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 Experience & Class Information

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PostSubject: Experience & Class Information   Fri Jun 02, 2017 12:10 pm


-Experience Points determine how powerful a character is and allow for the progression of stats, as shown below. There is also a number of redeemable rewards based on how many Points a character has earned, received at each Class.

-Experience Points earned on a per post basis do not stack unless explicitly noted.

- Characters earn 5 Experience Points per post in a solo topic. Experience earned this way is limited to a single post per day. Solo PC missions (a lone ANBU preparing to assassinate a PC Kage for example) are exceptions to this and are not restricted to a post per day.  
-Characters earn 10 Experience Points per post in a topic containing multiple players. Going through life with others affords a peak at a different viewpoint in life, enhancing everyone's personal growth and development.
-20 Experience Points are earned per post when participating in a mission topic with multiple players.
-An additional 5 Experience Points are earned per post when training with or on a mission with the character's designated teacher or sensei.
-50 Experience Points are earned when a character suffers a near-death experience, which is defined as: "an unusual experience taking place on the brink of death...". These experiences must take place at the hands of another Player Character with the opportunity and means to terminate your character. For whatever reason, he/she decided to spare you, and you have grown because of it.
-25 Experience Points are earned for sparing another character's life. Situations as these must be as mentioned above, but you are the Player Character with both opportunity and means, yet you have graciously spared the life of another. Kindness does not go unpaid.
-All Experience Point earnings are halved when the topic is a Flashback. More info on Flashback Topics can be found here.
-To encourage character progression and participation, Staff may occasionally give additional Experience Points to those that have done a particularly good job roleplaying in any given topic, or as a reward for participating in plot-related topics. If you think you've done something worthy of a bonus, don't hesitate to ask for it in your update.

-Missions and Quests reward a set amount of Experience Points based on their rank:
--E-Rank: 5
--D-Rank: 10
--C-Rank: 15
--B-Rank: 20
--A-Rank: 25
--S-Rank: 50
--X and Z Rank missions may become available over time, but these will be unique instances that offer a variety of rewards that may affect how many Experience Points are given, and as such do not have a defined amount. More on Missions can be found here.

As mentioned above, Experience Points must be spent in order to increase a Stat. Stat increases occur one Tier at a time, moving from one solid letter to the next, costing the amounts shown below:
E->D: 150
D->C: 300
C->B: 500
B->A: 1000
A->S: 1500
-More information on Stats can be found here.

The Class determining a character's overall power is decided by the amount of Experience Points that the character has gathered over the span of his/her time on this site. This amount is kept track of as an 'overall' number, separate from the 'spendable exp' used to raise Stat Tiers or learn Techniques. With enough Experience Points, a character can progress to a new Class and will gain certain new abilities or bonuses, as well as certain drawbacks, as shown below:
E-Class: Base (Can learn E and D-Rank Techniques. Gain Three Skill Points.) -The starting level for ranks such as Genin.
D-Class: 500 (E-Rank Techniques no longer cost Word Count. E-Rank Missions no longer reward Experience Points. Gain One Skill Point. C-Rank Techniques can be learned.) -A typical, fairly experienced character at the brink of increasing his/her standing with the respective village.
C-Class: 1500 (D-Rank Techniques no longer cost Word Count. Gain One Skill Point. B-Rank Techniques can be learned.) -Those that are well progressed in their new standing, such as Shinobi that are now experienced Chuunin. Many do not progress beyond this level.
B-Class: 3000 (C-Rank Techniques no longer cost Word Count. Gain One Skill Point. D-Rank Missions no longer reward Experience Points. A-Rank Techniques can be learned.) -Exceptional warriors, capable of great feats and with high standing in their respective areas. These are the Jounin of the world.
A-Class: 5000 (B-Rank Techniques no longer cost Word Count. Gain One Skill Point. S-Rank Techniques can be learned.) -Fighters going above and beyond in their personal training and journey. Few ever reach this point, and fewer still survive combat with them. Anbu Black Ops often recruit their most deadly assassins from those of this caliber. Some Kage are at this prestigious level.
S-Class: 7500 (A-Rank Techniques no longer cost Word Count. Gain One Skill Point. C-Rank Missions no longer reward Experience Points.) -The best of the best. Kage of legend hold this rarest of standing. These are people never seen or heard from but in tales and folklore.
X-Class: 12000 (S-Rank Techniques no longer cost Word Count. Gain One Skill Point.) -An exclusive level for only the most devout and dedicated. Almost nobody makes it this far in their journey, leaving only such figures as the Sage of the Six Paths in the history books. Most disbelieve their existence. Next to none witness their power. These are the changers of the world.

Characters will normally have to accumulate Experience In Character to progress Classes. However, if a character begins as a Chuunin, that character will begin as D-Class. Those that begin as Jounin will start as C-Class.

-Information on Skill Points can be found here.
-When a Technique of a certain Rank no longer requires Word Count, it does not mean that the character is able to learn it instantly, or already has knowledge of it. It means that, while you still have to train the Technique as normal, you no longer have to worry about hitting any certain Word Count. You may take as long or as short a time as you deem appropriate.
-When you reach a certain Class and gain the ability to learn a certain Rank of techniques, you will still need the appropriate Skill to learn it. If you are now B-Class, for example, and wish to learn an A-Rank Taijutsu, but you don't have the Taijutsu Skill, you won't be able to learn it. Conversely, if you have the Taijutsu Skill, but are below B-Class, you won't be able to learn an A-Rank Taijutsu. You can find more information on Jutsu Training Rules here.
-More information on Elements can be found here.
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Experience & Class Information
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