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    Elements Information


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    Elements Information

    Post by Izumi on Fri Jun 02, 2017 12:14 pm

    Shinobi Elements
    There are five Basic Elements that react simply with one another: Katon > Fuuton >Raiton > Doton > Suiton > Katon. These strengths and weaknesses are represented by a single Rank's decrease of the weaker element's power when comparing the two. Inton and Yoton are also Basic Elements, though hold no advantages or disadvantages to other elements. Advanced Elements are comprised of two or more Basic Elements and will generally combine the strengths and weaknesses of its components. By using a Skill Point, characters can unlock a single element. The exception to this are Inton and Yoton, which all characters begin with, and Advanced Element Kekkei Genkai. Advanced Elements are unlocked via Bloodline progression that is outlined in the Bloodline's topic, but only once the components have been unlocked, and they generally won't require one to spend a Skill Point.

    -Katon (Fire Release): The element of heat and destruction, Katon begins as super-heated chakra focused in the body and released via the lungs and mouth. It is considered the least controllable element, making techniques that focus on such particularly complex and difficult. It is often associated with the Tiger hand seal and can occasionally utilize certain mediums to help with combustion, such as ash, gun powder, oil, explosive tags, chakra flow, gas, etc. Konohagakure, as the Land of Fire's shinobi village, is especially prominent in users of this element. Katon is weak to Suiton, but strong against Fuuton.

    -Suiton (Water Release): Perhaps the most versatile of the Basic Elements, Suiton can be manipulated in shape, viscosity, and even density to suit virtually any task. Induced drowning and impact-based attacks are just two of many potential uses. Like controlling Katon, creating Suiton out of nothing is particularly difficult and found only in the strongest of Suiton users. Suiton is strong against Katon via flame extinguishing and weak against Doton due to the latter's propensity for dispersing the force and power of water. Uniquely, Suiton can act as a conductor for Raiton, extending its range and destructive potential. As the shinobi village in the Land of Water, Kirigakure houses most of the world's Suiton using population.

    -Doton (Earth Release): Rivaling Suiton's wide range of usability is Doton's manipulation and shaping of the earth itself. Anything of earthen material can be manipulated in shape, form, density, and even weight. Doton even affords the ability to move freely through the hardest substances, perfect for escape or setting up the perfect strategic play. Doton is affiliated most often with the Snake hand seal and Iwagakure in the Land of Earth. It is strong against Suiton, but vulnerable to Raiton, which can cut through its constructs and make-up more easily than any other element. Doton can absorb water to not only nullify Suiton techniques, but also initiate mud-based attacks and can also combine with Katon for isolated heating or wide ranging explosions.

    -Raiton (Lightning Release): The second least controllable and probably most difficult to master, Raiton involves the heavy vibrating of one's chakra to the point that it becomes electricity, increasing both speed and piercing capabilities. Raiton can act much like real world lightning when wielded in one's hands, but once it leaves the body, it moves far slower than would be expected, similar in speed to Katon. However, utilizing actual lightning can dramatically improve Raiton's potency. When combined with Suiton, its effects can be wide-ranging and catastrophic, but it is weak against the naturally electrical insulating Fuuton. Doton can easily be cut through, however, making it weak against Raiton in particular. Kumogakure, located within the Land of Lightning, is the shinobi village most associated with Raiton.

    -Fuuton (Wind Release): Only by concentrating one's chakra into a fine edge can Fuuton be created. It uses heightened cutting power on a small scale over a wide range to inflict mass damage or simply a powerful impact. When flowed over a weapon, it has similar cutting power to Raiton, but overpowers it in raw form, while acting as fuel to Katon. This can make it the losing technique in a clash or an enhancing factor in a combination assault. The concussive power of Suiton can also be enhanced via Fuuton, which is found primarily in the Land of Wind's Sunagakure.

