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    Nakahara Clan [W.I.P.]


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    Nakahara Clan [W.I.P.] Empty Nakahara Clan [W.I.P.]

    Post by Rin on Wed Feb 07, 2018 9:05 pm

    Junsuigan - Dōjutsu
    Misaki Nakahara

    • Rin Nakahara

    Clan History/Description

    The Nakahara Clan first started off as a family who specialized in ijutsu. They were nomadic, going from town to town, healing whoever they could. They never stayed in a single place for more than two months unless they had to. Still, the Nakahara Clan wasn't even recognized as an "official" clan until someone in the clan, as a result of a random genetic mutation, was born with golden eyes. This person eventually went on to unlocking the abilities of her golden eyes to discover that it greatly increased the power of her ijutsu abilities. Seeing her children being born with these same golden eyes, she discovered that it was a dominate trait. As generations passed by, it became increasingly rare to find a Nakahara without golden eyes.

    As time went on, few Nakaharas persisted with the nomadic lifestyle. Many continued on for a little while, but ended up stopping and starting a family in whatever village they took a liking to. So, while one branch of the Nakaharas may live in Kirigakure, another may live in Konohagakure, and another in Sunagakure. Some even live in smaller, less well-known, towns, which is why it's impossible to say that the Nakaharas are affiliated with a single place.

    Clan/Bloodline Traits & Characteristics

    Almost every single Nakahara possesses golden eyes at birth, even if they don't go on to unlock Junsuigan. Another fairly common trait is dark hair. It is uncommon that you would see a Nakahara that didn't range from brunette to jet black, but it's a more common sight than a Nakahara without golden eyes.

    Traditionally, Nakaharas would wear any clothing that would be good for travel. This is still the case for any nomadic Nakaharas, but modern members of the clan don't seem to be tied down to a specific style of clothing. If anything, they'd wear whatever the fashion is for the village they reside in.

    Bloodline Description & Abilities

    Junsuigan is the signature dōjutsu of the Nakahara Clan. When activated, the user's entire eyes will appear to be pupil-less, be golden, and begin let off a pale yellow glow. However, you must pay 500 Exp. to unlock the first stage. In addition to the ability to unlock Junsuigan, the Nakaharas are innately adept in the field of medicine and ijutsu. As such, any medicine they create is ranked up in terms of power, but at the price of taking on the cooldown of the next rank x0.5.

    Nakahara Clan [W.I.P.] JKTIDrY

    Stage 1 (500 Exp.)

    Stage 2 (1000 Exp.)

    Bloodline Limits & Drawbacks

    Clan Techniques

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