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    Bijuu and Jinchuuriki Rules


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    Bijuu and Jinchuuriki Rules

    Post by Izumi on Fri Jun 02, 2017 12:06 pm

    Bijuu Rules

    The Bijuu are nine creatures created by Hagoromo upon his death by splitting up the chakra of the Juubi and using the power of his completed Rin’negan to fashion that chakra into form and give it life, creating the powerful forces of nature we all know today. The Bijuu knew the Sage of the Six Paths only a short while before his inevitable death, and were then separated amongst the Five Sages that stayed true to Hagoromo’s teachings. To the Land of Wind went Shukaku, the One-Tailed Tanuki, and Chōmei, the Seven-Tailed Kabutomushi . To the Land of Lightning went Matatabi, the Two-Tailed Kasha, and Gyūki, the Eight-Tailed Ushi-Oni. To the Land of Water went Isobu, the Three-Tailed Turtle, and Saiken, the Six-Tailed Slug. To the Land of Earth went Son Goku, the Four-Tailed Gorilla, and Kokuō, the Five Tailed Dolphin Horse. Finally, to the Land of Fire went Kurama, the Nine-Tailed Kitsune.

    Each of the Tailed Beasts were cared for and lived relatively isolated whilst the Five Sages tended to the affairs of humanity. However, once the Five Sages began departing from this world, one by one, their successors, having had little contact with the powerful, now grown Bijuu, eventually determined that the beasts’ great power would best serve to aid in their conquest over each other, and so the Bijuu were forced to take part in the wars of humans. Some were sealed within human vessels to more accurately direct their tremendous destructive power, while most were thrown amidst enemy forces and villages as bombs to wreak havoc. Continued use as weapons developed a calloused and hateful perception towards humans, as even the host Jinchuuriki saw them only as tools for war. The Biuu fought and killed humans and even fought each other on occasion, when their captives demanded it.

    Over time, the Bijuu grew weary of the endless conflict and, setting aside their boundless thirst for vengeance against the humans, took every opportunity to escape, and eventually, they did, until no humans were in possession of any Bijuu. When no Land held in its grasp the might of a Tailed Beast, expeditions and quests were soon begun, as every single faction and group and clan explored the world in search of the missing Bijuu, for whoever could claim one would have a clear and decisive advantage over all other nations, but they were all for naught. The Bijuu could not be located, and after many decades, the humans simply stopped looking, and eventually, the legendary Tailed Beasts became just that, a legend.

    Though the monsters themselves have vanished, there still remain secrets locked away in hidden, ancient scrolls detailing the vast powers of Hagoromo’s creations and their use in people. Once the Hidden Villages formed with the unification of the clans, these secrets were given to the Kage to protect, and hopefully, never have to use. Below are the specifics in those scrolls, though only the Kage presiding over the Land to which each Bijuu belonged possesses the knowledge of that Bijuu.

    Unique Abilities
    Each Tailed Beast possesses a unique trait that is bestowed upon its Jinchuuriki as soon as sealing occurs. For as long as the Bijuu remains within its host, the host’s chakra becomes tainted with the Bijuu’s, and gains some properties of it, granting access to the following:
    Ichibi: Magnet Release
    -When manipulating sand, the Cursed Seals naturally present on Shukaku's body may be used to seal targets, whether or not the Jinchuuriki actually has the Fuuinjtusu Skill.
    Niibi: Azure Katon; Claw Creation
    -The Fire Release not only appears blue in color, but is naturally hotter than normal Fire Release and, because of that, increases the power rank of all Katon techniques used by one. The claws are of similar strength to chakra reinforced steel, making them nearly unbreakable and deadly sharp.
    Sanbi: Suiton; Coral Creation
    -Isobu's natural connection to Water Release transfers partially to the host, reducing the cost of all Suiton techniques by one rank. The coral is not of particularly notable durability.
    Yonbi: Lava Release
    Gobi: Boil Release
    Rokubi: Bubble Ninjutsu; Corrosive Alkali Creation
    -The specialty of Saiken's Bubble based Ninjutsu allows for the combination of alkaline properties into all bubbles made by those techniques.
    Nanabi: Insect-Based Ninjutsu
    -While it may not sound like much, this is one of the most versatile Bijuu abilities, as it allows for anything insect related, such as creating web-like strands of chakra, crafting cocoons, growing wings for flight, projecting toxins through bites, and so much more.
    Hachibi: Ink Creation
    -The natural ability to generate ink from the mouth makes writing rhymes on the fly way more convenient, yo.
    Kyuubi: Negative Emotions Sensing
    -This ability begins as a Sensor-Exclusive that uses the Jinchuuriki's own sensor range. When control is gained, this ability no longer requires the Sensory Skill and is set at 500 Meters. When a Bond is gained, that range increases to 1 Kilometer.

