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    Help Mr. Komura Home [Mission | Solo]


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    Help Mr. Komura Home [Mission | Solo] Empty Help Mr. Komura Home [Mission | Solo]

    Post by Yumi on Sat Sep 01, 2018 3:16 am

    Yumi looked over the mission board, having just finished a quest to kind Ms. Muramasa's dog Spot, the medic was in the need to pick up another quest to earn a little bit of money. While they had enough to buy a new chemistry station, they wouldn't have any money to buy materials to make some new chemicals. To earn enough, Yumi planned to do another four missions at least, forty thousand more ryo. Grabbing a quest, Yumi read over it. It was to help Mr. Komura get home, by delivering all his groceries. Mr. Komura was famous for buying in bulk and being a frail old man would often hire shinobi to help him take them home.

    Ripping the mission of the board, Yumi got the job written down in a ledger and departed to meet up with Mr. Komura at the grocery store he visited. Arriving at the location, the medic found the old man sitting on a seat surrounded by at least twenty bags. The Genin sighed and walked over to him, asking for his address, to which the old man replied. Yumi asked for Mr. Komura to stay here while they would make a few trips to deliver the groceries to his house. Grabbing what they could, Yumi left Mr Komura and headed to his address. On arrival, Yumi placed them in front of the door and returned. The trip took ten minutes all up. Grabbing the next lot, Yumi repeated the process until only two bags were left with the old man.

    Grabbing the final two bags, Yumi asked Mr. Komura to follow and began escorting him home. The journey was longer as Mr. Komura wasn't as fast as Yumi, turning a five-minute trip into a fifteen minute one, the trip became even longer as it turned to thirty minutes as the old man would stop to talk with various people along the way. Yumi groaned internally while keeping up a cheerful disposition. Finally, after half an hour, they arrived at Mr. Komura's home. The old fool opened the door and Yumi carried the groceries into the house, placing them on the kitchen bench. The medic brought in the rest of the groceries, feeling utterly exhausted. The old man signed the job and Yumi left.

    Returning to the mission office, Yumi presented the complete mission and received their reward. Two missions had been completely and Yumi now had twenty thousand of the fifty thousand that was needed to buy a chemistry station, just three more missions to go.


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