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    Post by MorikawaMiriki on Wed Jan 24, 2018 3:27 pm

    Familiar sounds of boots lightly crunching on the gravel. Morikawa is garbed in his usual attire of a fiery red trench coat with both hands tucked into his jacket pockets. His turquoise-crimson tipped hair lightly brushing his shoulders as the jonin carried a backpack and possessed a hip pouch at his waist. Inside of both jacket pockets hidden away is a kunai in each. Looming ahead of him is the infamous gates of Kumogakure. At the gates are the duo of guards with a good number of shinobi at the ramparts of the extended walls.

    Accompanying this jonin is a young man named Sora Inazuma and is Mori’s newly acquainted genin. Though the boy hardly said much to Morikawa, but that was to be expected since they were heading out to deal with a problem. A problem most think would be risky if not incredibly dangerous for someone who hasn’t experienced a single mission yet. However in Morikawa’s mind time is not on their side to develop such things. Whether for better or worse, Morikawa needs to get at least one more person up to chunin standards as it would both help their military power and broaden the village’s abilities.

    By this time the guards would stop Morikawa and Sora for a moment of questioning. All Morikawa had to do was to take out the scroll and show them the mission they’re taking. A brief exchange of words was passed between them and they were off the hook. Morikawa and the boy walks through the gates and begins their journey up north towards the last known location of this bandit hideout.

    Sora Inazuma

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    Re: Onward

    Post by Sora Inazuma on Wed Jan 24, 2018 3:46 pm

    Sora walked next to Morikawa. He was walking calmly hearing his own ninja shoes hit the hard road below him. He hands his hands in the kangaroo pocket of his baggy grey hoodie. The hood of his hoodie resting halfway on top of his head while his pitch black hair fell in front of the left eye of his blue-grey eyes. His 2 hi pouches calmly hang on his belt while his standard trench knives were on his upper legs.

    Sora didn't carry a facial expression. Well he mostly just looked tired and bored mixed with a slightly restless bitch face. It was his first mission although Sora didn't look nerves or anything. It looked like he already did millions of them and this was just another day.

    The moment they got stopped by the guards Sora raised his eyebrow a bit. They were both ninja's for the village and their headband Sora were on his upper right arm showed that although apparently no one is to leave to the village without permission with sounded pretty weird to him. His clan was known to travel the world and discover things and he wasn't allowed to do so without permission. Sora would just shrug it off though ones the guard lets them pass and he started to make his way through the gates of Kumo.




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