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 The Harbor

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PostSubject: The Harbor   Tue Nov 21, 2017 9:59 pm

Nikuyo arrived at the harbor in Ota, ready to head for the summit. A ship was waiting for the group, which the Mizukage and his entourage would get on. A few minutes later, they were off. Once out of the harbor though, the Mizukage would take off his shirt to reveal his scarred and mangled torso. Stepping to the side of the boat, the Mizukage would equip his rebreather before jumping into the water. The ocean water was nice on an old man's body, and with the rebreather he could swin indefinitely. The old man activated his sensory abilities before swimming down to ten meters. Hizashi would do the same on the ship itself, keeping the speed down enough that Nikuyo could swim for as long as he liked before popping back up. He had done this many times before, and had the fortitude to withstand the water for as long as any professional swimmer could. With that in mind, the Mizukage would head for the Land of Fire, enjoying himself the entire way.

[exit to the summit. Uhhh, 48 hours to get to/cross the Land of Fire to get to the Land of Iron]



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The Harbor
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