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    Tohsaka's Kenjutsu


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    Tohsaka's Kenjutsu - Page 4 Empty Re: Tohsaka's Kenjutsu

    Post by Kohana on Sat Aug 31, 2019 9:37 am

    @Shimiko Chinoike wrote:
    @Kohana wrote:Name: Gekido-ju Jutsu
    Rank: S
    Power: S
    Activation Cost: ----
    Upkeep Cost: 20
    Range: 0-30m
    Speed: S
    Element: ---
    Skill: Taijutsu
    Classification: Rin Tohsaka
    Requirements: Mastered V1 (Jinchuriki)
    Parent Technique: ---
    Hand Seals: ---
    With enough practice the Jinchuriki has trained with the tails long enough to develop a fighting style unique to this mode. By taking advantage of the tails deceptive and destructive nature the user bolsters an increase to raw strength and agility. This Gekido-ju Jutsu incorporates certain changes to the Jinchuriki such as having a tail or three to support the Jinchuriki whether for strength reasons or additional methods for attacks. It brings out the jinchuriki's fighting style of being on all fours and using claw-like strikes against the opponent. Except this Gekido-ju exerts more energy into their ability to fight with technique despite the strain on their consciousness.

    Boosts Strength, Speed, and Coordination by ++ equally.
    Main weakness is that the Jinchuriki must be able to benefit from Taijutsu boosts. Otherwise it will be rendered useless. The Jinchuriki also cannot use this fighting style in Initial or in V2. Essentially requiring the user to be in V1 and maintain their mastered state.


    @Kohana wrote:Name: Vermillion Rasengan
    Rank: S
    Power: S
    Activation Cost: 30
    Upkeep Cost: ---
    Range: Contact
    Speed: ---
    Element: Non-elemental
    Skill: Ninjutsu
    Classification: Rin Tohsaka
    Requirements: Jinchuriki | Rasengan
    Parent Technique: Rasengan
    Hand Seals: ---
    This Rasengan can be anywhere from the size of a baseball to be extraordinarily large. Either way this ball of spiraling chakra emits a cloak of the bijuu's chakra. Upon impact the spiraling chakra will grind into the target, and the bijuu chakra rapidly deteriorates the victim before it bursts. Propelling the target either along the Rasengan or into the ground.

    In addition to the damage from the Rasengan, the bijuu chakra deteriorates the victim to the point where it prevents healing of any kind for 2 posts.

    Like the Rasengan, Vermillion Rasengan doesn't need to be sustained and can be held within 3 posts or until it is used.
    Vermillion Rasengan can be used without being in Initial, V1, V2, Tailed Beast Mode, or Chakra Mode. However until Control is established the Jinchuriki will burn 5 points from their seal every time they use this technique. The only exception is that the user is already under any one of the forms from Initial to Chakra Mode. In which case the user only needs to pay CP since the bijuu's chakra is already present.

    "This Rasengan can be anywhere from the size of a baseball to be extraordinarily large."

    How large is "extraordinarily large"?
    About as large as Naruto's Giant Rasengan.

    Name: Scarab Seal Formation
    Rank: S
    Power: S
    Activation Cost: 30 (Apply) | 10 (Activate)
    Upkeep Cost: ---
    Range: Contact
    Speed: S
    Element: ---
    Skill: Fuuinjutsu
    Classification: Rin Tohsaka
    Requirements: Mark of the Scorpion
    Parent Technique: Mark of the Scorpion
    Hand Seals: Bird > Ram > Dragon > Ox
    Simply put this seal takes on a form of a jade green scarab sitting above the scorpion seal. It's main function is to allow another person registered via chakra recognition to assist the Jinchuriki in their fight for Control. This person can use up to half of their stamina rounded down and may use various techniques at their leisure. In the mindscape if something is supposed to come out of the mouth then the person's face will appear and use the technique. Essentially some physical part of the user will manifest into the mindscape to assist the Jinchuriki. If the person runs out of their stamina pool (reduced by half) they are kicked out of the mindscape and cannot provide further help. However there is a limit to how long the person can provide help as well, and this limit is a hard cap of 7 posts. These posts does not need to be consecutive, just when the person is offering aid.

    Secondary function: If someone that isn't registered by the scarab attempts to mess with the Scorpion Seal or the associated seal including extracting the bijuu. The scarab will manifest into a giant life sized scarab with Mena pincers that snatches the unauthorized target with S rank speed, and with S rank strength the scarab will pull the target into the seal. It won't deal damage, but the pull is the target getting sucked into the seal. Afterwards the scarab returns to its former form except the scarab is now ruby.

    Where the target will be put into the user's mindscape and on the wrong side of the jinchuriki's seal. Or basically the target is trapped inside the seal with the bijuu and is pitted against the bijuu. Worse case scenario, the target faces both the Jinchuriki and the bijuu at the same time. To put it simply this seal is like a death sentence to many since either the Jinchuriki unseals the scarab, the target gets outside help, or teleportation techniques is used. The scarab, to which it will enlarge into a life sized scarab once again and spits out the target within 10 meters from the user. Afterwards the scarab crumbles into dust and must be reapplied.
    Main Function: There can only be one other person that can help with the Jinchuriki fight. They only have access to half of their stamina pool, and they can only help for a total of 7 posts. There is no modifier to increase this limit on either stamina or time limit. Fortunately the person won't die from this fight, but if the Jinchuriki does then they have bigger problems in a literal sense.

    Secondary Function: This seal can only imprison one target per scarab. If other bijuu was to tamper with the seal this scarab is protecting then it simply lacks the power to pull the bijuu into the Jinchuriki's mindscape. A hard cap limit of how many scarabs that can protect any seal is ONE, but a maximum of three can be placed on the person's body. Still ONE on each seal. As mentioned above, this scarab does not prevent teleportation techniques from occurring while the target is inside the seal. However the target can also get out if an outside party uses Five Element Unseal on the scarab. If the target dies within the mindscape, they're officially dead. The scarab will spit the body out of the Jinchuriki once it determines the target to be dead. Then the scarab will crumble into dust and would need to be reapplied.

    " In the mindscape if something is supposed to come out of the mouth then the person's face will appear and use the technique. Essentially some physical part of the user will manifest into the mindscape to assist the Jinchuriki. "

    *^ So the person's whole body doesn't manifest as a result of this technique?

    That is correct.[/quote]

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    Shimiko Chinoike
    Shimiko Chinoike

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    Tohsaka's Kenjutsu - Page 4 Empty Re: Tohsaka's Kenjutsu

    Post by Shimiko Chinoike on Wed Sep 11, 2019 11:14 am

    Edit Vermillion Rasengan.

    Scarab is denied. The people helping have to be totally and physically present as in they risk harm to themselves because their full body is there.


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