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    Fix the Fence [Mission | Solo]


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    Fix the Fence [Mission | Solo] Empty Fix the Fence [Mission | Solo]

    Post by Yumi on Sat Sep 01, 2018 3:45 am

    Yumi headed towards the Kirigakure mission office, with the all-important task or grabbing another D rank mission to take. In all honesty, Yumi was getting get up with these D rank missions and couldn't wait till they were able to take C rank missions, but that would take some time. Yumi was far off from being able to take C rank jobs, having just been elevated to a D rank genin. They would have to work hard to be promoted to C rank. With a sigh, the medic focused on the task of hand as they trudged up the stairs to the mission office. Pushing the door open they walked on in and went straight up to the mission board, ignoring those inside. The chemist couldn't be bothered interacting with others unless it was absolutely necessary for the job at hand, like on a mission or it was part of a team exercise.

    Casting a gaze onto the board, Yumi looked over the only two remaining D rank missions that could be taken, both outside the village. Scratching their scalp, Yumi read the contents. The first was to head on over to the docks and do a little repair, hard manual labour. The lolita in disguise gave a scowl at the idea of hard manual labour, Yumi had a physically weak body, making physical work difficult for them. The other was only physical as it required a fence in north part of the Hozuki Isles to be fixed up, after the storm they had. Making matters worse they then had to get the livestock who escaped back into the fence, then again it would be easy with the Genjutsu Yumi knew. With the decision made, Yumi grabbed the mission to Fix the Fence. Getting it approved to take, Yumi departed.

    The Genin made sure they had everything they needed and headed off to the northern part of the isles. On arrival, Yumi met up with the client who showed them the supplies and tools needed to fix the broken fence. With a frown, Yumi got to work, moving items around with difficult. Pulling metal wire using gloved hands to avoid injury and attaching them to posts, while knocking in wooden stacks and nailing wooden slabs to it. Following the directions, Yumi constructed the fence, repairing the damage that had been done, leaving just the gate to be finished. Moving up to where the damaged gate was, Yumi removed it and began construction of a new one. With the finishing touches, Yumi opened the gate and turned to the livestock grazing outside. Now came the job to put them back into the paddock.

    The Genin formed the snake seal walked up behind the cattle, so in order to run from what they have planned, they would run towards the fence. Yumi whistled to the livestock getting their attention. Taking a few steps to the side the genin thrust their right arm out. The trigger was activated as the livestock were caught in the illusion. A hissing erupted from Yumi's sleeve, as five long coastal taipan's shot forward, each large enough to swallow a small child. THe five snakes curved through the air jaws open wide. The sight frightened the cattle who ran in the opposite direction, straight towards the fence. A snake each shot to the side in order to force the cattle through the fence. As the last one entered, Yumi shut the gate, cancelling the illusion.

    Yumi got the job stamped and returned to Kirigakure. Walking through the gates, Yumi flashed their idea and headed to the mission tower where they handed the completed job over and received their reward. Counting the money, Yumi headed back over to the mission board, grabbing the last mission available.



    • Chakra: 35/40
    • Name: Genpo: Sen'ei Jashu (Illusion Art: Hidden Shade Snake Hand)
      Rank: C
      Power: N/A
      Activation Cost: 5
      Upkeep Cost: 3
      Range: 0-30m
      Speed: B
      Element: N/A
      Skill: Genjutsu
      Classification: Exclusive (Taught by creator)
      Requirements: Genjutsu
      Parent Technique: N/A
      Hand Seals: Snake
      Description: A Genjutsu designed to resemble and mimic the Sen'ei Jashu in order to mislead and confuse a target. The caster after forming the necessary hand seal extends an arm at the target, triggering the illusion. Once triggered the user will have appeared to summon five snakes that shoot out towards the target. Each snake is large enough to devour a small child with ease.  The illusion makes it appear that the wielder is a snake summon and that the snakes allow the user to attack from a fair distance. The illusion can be used to restrict the target or create the illusion the snakes will bite the target with their venomous fangs. By having the illusionary snakes bite a target it drives to make them believe they have been poisoned, causing them to panic due to the fear of death.
      Weaknesses: Only an illusion no physical damage is caused.

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