    Jinchuuriki that gain an Advanced Element from their Bijuu do not gain the Basic Elements that comprise it.

    Chakra Access
    The first thing a Jinchuuriki will attempt when trying to gain better control over the beast within is accessing its chakra. Each Bijuu has a sizeable pool of Stamina that is usually higher than the Jinchuuriki’s and, because it only counts against the Bijuu when used, it can be very beneficial to the Jinchuuriki. Gaining access to a Bijuu’s chakra usually begins at pleading with the Bijuu to use its power, whether to accomplish some task or to win some fight. All Bijuu naturally wish to preserve themselves, and will usually bestow their power when it appears necessary to ensure the survival of their Jinchuuriki, whose life is linked to theirs, but only for short periods of time. A Jinchuuriki is initially able to access the Bijuu’s Stamina for one post out of a topic. With more usage, the Bijuu begins to trust the Jinchuuriki’s ability to effectively use its chakra and may allow increased opportunity to wield it, should the Jinchuuriki display some level of aptitude. By spending 100 Experience posts, a Jinchuuriki can increase this limit by 1 post to a maximum of 5 posts. With Control, this increases to 10 and again to 20 when a Bond is formed. Be careful, though, because the Bijuu's Stamina can run out, which brings us to:

    Chakra Recovery
    If you somehow manage to actually use up all or most of a Bijuu’s Stamina, the Bijuu will enter into a focused meditation devoted to regaining its reserves. This is a time when the beast’s power will be completely cut off from the host, preventing any sort of ability at all related to the Bijuu. Recovery occurs at a rate of 10% per post.

    For the sake of self-preservation, Bijuu will use their chakra to regenerate wounds inflicted upon their Jinchuuriki if they deem the situation threatening enough to warrant their interference. This can be taxing on the Bijuu, which is why it is rarely used, but it can potentially heal all wounds, even those that no other technique might be able to. By dumping 25% of its reserves into the host, a Tailed Beast can cause all non-lethal wounds to instantly recover over the next five posts. By increasing that amount to 50%, all wounds will recover instantly, but only for three posts. Even holes in the body and destroyed organs will be regenerated in moments. Once Control is gained, the Jinchuuriki will no longer need to wait for the Bijuu to determine the threat of the situation, and can activate this ability at will.

    Initial Jinchuuriki Mode
    This is a state in which the Bijuu’s power slowly leaks over the host body, creating a cloak of red chakra that is invisible to the naked eye, but emanates a sort of vile energy that can clearly be felt. The Jinchuuriki’s eyes will change to match that of the Bijuu’s, and the body will be increased slightly. This is a response to extreme stress, when the Jinchuuriki loses control over the emotional state and the Bijuu’s influence is allowed to seep into the subconscious. Animalistic instincts begin to take over even as the nails and teeth elongate into sharp, pointed ends. This state provides a ++ boost to Strength, Constitution, Stamina, Speed, and Coordination, while subtracting a tier from Intelligence. Something unique to note with Bijuu is that as Intelligence decreases in the Jinchuuriki, their behavior more accurately reflects that of the Bijuu, until it reaches E-Tier, at which point, the Jinchuuriki acts exactly as would the Bijuu. This mode can be mastered at the cost of 250 Experience Points, which allows it to be activated at will, with a post limit that extends like Chakra Access: 100 Experience per post, up to a 5 maximum, 10 with Control, and no maximum with a Bond.

