blood pills, 2 grain alcohol, and 2 bandage wraps. If anything he’s capable of doing primitive healing and cleansing wounds without use of chakra.

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