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    The Graey Family (Radiation Release)

    Shimiko Chinoike
    Shimiko Chinoike

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    The Graey Family (Radiation Release) Empty The Graey Family (Radiation Release)

    Post by Shimiko Chinoike on Sat Jan 12, 2019 1:45 pm

    The Graey Family (Radiation Release) Latest?cb=20101101203629

    Græy Family
    Advanced Element: [Radiation Release]

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    Clan History/Description
    The origin of the Græy Family is one shrouded in mystery. Some say they descended from an ancient savage kingdom of subjugators, while others contest that their dreadful abilities suggest they must be direct offsprings of the devil. Still others claim that they are nothing more than a family of assassins created from the harsh conditions of their prior existence and standards of living. The most logical lore however, claims that the Græy family were one of the first settlers in the modern day industrial country known as Amegakure. The earliest written record of the Græys was sometime in 400 A.S just before the invasion of the Uchiha held Land of Fire by the Tetsudashi, and so it is generally thought that the original Græy Family existed at that time. Although their origins point to Amegakure, that theory remains baseless and can easily be refuted. Questions remain unanswered about how exactly the Græys came to settle in Amegakure.

    In the year 132 A.S. the last disciple, Hihoni of the Fire passed away, prompting the independence march of multiple clans of which the Græy were included. Prior to this event, they lived in subjugation under the vast Kazehana Empire. With the struggle for dominance that ensued during the preceding years, the Græys, armed only with common weapons, were no match for clans with superior kekkei genkais. Thus, in the year 351 A.S., they were defeated and forced to flee into the uninhabited Land of Rain. There they remained for the next 50 years, growing in number. It is at this point in time that the written record of the Græys started. It makes mention of the then family head as "a gravely disturbed man who practiced the dark arts of alchemy and dabbled in the dern and forbidden teachings of necromancy with his family". The record further expands on how this man and his family were hated by other Græys due to their curious nature, leading to their seclusion before they were finally ousted. With warfare brewing around the Land of Rain, the man and his family had nowhere to flee to. As a final resort, the man would go ahead to suggest that he and his family take their own lives rather than be killed off by the advancing Tetsudashi army. He was confident that there would be a better life for him and his family after this first death; he believed in a higher plain of existence.

    To carry out this suicide, he retrieved a mysterious green glowing crystal which he had found during one of his many voyages. He had initially named it the Philosopher's Stone (in actuality, it was an extremely radioactive crystalline material of unknown origins). He pulverized it and together with his family, snorted it all before going to bed in hopes that they would never again awaken to their pitiful lives. Fortunately for him and his wife, they did not awaken. Unfortunately for their twin son and daughter, they awoken to find their skins aglow with the same green color of the Philosopher's Stone. They had undergone a genetic mutation that made them immune to the radiation from the crystal. Still though, their hideous greenish looks caused the rest of their tribe to attack them in order to put an end to the accursed family once and for all. However, the other Græys discovered that when ever people tried to get close to the twins, they would simply fall down and die or become extremely ill or turn into grotesque creatures riddled with unhuman mutations and they were thrown into a state of panic and confusion. Realizing their new found powers, the twins went on a rampage, killing off every last one of their kin until they were the only ones left. All alone the twins began fending for themselves in the land. They began to learn how to control and use the new power they received from the crystal strategically until they gained perfect control over it. Years went by as the twins continued to mature together and grew extremely fond of and attached to each other. Eventually, they began to copulate and began bearing offspring of their own, thus pioneering the rebirth of the Græy Family. They were dubbed "The Founding Twins", and all their offspring innately had the same ability that they had and so did their own offsprings until the power became known as the Græy bloodline; a mysterious advanced element known today as Radiation Release.

    Clan/Bloodline Traits & Characteristics

    Græys usually have an intimidating sinister presence about them. Most may have pitch black hair with green irises. However, variations may arise from time to time. They all gain a full tier boost in base Constitution when taking damage from Ninjutsu at the cost of 750 EXP. That is, if they have C in Constitution it now becomes B whenever they are facing all forms of ninjutsu. This can be gotten in increments of 250 EXP.
    250 EXP for '+'
    500 EXP for '++'
    750 EXP for '1 Tier'

    Radiation Release: Energy Form
    To gain access to Radiation Release in its energy form, the user will pay 500 EXP.