    Version One
    When the loss of emotional control reaches a point that the Jinchuuriki is not recovering, by either remaining in the Initial Jinchuuriki Mode for 3 posts (or 5 if mastered), or the strain is particularly great, or if the Bijuu was forced to heal a lethal wound, the chakra cloaking the Jinchuuriki suddenly becomes visible and takes a bubbling, almost liquid form reminiscent of the Bijuu itself that coats the host body. In the unique case of Shukaku, chakra does not leak out as a cloak, but instead, sand covers half the body, making the same changes as the Initial Jinchuuriki Mode, but with enlarged features similar to the One Tails itself. Version One increases the physical body while diminishing the mind, and its ability to do both increases with each additional tail that is present. A Tail is added only with three posts of continued use, so long as the emotional strain is still present.
    Tail One: ++ Boost to Strength, Constitution, Stamina, Speed, and Coordination with an additional + in the primary stat of the Bijuu. -1 Tier to Intelligence. Shukaku, Matatabi, and Isobu may not progress beyond this point.
    Tail Two: ++ Boost to Strength, Constitution, Stamina, Speed, and Coordination, with an additional + in the primary and secondary stats of the Bijuu. -1 Tier and one “-“ to Intelligence. Son Goku, Kokuo, and Saiken may not progress beyond this point.
    Tail Three: ++ Boost to Strength, Constitution, Stamina, Speed, and Coordination, with an additional + in the primary, secondary, and tertiary stats of the Bijuu. -1 Tier and two “-“ to Intelligence. No Bijuu may progress beyond this point.

    Prior to obtaining control over this form, Version One will cause physical discomfort to those nearby and may even inflict burns to those that touch it. It can also corrode the user's body over time, reducing Constitution by one "-" after the form ends. While in Version One, Jinchuuriki gain access to Tailed Beast Chakra Arms and Tailed Beast Shockwave. Additionally, an ability unique to Version One is the self sufficiency of the cloak. Because the cloak is not condensed around the user as in Version Two and is of sufficient potency to take a physical form, unlike Initial Jinchuuriki Mode, Version One's cloak can act of its own accord, moving separate from the user to confuse the enemy by thinking two attacks are happening at once. This confusion reduces the Perception of the enemy by one tier and has been known to scramble the Sharingan's once thought flawless powers of prediction. In order to master a tail in this state, the Jinchuuriki must spend 500 Experience. That will allow activation at will, with a time limit determined by spending 100 Experience per post, up to 5 Posts or 10 posts with Control. With a Bond, there is no maximum. Keep in mind that this will not negate the stat reductions.

    Version Two
    After undergoing extreme stress, such that emotions run wildly out of control, or after remaining in the Bijuu’s maximum level of Version One for 3 posts (or 5 if mastered), the cloak will condense over the skin and expand into an orb that explodes with extreme pressure. This can create a large crater in the ground and blow away massive trees and boulders and burn anything still standing. What remains after the explosion is the Jinchuuriki, coated in a chakra cloak not unlike Version One, but of such density that only a dark, crimson shape can be seen, and barely anything of the person underneath. The cloak cannot be pierced and to touch it can cause swift incineration. The body is enhanced greatly, as well, but Intelligence takes a heavy hit and the body is left weakened afterwards.
    Tail One (Shukaku): 1 Tier Boost to Strength, Constitution, Stamina, Speed, and Coordination. -2 Tiers to Intelligence. Shukaku may not progress beyond this point.
    Tail Two (Matatabi/Isobu): 1 Tier Boost to Strength, Constitution, Stamina, Speed, and Coordination, with an additional + in the primary stat of the Bijuu. -2 Tiers and one “-“ to Intelligence. Matatabi may not progress beyond this point.
    Tail Three (Isobu/Son Goku/Kokuo/Saiken): 1 Tier Boost to Strength, Constitution, Stamina, Speed, and Coordination, with an additional + in the primary and secondary stats of the Bijuu. -2 Tiers and two “-“ to Intelligence. Isobu may not progress beyond this point.
    Tail Four: 1 Tier Boost to Strength, Constitution, Stamina, Speed, and Coordination, with an additional + in the primary, secondary, and tertiary stats of the Bijuu. -3 Tiers to Intelligence. Son Goku may not progress beyond this point.
    Tail Five: 1 Tier Boost to Strength, Constitution, Stamina, Speed, and Coordination, with an additional + in the primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary stats of the Bijuu. -3 Tiers and one “-“ to Intelligence. Kokuo may not progress beyond this point.
    Tail Six: 1 Tier+ Boost to Strength, Constitution, Stamina, Speed, and Coordination. -3 Tiers and two “-“ to Intelligence. Saiken may not progress beyond this point.
    Tail Seven: 1 Tier+ Boost to Strength, Constitution, Stamina, Speed, and Coordination, with an additional + in the primary stat of the Bijuu. -4 Tiers to Intelligence. Chomei may not progress beyond this point. Kurama becomes giant in this stage.
    Tail Eight: 1 Tier+ Boost to Strength, Constitution, Stamina, Speed, and Coordination, with an additional + in the primary and secondary stats of the Bijuu. -4 Tiers and one “-“ to Intelligence. Gyuki may not progress beyond this point. Kurama forms organs and muscle tissue.
    Tail Nine: 1 Tier+ Boost to Strength, Constitution, Stamina, Speed, and Coordination, with an additional + in the primary, secondary, and tertiary stats of the Bijuu. -4 Tiers and two “-“ to Intelligence. Kurama becomes fully formed.

