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    General Site Rules


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    General Site Rules

    Post by Izumi on Fri Jun 02, 2017 12:07 pm

    General Site Rules

    -Material generally considered mature (blood, gore, adult, etc.) may be described in detail on this site and while there is no specific age restriction, we suggest that only those 13 years of age and older join.

    -Here on Gladius, we use a letter based ranking system to determine levels of power. Techniques are Ranks, Stats are Tiers, Items are Levels, and characters/people are Classes. The system progresses in power as follows: E, D, C, B, A, and finally S, which is generally reserved for particularly powerful and/or unique individuals/abilities. Ranks X and Z may appear from time to time in certain rare instances.

    -In order to learn techniques, players must type out a set number of words, based upon the rank of the technique desired. Certain, more powerful techniques and/or abilities may require Experience Points to be spent in place of Word Count. More information can be found here.

    -Experience Points are the basis for character stat progression and can also determine the general power class of an individual. Experience Points are earned as a standard reward for quests and missions, with varying amounts of Points distributed based on mission/quest rank, or by posting in topics that have more than one player participating. Exact values, as well as additional information, can be found here.

    -Skill Points determine how many Skills and Elements a character can have. A Skill or Element is unlocked by spending a single Skill Point, at which point a character may learn and progress in that skill or element at will, which makes these points very hard to come by. A set amount is given at registration, but beyond that, it takes much work and dedication to gather them. More information on Skills can be found here. Information on character registration can be found here.

    -Once a post has been made, players have 48 hours to reply to it. After that time has passed, whatever actions occurring in that post are considered successful. Players are then unable to interrupt or react to it in any way thereafter, save acknowledging that it happened. When in a post order, each player's turn is 48 hours long. If 48 hours has elapsed and a player has not posted then they have lost their chance to post that turn. They may not post for that turn without the other player or players' permission. Note that the player whose 48 hours has elapsed may not post even if the other player or players have not yet posted either.

    -Players may edit their posts freely until another player posts after them. If someone else has posted and you would like to edit your post, you must request permission from the person that posted after you.

    -If a player describes an action against a character and that action is uncontested, it is referred to as Calling Hits. Calling hits can occur if the player of the targeted character has not posted a response within 48 Hours from the start of their turn. However, if a player fails to properly describe a response to an action in another player's post, that other player is required to notify the player before calling hits. This warning is to be posted in the topic and will initiate a 48 hour timer for which the player to make any necessary edits. Should this time limit elapse or the player consent to the hits, those hits can be called.

    -Roleplaying is done through first or third person and is written long form; do not use asterisks to describe your character's actions.

    -Players may not control the actions of other players' characters unless either permission has been given or there is a justified reason.

    -Players going inactive from the site for any reason can post an absence here, describing why they are leaving and for how long. Absences can absolve one's character from being subjected to the 48 Hour Rule, however, it is expected that the character at least attempt an exit. Absences can be overridden by staff if a player is believed to be abusing them.

    -A posting order is set at the start of each topic, beginning with the first poster and adapting to whomever joins afterwards. Skipping a player without waiting 48 hours is forbidden, unless the topic is non-combat or the skipped player has given permission to do so -this must be validated by a post, either in the topic itself or in an absence.

    -Techniques may not be trained during a combat topic. Exceptions are made only when all participants post their consent in that topic.

    -Staff rulings are given on the forum in a post and are considered invalid unless the Staff Member ruling actually posts the ruling.

    -Staying active on your character is important. If you do not make an IC post within three weeks your character will be automatically admitted to the nearest hospital and shall remain in a coma (at which point a Kage may demote you) until you post again. Additionally, if you have been subject to prolonged inactivity (not posting in three weeks or more without absence) and fail an activity check then your character will be ruled dead and removed from the roster.

    -Important characters (Village/Organization Leaders, etc.) that enter an inactive status or whose players often take extended absences may be subject to losing their position In Character. Staff will not step in to bestow a character's rank or standing to someone else, but may grant permission for another character to roleplay taking over, even if the important character's player is on a posted absence.

    -Players are allowed up to two alternate characters. These characters must be played with separate accounts and cannot interact in such a way that either character will stand to benefit.

    -Updates must be posted by the player and then approved by a member of Staff for a character to begin using anything that he/she has earned, trained, or received. This includes Techniques, Items, Abilities, Stats, etc. The forum for Updates can be found here.

    -Any Techniques or Abilities used, whether they are by your character, an item, or anything else, must be noted at the end of your post. This is to avoid player deception that could lead to conflicts and arguments.

    -A battle between characters is just that, not a battle between players. Superior roleplayers are determined by the stories they tell, not by how they can trick and/or defeat their peers.

    If any of these rules seem unclear to you, speak with a member of staff for clarification.

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