    -Inton (Yin Release): One of the two primary elements, Inton covers the spiritual energy inside of everyone that governs imagination. It is most often combined in varying ratios with Yoton to utilize basic Ninjutsu, which requires little skill to speak of, while on its own, Inton can create form out of nothing, most often in the state of the mind. Techniques that do this are called Genjutsu. Higher forms of Inton are not limited to only the mental plane, actually going so far as creating things from nothing. It is a fairly new field with much to be discovered, having very few specialists of its nature diverting from the typical Genjutsu; the Nara have an interesting use for it involving shadows. Inton is inherently neither strong nor weak against any other elements, but can often work powerfully in conjunction with its opposite, Yoton.

    -Yoton (Yang Release): Like Inton, Yoton has no inherent strengths or weaknesses, and is often combined with its opposite to form basic Ninjutsu. The only part that requires any skill is in using Yoton on its own, as the force that governs vitality, with the ability to breathe life into form. One can imagine the capabilities of combining both Yin and Yang, creating form from nothing and breathing life into it. Yoton alone, however, is as new a field as Inton, used only in minor cases as in the healing born of Ijutsu, and as the means of implementing the Akimichi Clan's sizing techniques. The Senju Clan's Mokuton is also thought to have some level of Yang Release mixed into it.

    -Onmyoton (Yin-Yang Release): All forms of chakra hold their base in some form of mixture between Yin and Yang, making this Advanced Element perhaps the most powerful of all. It can create form through Yin and give life through Yang, and can even nullify all other ninjutsu. Techniques of this element are of the highest caliber, while the element itself is virtually unheard of. It is currently unknown what sort of people have access to this special combination of Yoton and Inton.

    -Enton (Blaze Release): An advanced form of Katon created with the flames of Amaterasu and manipulated with the Mangekyo Sharingan, Enton is the pinnacle of Fire Release that commands the greatest elemental ninjutsu of all time. In its bare form, Amaterasu is a mighty and uncontrollable force that can burn through anything and cause catastrophic harm, but with Enton, it can be directed and shaped in such a way that it reaches a whole new level. The Uchiha are the possessors of this element, thanks to their Mangekyo Sharingan, and its base elements are Katon and Inton. Unlike other Advanced Elements, Enton does not bear the weakness of its component; Suiton is burned just as easily as wood and rock. This may perhaps be because of its Yin component, but none can really say. Enton: =Suiton, >Fuuton

    -Hyoton (Ice Release): By combining the Basic Elements Wind and Water, Hyoton encapsulates the coldest force of nature: Ice. By creating water or taking it from a preexisting source, users are able to freeze it and manipulate it as either ice or snow. The Yuki Clan are the masters of this element, and have become truly fierce with their many powerful techniques based on it. While few markings denote a Yuki, the area around them can become extremely cold -even so far as causing localized snowfall- when accessing their Kekkei Genkai. Because of its components, Hyoton is actually neutral to Raiton serving as neither insulator nor enhancer, while resisting the heat of raw flames. Solid Doton techniques are tougher than Ice is, capable of breaking even the sturdiest of Hyoton techniques. Hyoton: =Raiton, Superior to Katon and Scorch while being weak to Doton, Lava, and Koton

    -Youton (Lava Release): By mixing the natures of Katon and Doton, Youton is able to create a variety of substances based on the user's desires and preferences. Some users are known to utilize molten rock, while others use rubber, corrosive quicklime, acidic mud, or even melting flames. Youton is one of the most potent natures out there is one of the most sporadic. No Clan can claim ownership of the bloodline as it is extremely diverse and is known to appear in many different villages. As a derivative of fire, Youton is affected by Suiton, returning to a solid state if an equal level is applied. Raiton has no particular effect on it and Fuuton is known to combust when in contact. However, forms varying from the typical molten rock (Lava) act as other elements, in terms of strengths and weaknesses: rubber as Fuuton, quicklime as Doton, and acidic mud as Suiton. Youton: =Raiton, Fuuton, >Hyoton.