    Now, normally a tail is added after three posts of consistent use, but in Version Two, if the Jinchuuriki’s Intelligence hits E-Tier, a tail is added every single post, until the maximum. When a Jinchuuriki is at the maximum amount of tails with E-Tier Intelligence, the seal begins to burn, tripling the rate at which it deteriorates while in Version Two. The Jinchuuriki will be unable to deactivate the mode, as well, meaning that unless someone else intervenes, the Tailed Beast will be unleashed and the Jinchuuriki will be killed.

    While in Version Two, a Jinchuuriki will gain access to the Tailed Beast Ball, but can only use a partial, A-Rank version of it. It still deals great damage and can be fired in the same ways as the large one: as an explosive sphere or a destructive beam.

    To master this state, simply spend 750 Experience Points per tail you wish to master, and increase the time limit by 100 Experience per post for up to 5 posts, or 10 with Control, or however high as you wish with a Bond. Again, this doesn't negate the stat reductions, so be careful if your Tail level gets your Intelligence too low.

    Whenever a Jinchuuriki feels that they’ve reached a point in their journey that full manipulation of the Bijuu’s power is needed, they may challenge that Bijuu in combat. This battle will take place in the mind, with the battlefield set as whatever that specific Jinchuuriki’s mental scape is –it was a basement level factory for Naruto in canon, for example. During this battle, the Jinchuuriki will have access to none of the Bijuu’s power and, in most cases, will be fighting that Bijuu at full strength one-on-one. Those that possess the Sharingan or other Jinchuuriki can enter the mind to aid in the battle, as well as any who have implanted their chakra within the seal itself, but only for a short while, as when Kushina aided Naruto. However, the true meaning of this battle is the drawing out of the Bijuu’s chakra and containing it within the host, a task that is left entirely to the Jinchuuriki. Bijuu of higher tails have denser levels of chakra that is both heavier and more toxic than lesser tails, though the disparity in actual amount is small. For every Tail that the Bijuu possesses, the Jinchuuriki will need to complete an extraction. An extraction is done by disabling the Bijuu long enough to remove all or a portion of its chakra, done once per post.

    Once all of the Bijuu’s chakra has been extracted, the Jinchuuriki is now able to use it freely. Initial Jinchuuriki Mode and the Version forms no longer reduce Intelligence and Constitution, and the Jinchuuriki will now gain access to the Tailed Beast Telepathy technique. However, the primary benefit is that Bijuu abilities will now deteriorate the seal at a slower rate, allowing more usage of demon chakra before the seal is broken.

    Tailed Beast Mode
    This is arguably the most powerful ability of a Jinchuuriki. The Jinchuuriki is able to use the Bijuu’s power to recreate it in a perfect replica, potentially with full access to the Bijuu’s original power. This is incredibly difficult to master, however, and takes great time and practice. Once in any of the following transformations, the Jinchuuriki can gain access to the fully powered Tailed Beast Ball.

    Initial (0 Exp): The transformation is similar to a Combination Transformation technique performed with a giant summon. The Bijuu is created in perfect form, but its power is not yet fully accessed. -3 Tiers to all Bijuu stats. Using this level requires the Jinchuuriki to have mastered the Initial, Version One, and Version Two forms. Control is not actually required to learn this level. For each post that this is used, the Bijuu's chakra is reduced by 20%. If the Jinchuuriki attempts to use this without mastering the previous forms, the transformation will fail and the Jinchuuriki will become a comical miniature version of the Bijuu that has the same stats as the Jinchuuriki at base.

