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    Watch the Store [Mission | Solo]


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    Watch the Store [Mission | Solo] Empty Watch the Store [Mission | Solo]

    Post by Yumi on Wed Aug 29, 2018 10:04 pm

    The trap known as Yumi hummed a soft tune as they skipped through the streets of Kirigakure with a mission poster in hand. They had just completed a mission to teach at the academy, showing a fresh group of students how to throw their shuriken and kunai. The lesson had been easy, teaching them the proper stances, how to balance their weapons while correcting any errors they made, followed by showing the vital points on the body, by pointing to their locations on the training dummy. Now the job they had taken was to look after some guys store as he has to head out to do a few things. A job was a job and Yumi could only take D rank missions, so they wouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth as money was money.

    Arriving in the market district, Yumi looked at the mission description, the store they were supposed to watch had bright pink windows. An odd choice of decorations but at least it would stand out. Looking around it didn't take long for the medic to find the store, bright pink windows indeed, it was almost blinding. Walking up, Yumi entered the store, finding the client they walked over to greet him with a bright cheerful smile and said hello in an overly sweet tone. Yumi felt like gagging at their own actions but kept the facade up. Listening to the client, Yumi absorbed the information as they were showed how to operate the counter and register before the client said he would be back soon and left.

    Yumi set down at the counter and hummed to themselves. As they waited for customers, Yumi began to think up various seal ideas. One was to use a conversion seal in order to store a portion of Yumi's own chakra, before having someone add their own. But the second person would infuse a portion of elemental chakra. The seal would take that chakra and fuse it with Yumi's turning Yumi's into whatever element had been added to the seal. From there, Yumi would then use the stored element chakra for whatever purposes they wanted. What Yumi really wanted to use it for was to modify some known Ninjutsu and cast them from the seals. Yumi was lacking in true offensive techniques, seeing as they mostly used Genjutsu and Ijutsu and both were really supportive techniques.

    Time passed away as one customer after another would entire the store, browse around and grab what they needed. Once they had what they were after they would approach Yumi who would smile up at them, greeting cheerfully. Yumi acted bubbly and cute as they processed the items and happily handed them over, taking money and placing it in the register. Two hours came to pass before the store owner finally returned. Yumi had him stamp the job as completed and returned to the mission office, where they received their payment, before grabbing another mission and left, there was money to earn.


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