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 Referral Bonus!!!

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Masuyo Kaede

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PostSubject: Referral Bonus!!!   Sun Feb 25, 2018 3:37 pm

Hi all,

Starting today we will be implementing an indefinite referral bonus. For those who refer a friend to Gladius will receive 100 experience which can be spent towards any field experience is applicable. This 100 experience can even be split among alts (for instance, 50 exp to one character and 50 exp towards another.)

The person being referred must successfully create a character and make their first IC post for you to actually receive this bonus. Referrals will be confirmed through Discord.

*Note: We can check IPs and verify legitimate referrals. Anyone trying to abuse this will be unable to participate and have all experience gained from this event be dissolved.

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Referral Bonus!!!
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