    Partial (500 Exp): Now a considerable amount of the Bijuu is beginning to project onto the transformation as the Jinchuuriki becomes more accustomed to properly siphoning that power. Only 2 Tiers are deducted from all of the Bijuu's stats, and to use the Initial transformation will only cost 15% of the Bijuu's chakra per post. Using the Partial costs 20%, however, and the Jinchuuriki must have activated the Initial at least ten different times over ten topics.

    Advanced (500 Exp): Only when the Jinchuuriki has reached the Partial level and gained Control over the Bijuu's chakra may the near full might of the creature be transmitted through this transformation. Just 1 Tier is reduced to all of the Bijuu's stats. The cost of Initial is reduced to 10% per post and Partial to 15% per post, while Advanced is set at, you guessed it, 20% per post.

    Complete (500 Exp): After using the Advanced form a daunting twenty times over twenty different topics, the Jinchuuriki will finally be able to use the full might of the Bijuu, negating all reductions to the Tailed Beast's stats when using Tailed Beast Mode. The costs change to: Intial: 5%, Partial: 10%, Advanced: 15%, and Complete: 20%. There isn't much to say about this level other than the Jinchuuriki will now be a force of nature and something to be feared.

    Master (500 Exp): When the Jinchuuriki has formed a Bond with the Bijuu and has acquired the Complete form, the Master level is unlocked. This does not provide any increases to the power of Tailed Beast Mode, but it does allow for partial transformations that vary in size from the Jinchuuriki's body to the Bijuu's body. Any portion can be transformed at will and, should the Jinchuuriki have mastered Chakra Mode, the altered part can also be comprised solely of the Bijuu's chakra. This does still drain the amount of transformation for that post, but luckily, those amounts are reduced even further: Initial/Partial: 5%, Advanced: 10%, and Complete: 15%.

    Chakra Mode
    Chakra Mode is the state a Jinchuuriki enters when they decide to use the Bijuu's chakra in full and apply it to their bodies. This can only happen when the Jinchuuriki has acquired Control over the Tailed Beast's chakra and can quickly burn up the seal, making it very difficult to use with weaker seals. This cloak takes on a flaming appearance with color varying by Jinchuuriki and Bijuu, as just like one's chakra is colored by one's unique Yin-Yang energy balance, so, too, is Chakra Mode colored by the unique balance between Beast and host. There are different levels for this mode, based on general Bijuu mastery and use of this ability.

    Shroud (0 Exp): Immediately after gaining Control, the Jinchuuriki's Chakra Mode appears as a simple shroud of flame-like chakra coating the body and clothing, taking on the shape of the host's appearance with the sole addition of sealing patterns based on the specific Fuuinjutsu used to contain the Tailed Beast. This level can use all Tailed Beast abilities save only for the full sized Tailed Beast Ball, though it can still make use of the smaller, A-Rank variation. The stat boosts for this state are slightly better than Version Two, but without any of the physical alterations. 2 Tier Boost to Strength, Constitution, Speed, and Coordination. Stamina is not boosted because in this mode, the Jinchuuriki actually shelves their own chakra and uses the Bijuu's, thus replacing their own Stamina with that of their Tailed Beast's for as long as this level is active. However, beware the risk of leaving one's chakra alone with an unfriendly Bijuu, for the cost of keeping Chakra Mode active is deducted from the Jinchuuriki's Stamina as well, due to the Bijuu's siphoning from it. The Shroud level costs 10% Stamina per post.

    Cloak (0 Exp): Once a Bond has been formed, the coating of Chakra Mode enhances to form into its own cloak-like appearance, covering the Jinchuuriki in an extra set of clothing made entirely from the energy of the Bijuu. The seal markings present in the Shroud level enhance and spread further, and the eyes change to resemble that of the Bijuu's. In addition to the 2 Tier boost to Strength, Constitution, Speed, and Coordination, another boost of ++ is added to the primary, secondary, and tertiary stats of the Bijuu. Finally, the Tailed Beast no longer siphons the host's chakra, isolating the cost of Chakra Mode to only the Bijuu's chakra. The cost remains at 10% Stamina per post, however.

    Unity (750 Exp): The Jinchuuriki and Bijuu become accustomed to unifying their energies and are able to synchronize on a far higher level than before. Rather than shelving their own chakra, Jinchuuriki are able to combine and enhance it with their Bijuu's chakra, using the impressive potency of the demonic chakra to bolster their own reserves without needing to drain the Tailed Beast's. Thus, the boosts of the Cloak level are now applied to the Jinchuuriki's Stamina as well, which is used in place of the Bijuu's for Chakra Mode unless Chakra Access is specifically being used. No longer does the Bijuu's Stamina stat replace the Jinchuuriki's.

