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    Mad Fumes [Private | Crafting]


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    Mad Fumes [Private | Crafting]

    Post by Yumi on Thu May 17, 2018 2:38 am

    Yumi grumbled as they departed from the Kirigakure hospital. They had been delivered to the white walls of hell after th training session with their team-mates. One team-mate had dropped them off in order for the lolita to have their broken left arm looked at. Left in the care of the medics, Yumi set the bone back into place himself with a loud snap before having the medic heal the damage up restoring it. The arm was currently wrapped in plaster as an added precaution. The arm was useable but Yumi would just have to be careful, not that it mattered to the illusionist they had better things to do.

    After checking out Yumi headed to the market district before heading out, pulling out his little book of chemical concoctions it was full of. Flicking through them Yumi made a mental list of the ones he would create and the ingredients needed to do so. Stopping off at a pharmacy, a grocery store and a few other shinobi supplies along the way, Yumi gathered up all the materials needed. With bag in hand, the medic retreated to their humble abode to begin cooking up their next creation. Humming a soft melody made time pass shortening the distance to his apartment complex.

    Heading up to his room, the trap designed to look like a lolita worked in closing the door behind him. The genin walked to his chemistry lab just opposite the bedroom and placed the bags down on the workbench before retreating into his room. Grabbing the sash around his waist, Yumi threw it off allowing the Yukata to fall down around his knees, showing off pristine white skin. Walking over to the closet, Yumi slid the door open, grabbing a white lab coat and slipped it on. The coat was to big for Yumi's frame, falling over him.

    Heading back to the lab Yumi got started, the first item was a tea made from the leaves of one of Mizu No Kuni's native plants. Fishing it out off the bag, was a small jar of water filled with light green leaves with ice blue veins. Taking the leaves out, Yumi set them on a drying rack with a bunsen burner beneath it. The rack was up high enough to ensure the flames wouldn't touch the leaves. The rack was enclosed in a glass box, design to contain the heat and dry the leaves out faster. Turning the gas tap on, Yumi grabbed a match and lit the burner creating a bright red flame. Turning the burner the flame went from red to bright blue.

    Timing the process, Yumi gave it not twenty seconds before turning the bunsen off at the gas tap. The heat was contained within the box as water vapour clung to its sides. The heat that remained would dry the leaves out. As the leaves dried Yumi began preparing another item.



    • Strength: E
    • Constitution: D
    • Stamina: D
    • Speed: E
    • Coordination: D
    • Intelligence: C
    • Perception: D
    • Wrist Holster (Each arm) [x1 Kunai per holster, x2 Senbon per holster
    • Hair Concealed(Each side) [x2 Senbon Left, x2 Senbon Right]
    • Hip Pouch (right side hidden by sash) [x6 Kunai, x8 Shuriken, x12 Senbon, x1 Chilli Pepper Bomb, x2 Flash Bombs]
    • Left Side Sash Concealed [Small Sealed Weapons Scroll: Contents - x1 Medikit,  x1 Chilli Pepper Bombs, 15 feet Steel Wire, x2 Smoke bombs)]
    • x1 concealed Tanto at the back of sash hidden by the bow.

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