    -Ranton (Storm Release): By mixing lightning and water based chakra, Ranton users are able to generate dark storm clouds or even release laser-like beams of chakra energy. They can spread water far and wide, only to electrocute it with lightning for devastating area assaults. Its elements seem to act independently when facing certain other elements; wind can insulate the lightning, earth can stop the flow of water, and water can conduct the electric current. In its true, flawlessly combined state, Ranton is neutral to Doton and Katon, while weak to Fuuton. Similarly to Youton, Ranton has no specific Clan, but it is isolated to Kumogakure. Ranton: =Doton, =Katon,

    -Futton (Boil Release): An inherently wide ranging offensive element, Futton uses fire nature to heat water nature in order to create a vapor cloud with properties that vary by user. Some create vapor clouds with a controlled level of acidity, while others use simple heated steam to cause burning damage to those within range, or even use it as propulsion for enhanced physical combat. The water in the vapor conducts Raiton fairly easily, while being readily blocked by earth and actually being made hotter by Katon, but Fuuton is able to blow it away. No Clan holds claim to the Futton and no village possesses a monopoly on it. Futton: Katon.

    -Bakuton (Explosion Release): Easily one of the more deadly elements, Bakuton utilizes the art of explosion to harness catastrophic power that they can use to obliterate enemies or topple enormous structures. The rightly named Explosion Release combines earth and lightning type chakras into one and apply that destructive chakra into objects that wound by proxy or by implanting the stuff directly into a victim. This chakra can be rendered inert by Raiton, nullifying the explosion, though it is particularly effective against Doton. Katon can potentially set it off early, though holds little effect, while Fuuton can potentially increase the power of an explosion or, if used wisely, fight against the concussive force. Suiton, surprisingly, can eliminate the burning aspect of Bakuton, but isn't as effective on the force of the explosion itself. Iwagakure's Blast Corps holds the majority of the world's Bakuton users, and though they are not isolated to one specific Clan, the genetic abnormality itself is found only in Iwagakure. Bakuton: Doton, =Suiton, =Fuuton.

    -Shakuton (Scorch Release): Shakuton, like Bakuton, is a particularly deadly element best suited for death and destruction. Scorch Release focuses Katon chakra and uses raw Fuuton chakra to enhance it, combining it in a very basic state without exposing it to the air, such that it becomes unnaturally hot and, when applied to a technique, can kill with ease. Most techniques use that heat to burn a victim, though what actually kills them is the vaporization of every liquid in their bodies. This chakra is potent and deadly, not to be used lightly and most certainly to be fought with great care and caution and is even said to be able to form plasma. Shakuton is naturally weak to Suiton, but strong against Fuuton and Raiton. Katon is generally ineffective. Meant to be used at range, Scorch Release fits perfectly with the long-range fighting methods of Sunagakure, and while it is prevalent in that village, it can be found anywhere. Shakuton: Fuuton, >Raiton, =Katon.

    -Shoton (Crystal Release): Activating Earth Release in its raw state with the life imbuing energies of Yang Release gives birth to the new element Shoton, a Crystal Release which can convert virtually all matter into crystals. As this element offers command over all crystalline structures in some way, this means that Shoton users can effectively turn one's own weapons or defenses against oneself, forcing dragons of earth or water to turn upon their master with a fury as destructive in raw force as it is brilliant in color. This includes even living creatures and people, reducing even the mightiest of warriors into harmless immobile statues. The one weakness in this advanced element is the need for matter; raw energy cannot be converted, leaving Raiton, Katon, and raw base chakra immune to its effects. Lightning especially prevails, as it holds power over the Doton aspect of Shoton, shattering crystal structures with as much ease as the powerful sound waves of Onton. Shoton is a rare bloodline with no village or clan to claim its power. Hardly any of them are ever even found. Shoton: Suiton, >Doton.

    -Koton (Steel Release): Manipulating the form of normal earth via the powers of Yin Release yields the potent combination termed Steel Release. Koton utilizes much the same style as Doton, covering the body with armor, launching projectiles, manipulating and changing the terrain, etc. but with the added bonus of being much, much harder. Koton is aptly named, for it condenses the Doton chakra and hardens it, thereby converting it into something virtually indestructible, with strength greater than any other solid based element or bloodline. As an even more durable variation of Doton, Koton holds many of the same properties. It stands strong against the roaring waters and mighty winds, but it can be pierced by lightning and made weak by fire. Koton is found in Iwagakure but laid claim to by no clan as of yet. Koton: Suiton, >Fuuton.

