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PostSubject: Spillage   Thu Dec 21, 2017 8:20 pm

Name: Looming Cherries  
Rank: C
Power: D
Activation Cost: 3 per puppet
Upkeep Cost: 1 per puppet
Range: 60m (Puppet Technique)
Speed: N/A
Element: N/A
Skill: Kugutsu
Classification: Personal
Requirements: Kugutsu Skill
Parent Technique: Puppet Technique, Clone Technique
Hand Seals: N/A
Description: By funneling additionally chakra into the strings used for the puppet technique, Zhengti can create 4 localized clones ala the Clone Technique, each of which clings to the puppet in question. While they, like their parent technique, have no true form and can inflict no damage, they essentially multiply the puppet to appear as if there were five puppets stack visually upon one another. This creates a sort of fore and after image effect in regards to each puppet affected by this technique, sewing confusion for those who would oppose Zhengti's favorite weapons. This manifests as two disadvantages (--) in perception for anyone attempting to track the puppets.
Weaknesses: The clones produced by this are anchored to each puppet and no portion of them can stray more than one meter from the puppet itself. Obviously the puppet must already be in play and the puppet technique must be maintained or this technique fails.

  • glue
  • acid
  • numbing drug
  • drug, water breathing or something, lower stam+const

Name: Triple Vaccine
Rank: B
Price: 60,000
Application: Injestion
Effects: A small, round, quick release gel capsule, when ingested this activates the body's natural defenses against the harmful effects of toxins and other damaging compounds. For the purposes of combating to poisons, the user's constitution is considered 2 tiers higher.
Duration: 15 posts
Cooldown: 10 posts

Name: Hunter's Mist
Rank: B
State: Aerosolized Gas
Price: 40,000
Symptoms: After exposure the victim's body feels a light tingling sensation all about their skin as well as a very slight, almost minty chill.
Effects: Once in effect, the mist strips up to 6 advantages (+) from any stat(s) the victim has boosted and blocks the further boosting of those stats until the poison wares off.
Countdown: 5 posts
Duration: 6 posts

Name: Hyper Adhesive
Item Rank: A
Material Rank: A
Price: 70,000
Form: Liquid canister, foam spray
Application: N/A
Description: A thin liquid stored in a compressed canister, this comes with a nozzle which allows the user to spray the liquid out which, when combine with air, creates a highly dense, sticky foam. The foam is thick an almost pure white without any added particulates from the environment.
Effects: The foam adheres together anything which comes into contact with it with a strength equivalent to its material rank and thus requires equivalent strength to free oneself or an object from it. Fire of one rank lower than the material rank can melt the foam into a sticky liquid. A water technique would need to be one rank higher to destroy the material as it resists dilution in water.
Quantity: 1 can (5x5x5 meter of total foam)

Name: Revelatory Resin
Item Rank: A
Material Rank: A
Price: 100,000
Form: Liquid to apply, crystalline solid with paste in crystal form.
Application: Lab apparatus to apply, combination of two distillates in crystal form.
Description: Part process part triumph of chemical engineering, this highly volatile solvent can, with proper preparation, be used to dissolve nearly anything. As this occurrences, the resulting solution increases in viscosity until finally crystallizing into a block. This alters the structure of whatever has been dissolved, reducing it to a highly compacted crystal with a semi-fluid paste as a byproduct that can be gathered for later use. While useful in its own right, this compaction process reduces whatever is dissolved by two thirds of its size, though the weight remains the same. 10 cubic meters of fluid must be used per rank of item in order to dissolve it.
Effects: In the most basic of applications, this can render useless most materials by destroying them in lieu of a mostly useless crystalline block. However, when the paste is poured upon this crystal, it reconstitutes the object in question, returning it to its normal state of matter, though it will by default be a useless mess of pieces of material. Highly specialized applications allow one to shape the crystal in extremely precise ways, which, when reconstituted, allow the object to retain its original structural orientation. This requires a completely separate technique though.
Quantity: 10 cubic liters

Eternal Shin:

Name: M-A190 "Sleipnir"
Rank: S
Materials: 100 lbs Ebony | 300,000
Weapons: Each hoof is outfitted with a simple set of two-inch claws of ebony, three front facing and one rear facing. Additionally the puppet is very heavy and can easily crush people.
Defenses: Comprised of an incredible amount of refined ebony, this puppet has the highest caliber of defenses by the simple virtue of its design. The inner portions of it are hollowed out, allowing a vast collection of powdered substance or, in the hollow of the main body, a medium sized to small puppet. A length of fire-resistant cloth is draped across the back of the horse's back, fashioned like a decorative shall.

Sand Shark | 3000:

  • Constitution: S
  • Strength: B

General Description: A large and imposing construction, Sleipnir is a puppet fashioned after the lower half of its namesake, resulting in a great, sheer black eight-legged horse. The rear legs are in pairs positioned directly next to one another and allowing for great speed of movement while the front are set in rows with one set in front of the other, making the second set hover just near the middle of the puppet itself. Each leg contains a collection of four talon-like claws for rending flesh or gripping a surface and, to the eyes of a skilled observer, each has more articulations than an actual horse, allowing the legs to bend in placed a regular limb could not. The puppet can thus hunker down lower than a horse could as well as move sideways with great ease. A flame retardant cloth has been elegantly woven and draped over the back of the beast where one would expect to ride.

Where the head of real horse would reside instead Sleipnir has a simple hole into which the puppeteer can fit his lower half, making him look like a centaur. Within the chassis of the body lies a chamber which can be filled with a large amount of liquid or liquid-like material and, if small enough, a body or small puppet which occupy the horse's chest. Five three by three inch panels line each side of the back of the beast which can be affixed with seals to store puppets or weaponry and the like. These lie flush with the puppet until selected to flip upward and reveal their contents.

The whole thing is dark like a lightless void and has a fine coating of horse hair which possesses a glossy sheen. A set of thin, bronze lines trace across the apparent flesh in a decorative filigree.
Requirements: Zhengti, Jinton
Weaknesses: The puppet has very little offensive capabilities and instead functions as a support puppet and provides the wearer with a bit of defense for his lower half. It is also very heavy despite being hollow and thus prevents the wearer from swimming if submerged in water.
Price: 303,000
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