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 The Shinobi Ranks

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PostSubject: The Shinobi Ranks   Mon Jun 26, 2017 8:54 am

Starting Rank
Generally new shinobi start at Genin but there may occasionally be opportunities to start at a higher rank. For every three genin, a village may have an slot for a starting Jounin rank. Starting out as a Chuunin however is closed for the moment.

Primary Ranks

Genin (E-rank | D-rank): This literally means "lower-ranking ninja." Although considered official ninja,  fresh Genin are far from competent shinobi. They can be viewed more of as interns in the real world, possessing the essential skills for their job and are typically worked under a guided professional (Jounin.) Possessing little skill they serve the village mainly by performing meager labor to boost the economy while they train under a sensei. They have very little authority, aside from access into restricted training areas and inside administrative buildings in their village. To advance into the next rank a Genin must be appointed by their respective Kage.

Chuunin (C-rank | B-rank): This literally means "journeyman ninja." These are your average ninja, or the meats and potatoes of a village's military. These shinobi are competent fighters on their own understanding the basics of the ninja world and are proficient in their skills. Their strength is in numbers, as Chuunin are usually assigned into larger squads to execute very high ranking missions displaying sound teamwork between their peers. As regular military forces Chuunin typically serve the most responsibility in their village. They serve as gate and wall sentries, street patrols, investigators, solving petty public disputes, and so on. Most competent Shinobi spend their lives at this rank. In order to advance into the next rank the villagers must send their recommendations for a Jounin appointment (1000 Fame.) A Kage will then determine whether or not the shinobi deserves the rank of Jounin.

Jounin (B-rank | A-rank): This literally means "high-ranking ninja." Jounin are the elite of the standard bunch, whether they have served vigorously for years or are simply very gifted. Nonetheless, a single Jounin is very much capable on their own, skilled enough to defeat small squads without support. They often lead teams of Genin or serve as captains in high ranking missions. Jounin have a lot of authority in their own village. A Kage may grant their Jounin access to the village's exclusives. Jounin are allowed to create missions that benefit the village, though a Kage will have every right to revoke this privilege if it is being abused. Jounin are typically kept on stand-by and will have their own headquarters next to the Administrative Building for when emergencies arise.

Kage (S-rank): This rank is the coordinator of a Shinobi village. They control everything from events, resources, village actions, promoting shinobi, etc. Kage will usually perform actions under the interests of their Daimyo such as expanding territory or fortifying their village's strength. A Kage is the true face and ruler of a land, however, and may do whatever they please. Literally you control everything that happens in and around your village. Why are you still reading this guideline?

Supplementary Ranks

       -Tokubetsu Jounin (B-rank | A-rank): This is a supplementary rank for Jounin. Literally meaning "special high-ranking ninja" the Tokubetsu Jounin hold a specialized skill of Jounin rank, instead of being an all-around trained Jounin. Common Tokubetsu Jounin roles would be a Kage Bodyguard, filling in the weak points a Kage lacks, or a Fuuinjutsu Specialist. Tokubetsu Jounin are typically called upon when their role is needed, sometimes in missions or to handle a certain errand. Highly valued for their skill Tokubetsu Jounin are sometimes given a higher salary than standard Jounin, though usually have a limited role.

       -Jounin Commander (A-rank | S-rank): This rank is a distinction from the average Jounin. The Jounin Commander is second-in-command from the Kage, usually sharing all the exact same privileges as one, too. They are highly respected among their villagers as well as their own Shinobi force. The Jounin Commander represents the standard Shinobi force and has a strong voice in their village's politics. If a Kage is absent from the village or dies in the line of duty,  the Jounin Commander usually takes over until a new Kage can be appointed. Because of this, Jounin Commanders are highly capable in combat and can usually par with an actual Kage. Limited to one Jounin.

       -Anbu (C-rank | B-rank | A-rank | S-rank): This is less a rank of skill and more of a special branch from the regular Shinobi forces. Anbu live their lives in secrecy, usually requiring some unique attribute and very advanced skills they serve as a village's special forces. Having more authority than most Jounin, Anbu are constantly serving out on the field in harsh conditions performing the most risky tasks. They are appointed by Kage in secrecy and receive the most action out of all the ranks, but have little opportunity for socializing.
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The Shinobi Ranks
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