    -Meiton (Dark Release): An alternative mixture of Yin and Yang Releases provides a unique element very much unlike the pure mixture Onmyoton called Dark Release. Dark Release makes use of Inton and Yoton in the most basic sense, dissecting the rawest forms of chakra prior to elemental manipulation and controlling it. Meiton users are known to drain the chakra of their foes from a distance and use it to duplicate the techniques of that foe via that same chakra. They can be like dopplegangers, turning the enemy's power against them, or like thieves, stealing away an enemy's power and using it to unleash a fury all their own. Meiton is known to reside in no particular village, and as a combination of Inton and Yoton, has no inherent strengths or weaknesses of its own.

    -Jinton (Swift Release): Activating Fuuton chakra over the body through Yoton yields a unique sort of field over the body that can exert great control over general movement speed. That is the initial idea behind Swift Release, but it goes much beyond just speed. Jinton covers manipulation over kinetic forces. They can increase their own speed, of course, but they can also manipulate the speed of things near them to increase or decrease velocity, making them a very dangerous group. This can be a fantastic power, but it does still bear the weakness to flames, an energy beyond their control and quite lethal to even their abilities, with an uncanny knack for tracing their high speeds by means of igniting their wind-based fields. No village as yet holds claim to this bloodline, nor any clan. Jinton:

    -Jiton (Magnet Release): Combining the elements of Earth and Wind members of the Kazehana Clan are capable of creating magnetic fields with their chakra to manipulate many different objects. Magnet Release is one of the few advanced elements that isn't inherently offense based, generally being used for manipulation of items such as sand, dust, and weaponry. The potential for this kekkei genkai is tremendous, limited mostly to one's own creative ability. The fields can be weakened by intense electricity, but are particularly effective against metal. No clan or village owns this bloodline, as it is one of the many sporadic elements. Jiton: < Raiton, >Kouton.

    -Mokuton (Wood Release): Belonging to the Senju Clan of the Forest, Mokuton activates both Doton and Suiton chakra with Yoton to create a source of life with their own energy. Going beyond that, Mokuton users can even manipulate pre-existing sources of life with their chakra, twisting and reforming foliage that has stood strong for centuries with but a flash of their will. As the name implies, Wood Release is based entirely around trees and all things related, with the ability to grow forests from a barren wasteland, branches from one's own fingers, and lifelike entities that move and react like an actual being, but are comprised entirely of wood. Even more so than Swift or Magnet, Mokuton is the most diverse element in existence, sought after by many for its extreme potential and legendary influence over Tailed Beasts. Konohagakure is, of course, the only village in which this powerful kekkei tota can be found, which holds only a weakness for lightning. It is resistant even to fire and the cutting power of wind, and especially the blunt force of Suiton. Mokuton: Suiton, =Katon, =Fuuton, =Doton.

    -Hoton (Dust Release): Where Wood Release is diverse, Dust Release is destructive, holding as much potential for devastation as Wood Release does for creation. It is a kekkei tota comprised of Katon, Fuuton, and Doton that functions much like a bomb in its ability to completely obliterate virtually anything in existence. Hoton works in three dimensional shapes, covering first a very small expanse between the user's hands while being formed and then expanding at an alarming rate to cover a vast area. Mere moments later, everything caught within is reduced to dust, crumpled and shredded into atoms. While used primarily for destruction, Hoton provides the ability to manipulate molecules, typically used to separate them in its function as the ultimate weapon on the battlefield. Hoton is the penultimate element of Iwagakure, securing its place as a world power as much as the Senju and Uchiha secure Konohagakure. It is weak to no element, and while it is not particularly strong against any, there are none able to stand on equal ground with it. Hoton: =Raiton, =Katon, =Suiton, =Fuuton, =Doton.

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