    Mastery (750 Exp): So much experience has the Jinchuuriki gained in using the Bijuu's chakra that they can manipulate each other's energies as their own. The Jinchuuriki can now use chakra to enter into Tailed Beast Mode, standing amidst the head or within the arms, hands, feet, or tails behind a veil of translucent but very solid Tailed Beast energy. It will appear just as the Bijuu does, but with the same color and seal patterns as are present in Chakra Mode, and should the Jinchuuriki have reached the Master level of Tailed Beast Mode, they can partially form parts of the Bijuu out of chakra, without the need to actually change their own bodies. Even better, however, is the ability to project Tailed Beast Mode beyond the body. It drains chakra at its own cost, in conjunction with whatever the Jinchuuriki uses, but the Bijuu can fight as would a summon, separate from its host and with its full power. The actual power of this level is determined by the level of Tailed Beast Mode that the Jinchuuriki has acquired.

    The Bond is a form of mutual understanding and friendship that only occurs with time and effort, represented by a total of 4500 Experience points that has been invested into Bijuu powers, with an additional 500 Experience per tail of that Bijuu. This is a running total based on how far the Jinchuuriki progresses. Once formed, the Bond initiates the Cloak level of Chakra Mode and eliminates nearly all downsides to being possessed; the Bijuu no longer wishes to harm the body when using Version One and Two Forms. It freely works to allow the host to manipulate its vast power in as little as accessing its chakra supply or as much as fully utilizing the Tailed Beast Mode. The Bijuu no longer makes any effort to escape, removing the strain and damage caused on the seal when using Bijuu related abilities and forms.

    In order to become a Jinchuuriki in the first place, a character must have a Fuuinjutsu technique that is capable of sealing a Bijuu applied to the body and used in the presence of the Bijuu. Each technique describes its own sealing process, as they can be very similar or completely different, but all generally result in the Bijuu being entirely contained within the character's body. This Fuuinjutsu is then the only thing keeping the Bijuu locked within the host body, and is also what binds the Jinchuuriki's life to the Bijuu's. Obviously, this causes the Bijuu to make a point of breaking that seal to undo the link and regain freedom, usually at the cost of the Jinchuuriki's life.

    Breaking the seal is a long process that involves forcing demonic chakra through the seal and onto the host, steadily weakening the seal in the process, until it finally breaks. All Fuuinjutsu that contain Tailed Beasts are inherently linked to the Jinchuuriki's will, such that when the host is strong and of sound mind, there may well be no chakra leakage at all, but in cases when the Jinchuuriki is wounded or near death and that will falters, the Bijuu will be able to force its chakra out. This often occurs when the host is wounded and the chakra induces healing, or when the Jinchuuriki suffers from emotional trauma that might unleash one of the Jinchuuriki Forms. Of course, at any point, the host can mentally undo the seal and release the Bijuu that way. This will still kill the host, however.

    Each seal is given a point value based on its rank. These points represent the remaining life of the seal, and when they are depleted, the Jinchuuriki is killed and the Bijuu is released. The point values are as follows:
    E-Rank: 25
    D-Rank: 50
    C-Rank: 100
    B-Rank: 150
    A-Rank: 300
    S-Rank: 500

    Using any Tailed Beast abilities mentioned on this page will reduce those points, so it is suggested that the highest ranking seal available be used and that the Jinchuuriki take great care in accessing any demonic power. The points lost for each post that an ability is used are listed below:
    Unique Ability: 1 [Elemental Ninjutsu Rank Reductions UAs Do Not Damage Seals If the User Has the Element Prior to Gaining the Bijuu]
    Chakra Access: 5
    Minor Healing: 10
    Major Healing: 20
    Initial Jinchuuriki Mode: 10
    Version One: 15
    Version Two: 25
    Tailed Beast Mode: 30
    Chakra Mode: 15

    Gaining Control over the Bijuu's chakra will allow the Jinchuuriki to utilize it in a more secure manner, though because the Bijuu does not wish to work alongside the Jinchuuriki, its chakra is still toxic to the seal. Once Control is gained, the above point reduction values are all reduced by 5.

