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    Gathering materials

    Halcyon Yomi
    Halcyon Yomi

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    Gathering materials Empty Gathering materials

    Post by Halcyon Yomi on Sat Dec 16, 2017 1:22 pm

    So, this may be a good or a bad idea depending on a person's view.

    But how about we make it possible to gather materials in the same sense as crafting armor/weapons/etc.

    Depending on what materials your nation can provide, you can opt to 'work' in the mines, lumbercamps etc to gather 'natural' materials (synthetic like rubber and plastic should remain market only for the sake of it).

    Like carfting you can make it so that people can gather a set amount (1 lbs or so) per day of the proposed crafting material (iron, wood, leather, etc) and that undertaking such a thread acts the same as a crafting thread, barring you from missions as working can't be combined with missions.

    Difference being that rather than gaining exp, you gain (as said earlier) a set amount of material per day, but also a small fee for the delivered work, something perhaps between 100 and 200 ryo a day.

    This could also be made into something to boost village revenue, like if two or more players work in the same area (ex.ironmines) and that's a leading export material for their village, the village gains a 10% boost to its monthly income or something like that.

    Again, this is just a wild idea, but I thought it to be a fun addition to an already fun crafting system

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    Gathering materials Empty Re: Gathering materials

    Post by Akame on Sun Dec 17, 2017 7:57 pm

    Probably something a kage could set up

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