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    Simple Training [Open]

    Cherry Blossom

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    Simple Training [Open]

    Post by Cherry Blossom on Tue Jul 10, 2018 11:27 am

    It's a standard evening. Usually people are off eating food with their family, or in a shinobi's case, performing in missions. And then there's some people like Akira, who are training.

    She stands within the rocky area of training that the village has to offer, several cracks here and there prominent upon the amorphous, stone structures surrounding her. Upon one of the smaller rocks in the area is a black sweat jacket, with a white stripe running along the collar. In tandem with that jacket is a pair of matching sweat pants, as the female's opted to wear less on the training occasion. She's dressed with black, form-fitting leggings that match the equally-black sports bra she has on for a top. Upon her feet are the standard sandals that shinobi and kunoichi alike typically wear, and along her hip is the usual beige pouch that is a shinobi's best friend. With a brief flick of her hand, she pushes the Velcro top up, and advances forward at a jogging pace.

    Akira retrieves a total of three senbon from within the pouch, tucking each of them between her fingers. With a brief lowering of her frame, she tenses herself up as a spring's coils would contract upon one another. After pacing forward two more meters, the pink-haired female kicks herself off of the ground, and with a flick of her wrist, sends the three needle-like projectiles jetting through the air.

    They hit near the center of the target post that she's primed her gaze upon, whilst she twists her body in a brief 360 spin, before landing back on the ground. Further inspection of the area would reveal that these two senbon were among the many she's thrown so far; A total of three tree-pinned target posts have been pin-cushioned in the past hour or so she's been here.

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