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    [Mission] Weed Control


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    [Mission] Weed Control Empty [Mission] Weed Control

    Post by Aries on Sun Oct 14, 2018 11:18 pm

    Mission Name: Weed control
    Mission Type: Cleaning
    Mission Rank: D
    Mission Goal: Clear the vines and help the lady
    Description: An elderly women is having trouble with controlling the vines which inhabit her small garden. Over time the vines have grown out of control and have become a large nuisance to the elderly lady. The Vines have taken over her property and are even coming through the windows! At her age she finds it difficult to keep up with the growing vines and cutting them back. Your mission is to cut back the demanding vines using any means necessary. She does not want them destroyed, but controlled.
    Payment: 10,000
    Requirements: Genin

    [Mission] Weed Control Superthumb

    The young stranger, formerly known as Fujio, exited the administration building with a mission scroll in his hand. He had been a full flow Genin for about three weeks now. His days had been spent mostly in training and learning. He had performed few missions and those he had performed were nothing more than chores in the eyes of many would be Raikages. To the young man however, they were stepping stones to experience and camaraderie when undertaken with fellow shinobi. He read the scroll again to refresh his mind of the address. He was to aid an elderly woman with some vines that had all but overtaken her home. Fujio felt compelled to give it more than his best for the elderly woman reminded him of his own grandfather who had fallen ill recently. This mission was more to him than just doing his duty, it was personal.

    Fujio made his way to the housing area; he had always found it interesting at how segregated things were. The teachings of the village was equality and justice for all, but Fujio could plainly see that the main clans, such as the Inazuma, Miriki and such, held prime real estate while those lesser clans or even those without a clan were lived in crowded sectors. Take the old lady to which house he had arrived, for example. She lived in little more than a shack. The weeds were not the only thing left to its own devices. Broken windows, walls that needed patching and a leaning fence were evidence of neglect. Fujio could hardly blame the owner for the state of the house. The older lady that came out to greet him was probably high up in her eighties. Her snow white hair tied into a neat top bun was the proof of her many years in this world. She sported the wrinkles left by time as battle scars. She had survived and endured and for that she had Fujio’s admiration.

    “Welcome young man, welcome.” The elderly lady said in a motherly voice. “I see that they have sent a young and strong person for this job. I am sorry to be taking your time away from more important issues. I am sure that you are trying to be a great shinobi. But I am afraid that I am not as capable as before of taking care of my plants. I don’t even know what kinds they are no more.” Fujio scanned the unruly vines and after taking inventory of the kinds that he saw looked towards the old lady and gave her a warm smile. “Ma’am, please let me take care of this for you. I will have your arrowhead vines, asparagus ferns and your assorted ivies pruned in no time.” He gave her a respectful bow. “Now if you would please show me to the tools I will gladly get started.”

    The elder lady was surprised and glad to see that her plants were in capable and knowledgeable hands. Fujio followed the lady slowly, to a tool shed which stood haphazardly on the edge of her property. Fujio bowed once more and assured her that he would let her know when the job was done. The lady left giving Fujio a small pat on the back. The young Genin proceeded to his work. Opening the badly squeaking door of the tool shed, Fujio saw an assortment of tools. They ranged from hammers and shovels to carving and special tools. All shared one thing in particular, rust. Fujio smiled at the poor misfortune of the elder lady. He made a mental note to get all that corrosion off.

    First things was first, Fujio retrieve the pair of gardener’s shears and headed for town. There he found the usual person with the sharpening stone who for a small price sharpened the blades of the badly rusted shears. The merchant even buffed the rust out at no extra charge with a different attachment for Fujio. With a refurbished set of shears Fujio made his way back to the elder lady’s house. Once there he rolled up his sleeves and dug in for a long day of weed waking.

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    [Mission] Weed Control Empty Re: [Mission] Weed Control

    Post by Aries on Mon Oct 15, 2018 12:19 am

    Fujio wiped sweat from his face with the back of his hand. Though he had trained with kunai day in and day out and had performed many an arduous training, nothing could have prepared him for this. The vines were not willing to go without a fight. Fujio had half a mind of using the few jutsu he knew and blowing the darn plants to hell. Yet, he had given his word to the elderly lady and he was honor bound to keep it no matter what kinds of pain he had to go through. The same elderly lady not walked in his direction with a glass of lemonade and a small lunch. Fujio put down his shears and wiped his hands on the hem of his tee shirt.

    “Here you go young man. You need to keep your strength up. Those vines are sturdy like me so I know you have yourself a hard day ahead of you.” Her chuckle was low and raspy. Her mouth was missing more than a few teeth but Fujio could not help but smile and feel his heart warmed at such a good nature person. His mind wondered if she had lost anybody to the many wars she must have certainly seen but choose not to ask such a painful question. Instead, he thanked the lady for the small meal and sat with the lady on her creaking wooden porch. The cool lemonade refreshed the young man and the potato stew filled his stomach quite pleasantly. The cooking was so good that Fujio ate it ravenously unaware that he had been hungry at all. The elderly woman smiled at his gusto. “I thank you for the compliment young man. It has been a long time since I have had the chance to cook for somebody. I am glad my skills have not gone away after so many years.” Fujio bowed as he returned the empty bowl and glass to the older lady. “Ma’am, your cooking is superb and I am appalled that nobody has recognized it for any amount of time. I take my time finishing this job if it means dining to such exquisite cuisine.”

    The old lady’s crackle was quite endearing as was her way of shaking as she did so. Fujio thanked the older lady and she returned to the mysterious insides of the house. Fujio returned to his work with a renewed bravado. To make his job easier he went and got some young bamboo saplings and he formed and shaped them in such a way that they would not only contain the vines but would segregated them by kind. These were also arranged in a manner that would cover the more unseeing places in the walls. Fujio made a mental note of the items that needed repair. He did not really need to cut as much as he thought. The saplings gave him the flexibility to leave much of the vines intact. He was not much for arts but he copied some of the landscaping he had seen in some of the pictures about castles and lordly dwellings.

    Fujio had even taken time to straighten out the fence and using the same bamboo saplings, had made an arch entryway that would eventually be covered by the vines and hanging flowers. It had actually taken the boy two days to complete the task and his hand were proof of how arduous it had been. The old lady stood outside admiring how neat her garden now looked. “I left the clippings there in case you wish to use them as compost for your garden. I can dispose of it otherwise if you want.” The old lady would give Fujio a pat in the back. “That is fine my boy that is fine. You did a good job. I will sign the papers saying you completed your mission so that you may get the credit that is due. I did enjoy this last couple of days. You are a very interesting and polite youth. I hope we get to meet again. If not in this world in the next. “

    The young Genin bowed his head in thanks. “I promise I will come back. Your cooking is much too delicious to stay away.“ For that he would receive a pat in the back and a raspy chuckle. “You are too much boy. Now get going, I will hold you to your promise but for now your task is done. Run along now. Until we meet again.” Fujio bowed to his senior and smiled at the lady. “I do hope it will not be long until we do. I bid you farewell ma’am but not goodbye.” He bowed yet again and made his way to the administration building. He passed through the arch he had built the vines that had been his foes at the beginning now waved their goodbyes as friends.


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