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 Mission Prep

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Gin Akiyama

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PostSubject: Mission Prep   Thu Feb 08, 2018 4:43 am

Gin waded through the streets of Konoha after departing from the Academy. He was unsure to what he signed himself up for. Perhaps he was over his head? After all, he was a lone Chuunin preparing to enter foreign territory. With no allies to accompany me I should take every precaution myself. Can't be too careful. Entering the Shinobi goods store he only had interest in buying food pills for his journey, though among his browsing his eye caught particular interest in another contraption. "Guess it wouldn't hurt my budget too much. Besides, I score this mission and I won't have to worry about my budget for a while." With a small sack of food pills on his off-hand he grabbed a kunai mechanism off the shelf before continuing to the counter and completing the transaction.

[Exit -> Konoha Main Gates]

Strength: C
Constitution: C
Stamina: C
Speed: C
Coordination: C
Intelligence: D
Perception: C


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Mission Prep
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