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    The Bank of Iwagakure

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    The Bank of Iwagakure

    Post by Toonami & Konami on Sun Feb 04, 2018 4:43 pm

    (Iwagakure's Bank has a group of A-Rank guards stationed at its front)

    Nee-san was growing relatively weary of waiting on a response from Sunagakure. It was slowing his plans and that of the joint mission and so he decided he would re-evaluate his options when it came to the village. The re-evaluation of course would require him to quite literally loot his own Treasury. The act was undoubtedly taboo and would raise a bit of firestorm with his Council, the Daimyou, and even his own Clan. He would need to sit them down and explain to them why he had done what he had done but he figured they'd settle down once they heard his reasoning. The Kage walked up to the Bank and requested a meeting with the President of the Bank. They spoke in a quiet office for a few minutes and Nee-san dropped off a bill that he expected them to pay from its funds. The President of course gave his token resistance to which Nee-san responded with "That's an order". The President then nodded and would force the bank to pay the outrageous tab. Once that was done, Nee-san would leave to go find Masuyo Kaede.


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