    Once a Bond is formed, the Bijuu will no longer use its chakra to deteriorate the seal. For those not quite so progressed with their Tailed Beast, however, there is a way to reinforce the seal. Seals that contain Tailed Beasts can be learned by any that possess the Fuuinjutsu Skill, but when created, can only be as strong in Rank as the Tier of the creator's Intelligence. The same is true of reinforcement; one with the Fuuinjutsu Skill can reinforce a seal but only if one's Intelligence is equal to or higher than the Rank of the seal.

    A seal that is reinforced regains some of its power, thereby extending the life of the host while allowing for further use of the Bijuu's abilities. However, a seal cannot be made new, no matter how hard a Fuuinjutsu user may try. Every time a seal is reinforced, it is restored to exactly 25 points less than the previous maximum point value. So, if a B-Rank seal is reinforced, it will be brought back up to 125 points. If it's reinforced again, it'll be restored to 100 points, and so on until the seal cannot be reinforced any longer.

    Bijuu Stats
    Below are the stats of the nine Bijuu. Beside each stat is noted which ones the Bijuu favors most, which apply focused boosts during many of the Tailed Beast Forms on this page.

    Shukaku (One-Tails/Ichibi)

    Strength: S+ (Primary)
    Constitution: S (Secondary)
    Stamina: S (Tertiary)
    Speed: A (Quinary)
    Coordination: A (Quaternary)
    Intelligence: A
    Perception: A

    Matatabi (Two-Tails/Niibi)

    Strength: A (Quaternary)
    Constitution: A (Quinary)
    Stamina: S (Tertiary)
    Speed: S+ (Primary)
    Coordination: S+ (Secondary)
    Intelligence: A
    Perception: A

    Isobu (Three-Tails/Sanbi)

    Strength: S (Tertiary)
    Constitution: S (Primary)
    Stamina: S (Secondary)
    Speed: A (Quinary)
    Coordination: A (Quaternary)
    Intelligence: S
    Perception: A

    Son Goku (Four-Tails/Yonbi)

    Strength: S+ (Primary)
    Constitution: S (Tertiary)
    Stamina: S+ (Quaternary)
    Speed: A (Quinary)
    Coordination: S (Secondary)
    Intelligence: A
    Perception: A

    Kokuō (Five-Tails/Gobi)

    Strength: S+ (Secondary)
    Constitution: A (Quaternary)
    Stamina: S+ (Tertiary)
    Speed: S+ (Primary)
    Coordination: A (Quinary)
    Intelligence: A
    Perception: S

    Saiken (Six-Tails/Rokubi)

    Strength: A (Quaternary)
    Constitution: S (Primary)
    Stamina: S+ (Secondary)
    Speed: A (Quinary)
    Coordination: S (Tertiary)
    Intelligence: S
    Perception: S

    Chōmei (Seven-Tails/Nanabi)

    Strength: A (Quinary)
    Constitution: S+ (Primary)
    Stamina: S++ (Secondary)
    Speed: S (Tertiary)
    Coordination: S (Quaternary)
    Intelligence: A
    Perception: S

    Gyūki (Eight-Tails/Hachibi)

    Strength: S+ (Primary)
    Constitution: S+ (Secondary)
    Stamina: S++ (Tertiary)
    Speed: A (Quinary)
    Coordination: S (Quaternary)
    Intelligence: S
    Perception: A

    Kurama (Nine-Tails/Kyuubi)

    Strength: S (Secondary)
    Constitution: S (Quaternary)
    Stamina: S++ (Primary)
    Speed: S (Tertiary)
    Coordination: A (Quinary)
    Intelligence: S
    Perception: S

    These are the stats used during the Tailed Beast Mode and are the base stats for free Bijuu. However, free Bijuu are prone to aggression and, when, angered, my display greater stats than are represented here. Jinchuuriki using Tailed Beast Mode do not have the same ability, for that kind of loss of control would easily disrupt the transformation or even cause their seal to break.

    Boosts and Stacking
    The stat boosts granted by any of the abilities on this page are considered Unique Boosters and, because of that, do not count towards the two tier limit to boosting. This also means that a Jinchuuriki can potentially stack with a Tailed Beast ability to reach even higher stat levels. However, this is rare. Bijuu chakra is generally incompatible with other techniques, especially those that involve flow, due to its erratic nature which may instantly dispel any sort of chakra flow jutsu.

