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    Sakata's Abode

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    Sakata's Abode

    Post by Sakata on Sun Jan 07, 2018 1:22 am

    The blonde stood within the basement of his humble abode, his hands tucked away in the pockets of a long, white lab coat. He had on a pair of reading glasses to go with it, and his hair pulled back into a rather small ponytail. Amidst the basement was a plethora of supplies, such as beakers, grounded up ingredients, and the list goes on. This was his "lab", so to speak. It wasn't big, so he couldn't do anything major, and it certainly wasn't formal.. but it got the job done.

    Along a rugged countertop was a mixture of liquids and powders alike, stored away within containers. The entirety of the room itself was bone-chilling cold, leaving his frame unsettlingly pale in the frosty setting. He ambles forward, slipping on a pair of plastic gloves as he decides to get to work, shifting through sheets that were either copies of the periodic table or just terribly-sketched out notes.

    After sorting his way through things, he retrieved several of his supplies, and got to work. His hands shifted about quickly, demonstrating finesse and a minor amount of muscle memory to his motions as he got to producing one of the substances he familiarized himself with previously; Amphetamine, or in slang terms, Speed. He had to make sure things lined up properly and... yadda yadda yadda, in short there was more effort required than it seemed.

    Prior experience and just general intellect made the process.. not so bad. It wasn't long before he'd completed the task necessary, and loaded up two syringes with the contents, prepared and ready to go. Just to keep them unexposed, he slipped them into a delivery package, retaped said package, and slid it off to the side.

    Since he was done with the first two things on the bucket list, he moved on to something a little more... custom made. After sifting through materials the male collected the various things he needed--varying between growth stimulants, accelerants, and so forth. After he collected what he needed, he began with the creation of his concoction, consistently shifting between what he needed.

    It wasn't long before Simon had completed the task he needed--only with a few errors. They were just minor things, luckily, but the notes he'd written down from previous creation had left the Maturation Injection a feasible thing to pull off. With his business done, he removed his plastic gloves and tossed them in a nearby trash can, heading for the stairs out of his basement. He was stocked with his goods now.

    "Maybe I'll manage some field testing. If I find anyone willing.."


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