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    Repairing the Docks [Mission | Solo]


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    Repairing the Docks [Mission | Solo] Empty Repairing the Docks [Mission | Solo]

    Post by Yumi on Fri Aug 31, 2018 10:15 pm

    Arriving at Ota, Yumi headed down to the docks. They had just accepted a mission to do a little bit of a repair job down by the docks, after completing their last request to fix a fence that had suffered from a bad storm that had hit. The docks had suffered from the same storm, which apparently took out three ships, buildings had windows blown out, debris was all around and a few places needed touching up. Tools would be supplied along with paints. The medic sighed at the thought of manual labour, they genuinely hated to do physical activities. But if Yumi wanted to buy the chemistry station they so desperately wanted, they would have to do a bit of manual labour to achieve this. With a sigh, Yumi met up with the client and got to work.

    The first thing they did was to sweep up all the broken glass on the docks into one big pile, bringing it into the middle of the docks, before sweeping it into a sturdy trash bag to be recycled. Once all the glass was gone, Yumi removed the damaged window frames from the buildings and replaced them with new ones that had been supplied. Extras had been provided encase some were broken during the fitting process. Once all the new windows were in, Yumi began to paint over the buildings, touching them up first putting a white undercoat on and once it had dried, they then applied the base coat, which was the colour that had been provided. With the buildings fixed up, Yumi went on to remove the surrounding debris.

    Yumi huffed as they strained to move some of the debris, being forced to use a heavy sledgehammer to break it down. Once it was broken down the debris was shovelled into a wheelbarrow, luckily for Yumi there were others working to repair the docks so one of the stronger workers moved it for them. Once the debris had all been cleared, Yumi removed the damaged wood planks from the docks and laid down news one, hammer them in with long nails. Once the dock had been fixed, Yumi stood back, utterly exhausted. The client thanked Yumi for their help and signed the job request.

    Yumi took the request back home to Kirigakure. The journey back was exhausting, as Yumi was already tired from the work, but they pushed on. Arriving at the office, the medic got the mission completion stamp and received their reward. With that ten thousand ryo, Yumi had enough for a chemistry station. First, they would head home for a nap.


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