    While using the Unique Ability, Chakra Access, or Healing, the Jinchuuriki can activate any booster desired. When using Initial Jinchuuriki Mode, Version One, or Version Two, no boosters can be stacked. Any of these that are mastered, however, will allow for boosts pertaining to Taijutsu only, and only so long as the Jinchuuriki's Intelligence remains above E-Tier. When Control is gained, the Jinchuuriki may use any boosters desired with the Initial Jinchuuriki Mode, and can use any physical boosts, such as Taijutsu, Bukijutsu, and Kenjutsu, with the Version One and Version Two Forms.

    Tailed Beast Mode does not allow any boosters that are not specifically designed to be used while in Tailed Beast Mode. Chakra Mode, however, can be much more lenient. Before a bond is formed, the Bijuu's chakra does not mesh well with most boosters, but like the Controlled Version forms, Chakra Mode will allow for physical boosters. It isn't until a Bond is formed that the Bijuu's chakra becomes compatible with the host's and allows for any other types of boosters to be used with it. This chakra is very powerful, though, and will only ever sustain up to one other constant boosting technique, such as Sage Mode or Lightning Release Armor, and no others.

    Other Information
    Listed below are various rules pertaining specifically to Bijuu and Jinchuuriki.

    -Bijuu are considered a Restricted Ability. Like all Restricted Abilities, Bijuu are introduced into the game by staff. This can occur as random encounters, the opportunity to register a character that begins as a Jinchuuriki, or any number of things. When the time comes that they will be introduced, we will let you know.

    -Like all Restricted Abilities, Bijuu are considered upper level and as such, Jinchuuriki are held to a higher standard of roleplay, meaning that those characters are to avoid abusing the powerful abilities granted them and actively work to make the game a fun and interesting place for everybody. This doesn't limit the actions of your character, but it does mean that we expect more out of you as a player.

    -When the seal is broken, the Jinchuuriki dies and the Bijuu is released. This is normally instant, but with higher levels of base Constitution, the Jinchuuriki is better able to delay the effects: with B-Tier, the Jinchuuriki can last for up to ten posts but is rendered unconscious; with A-Tier, the Jinchuuriki has the same time limit but is conscious, though unable to fight; with S-Tier, the Jinchuuriki will survive for up to fifteen posts and suffers only a single tier reduction to all physical stats.

    -It is normally not possible to kill a Bijuu when it is outside of its host, meaning that the death of the host is the most common way to end a Bijuu's life. When the host dies by any means other than the seal breaking, the Bijuu will also die. When the Bijuu dies, its body decays over several days until nothing is left and the chakra composing its form scatters around the continent. This chakra will eventually reform, giving new life to the Bijuu, but the time it takes can vary greatly by the method of its death, the environment in which it died, and the overall power of the Bijuu, denoted by its number of tails. Most take months, but some can take years.

    -A Bijuu can be affected by a Genjutsu. However, due to their naturally high Intelligence and Perception, it may be very difficult to catch them in one, even when not sealed in a host. When they are sealed, however, Bijuu can only be affected by Genjutsu cast through the eyes, typically via a Dojutsu and most often the Sharingan. The effects of a Genjutsu on a Bijuu are generally specified by the illusion, but are typically minor things because the Bijuu are naturally strong willed.

    -It is through those kinds of Genjutsu that Bijuu are manipulated, and again, usually by the Sharingan. However, their strong will resists this control, and while they may not be capable of breaking the control immediately on their own, they can fail to perform certain orders issued them if those orders go against their nature. A Bijuu that is normally destructive and hateful of humanity will not follow an order to help people rebuild, for example, and no Bijuu will obey an order that will lead to their sealing or death. Forcing them to fight, destroy, and kill are typically very easy.

    -When a Genjutsu affects the host of a Bijuu, that Bijuu does have the ability to cast Genjutsu: Kai on the Jinchuuriki to dispel it. However, most Bijuu don't care enough to do this, and unless the Genjutsu is a direct threat to the life of the Bijuu, it will generally neglect to lend any aid. When a Bond is formed, however, the Bijuu may actively work to keep the Jinchuuriki free of any illusions, such that in order to affect a Jinchuuriki with a Genjutsu, one will likely have to affect the Bijuu with one as well.

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