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    Stocking up


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    Stocking up Empty Stocking up

    Post by Yumi on Fri Feb 02, 2018 4:14 pm

    Yumi cast his crimson gaze to the surrounding buildings taking in the sights that the Kirigakure market had to offer. The streets were full as humans scurried about like insects, watching their behaviour fascinated the illusionist. If he could he would love to toss them into a human-sized ant farm and simply observe their actions. Yumi removed himself from his thoughts, he had business to attend to at the shinobi general supply shop. Yumi was in the need of some new equipment to prepare himself for not only future missions but also battle, he could not allow himself to go in unprepared. For now, he had put a hold on all his research in order to spend what funds he had on shinobi supplies. After a mission or two, he could then return to his research.

    Walking into the store he was greeted by a clerk who asked if he needed showing around. The incredibly feminine and yukata wearing male dressed as a female shook his head in he negative, he had a list of all the gear he needed in his head and began reciting for the clerk to gather.

    "I will require twenty steel needle senbons, with eight shuriken and eight kunai, with two holsters with a hip pouch. Add to the list two chilli pepper bombs, two flash bombs, two smoke bombs, a tanto and fifteen feet of wire. I also require a decent backpack for travel. Add a medkit to the list and a Kirigakure Rigged Umbrella preloaded with senbon. And better throw in a small weapon scroll, seal up one chilli pepper bomb, the two smoke bombs, medikit, steel wire and for me please." Instructed weapon selecting the five items to keep sealed until need. He was planning to carry the rest, hiding them on his body.

    The clerk went to work gathering the items and laying them out on a table one after the other listening to the young girls directions, wondering why she needed so much equipment? How on earth was she going to carry it all, but when she requested the scroll it came to light. Sealing up the five items he rolled the pre-sealed scroll up and lid it flat. "That comes to a total of twenty-nine thousand eight hundred ryo."

    Yumi reached into his sleeve and pulled out a stack of ryo notes and handed them over to the clerk who happily accepted them, then began to attach the new items. Yumi grabbed a holster and bent over to apply them to both of his legs strapping them on after parting the yukata fabric, exposing his long slender white legs. The clerk thinking his client was a girl couldn't help but gulp down saliva at the sight. Yumi ignored it and stored four kunai in each holster, before adding four senbon in as well, leaving twelve on the table. Yumi grabbed the tanto and slid it into the back of his obi sash, where the ribbon tied at the back helped to conceal it. He might not be a weapon user or expert but the blade could come in hand.

    Yumi then grabbed two senbon and slid them gently into place on the right side of his hair behind the flowers that kept his hime cut in place. His deep black locks covered the silver steel of the needles. He did the same with the left side keeping four senbon needles in his hair as concealed weapons. Yumi retrieved the weapons scroll and slid it into the left side of his obi sash making sure it was firmly in place and wouldn't fall out. Once in place, Yumi did the same with the hip pouch placing it on the right which he placed the last eight senbon, eight shuriken, one chilli pepper bomb and two flash bombs in.

    Yumi picked up the backpack and slid her slender arms through it, making sure she didn't screw up her yukata. Once the backpack was on Yumi picked up the umbrella and opened it up, holding it like a dainty young woman. Yumi bowed to the clerk and walked out with her new gear.



    Rigged Umbrella | 10K
    Chilli pepper Bomb x2 | 2K
    Flash Bomb x2 | 2k
    Smoke bomb x2 | 2k
    Senbon x20 | 1K
    Backpack | 50
    Holsters x2 (Wrist) | 50
    Medikit x1 | 5k
    Tanto x1 | 5k
    Steel Wire x1 (15 Feet) | 100
    Kunai x8 | 800
    Shuriken x8 | 800
    SMall Sealed Weapon scroll x1 | 1k (PRe-seal Medikit, 1 Chilli Pepper Bombs, Steel Wire and 2 Smoke bombs



    • Strength: E
    • Constitution: D
    • Stamina: D
    • Speed: E
    • Coordination: D
    • Intelligence: B
    • Perception: D
    • Item Locations: seet update sheet
    • x1 concealed Tanto at the back of sash hidden by the bow.

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