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 Coming to town

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PostSubject: Coming to town   Sun Dec 10, 2017 6:08 pm

In the land of the fire a jolly old man appeared standing before the main gates of the village hidden in leaves.  A strange lot these people seemed to him.  Never before had he seen so many ninja gathered in one location such as this.  It was time to see if strenght in numbers would be enough to save them in the trying times to come, of if he should leave them to their fate.

With a grin he bit his thumb causing it to trickle blood before slamming the palm of his hand down on the ground. With a loud bang and a burst of smoke a rain-deer with a glowing red nose appeared. It glanced at the gates and snorted as it paired to change them with it’s antlers only for Santa to hold it back at the last second.

“Ho ho ho.  Do any of you little leaf have the guts to come and face me or do I need to blow you gates down.” He bellowed so loud that the entire village would be able to hear him
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Uchiha Yui


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PostSubject: Re: Coming to town   Mon Dec 18, 2017 4:14 am

Yui had just finished some intense practice as she had wiped the sweat from her body before hearing a booming voice echoing through the entire village. She looked in the direction of the gates worried, with everyone out of town there was next to no one left to protect the village she had to do her duty and save her village as she would begin to quickly rush toward the gates.

As she made it there she saw a man in a red suit standing outside the gate, he was strong she could feel it as her hand would shake a bit before she would take a deep breath. She trained her entire life for this moment even if she had to pay the ultimate price she would never let harm happen yo her village as she would jump down and land in front of the man before lifting her head her eyes changed and showing her Sharingan.

"I cannot let you harm my village... I do not know why you are here but I refuse to let my village be destroyed even if it means... I can die."

She would suddenly rush toward the man aiming her fist directly toward his torso before she would scream out the words "Leaf Destroying Rock Rise" One thing was clear for a genin she just used quite an advanced technique and she was no normal genin in the slightest as she was moving faster and hitting harder than one of her rank normally would.

Techs and Stamina:

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Coming to town
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