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    Purchasing a Chemistry Station


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    Purchasing a Chemistry Station Empty Purchasing a Chemistry Station

    Post by Yumi on Sat Sep 01, 2018 5:40 am

    Yumi walked on into the local shinobi hardware store with one goal, to buy a chemistry station. They had been saving up all week for this single item that would cost them fifty thousand ryo. They had been doing mission after mission all in order to purchase it. With a gulp they walked up to the counter and greeted the clerk, slapping fifty thousand ryo down onto the table, "I would like to have one chemistry station delivered to my apartment please. Also can you please deliver 5 more bottles of 125ml sealing ink?" Yumi wrote down their name and address on a piece of paper for the clerk. The clerk counted the money up and gave a nod as they cashed it into the register.

    Yumi sighed in great relief, now with a chemistry station that could drastically improve the number of chemicals that could make at once. The Genin began to imagine all the poisons and medicines they could not make with the station. Jumping for glee the medic left and headed home in order to await the arrival of their purchase.


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