    Radiation Release: Solid/Semisolid Form
    To gain access to Radiation Release in its solid/semisolid form, the user will pay 500 EXP.

    Bloodline Description & Abilities


    The Graey Family (Radiation Release) Tumblr_nz4han0Bje1riwt83o1_500

    The ability to use Radiation Release is gained the moment one is born as a Græy. As such they are immune to the effects of their own element. This element is their unique kekkei genkai that combines the basic elements Wind and Lightning to create an entirely new and advanced element called Radiation. Wind forms the basis for the element's moving rays while Lightning is fundamentally the ionising factor. This element will be used in the following ways:

    - Energy Form: Radiation energy blasts, rays, fogs, waves, surges, mists etc can be generated.
    - Solid and Semisolid Forms: The radiation energy is manipulated to create tools, objects, weapons and other radioactive items, or create structures/buildings, etc

    The unique side to this element is the effect it has on its environment and on living things. Radiation can have positive effects when one is affected in small doses but as it increases in strength it becomes lethal. We can understand this with Fire. When used in small amounts, Fire can provide heat or cook food but the more it grows, the more destructive it becomes. Thus, with the use of chakra the impact of radioactive pollution on humans and the environment as well from this element can vary from mild to fatal; the magnitude of the adverse effects largely depends on the level of chakra put into the technique and the duration of exposure to the radioactivity produced as it damages the cells that make up the human body.

    The user can also generate other forms of radiation, that can be used to melt objects, release electromagnetic pulse to disrupt technology and even lead up to the point where the user detonates nuclear explosions but all within the boundaries of submitted techniques.

    For clarification, all solid constructs as well as incorporeal energy forms created from this element will emit radiation based on their rank. The radiation passively emitted from these constructs will have a natural half-life or time limit which reduces as the rank increases. The radiation emitted is enough to cause the following health effects as well as debuffs to all except the user and other Græys who remain within their vicinity. The stat debuff lasts as long as one is within range; while the health effects last until healed or a specific time elapses. The health effect can be healed by an appropriate healing technique of equal or higher rank than the technique.

    E Rank
    Effective Range: 0m-3m around the source.

    Half-life/Time Limit: Indefinite; throughout the duration of the thread.

    Effect on Target's Health: Mild Discomfort; Skin Irritation and Itching. Lasts 10 posts.

    Effect on Target's Stats:


    Same Constitution to resist the Health Effects
    1 Tier higher to resist both Stat and Health Effects.

    D Rank
    Effective Range: 0m-5m around the source.

    Half-life/Time Limit: 12 posts

    Effect on Target's Health: Profused Sweating. Headache. Persistent Itching and Discomfort. Lasts 8 posts.

    Effect on Target's Stats:


    Same Constitution to resist the Health Effects
    1 Tier higher to resist both Stat and Health Effects.

    C Rank
    Effective Range: 0m-10m around the source.

    Half-life/Time Limit: 10 posts

    Effect on Target's Health: Skin burns; first degree. Nausea and Lightheadedness. Fever. Coughing. Lasts 6 posts.

    Effect on Target's Stats:

    Target's base Constitution is reduced by (-).

    Same Constitution to resist the Health Effects
    1 Tier higher to resist both Stat and Health Effects.

    B Rank
    Effective Range: 0m-15m around the source.

    Half-life/Time Limit: 8 posts

    Effect on Target's Health: Skin burns; second degree. Vomiting. Persistent Cough. Muscle Pains and Body Aches. Lasts 5 posts.

    Effect on Target's Stats:

    Target's base Constitution is reduced by (--).

    Same Constitution to resist the Health Effects
    1 Tier higher to resist both Stat and Health Effects.

    A Rank
    Effective Range: 0m-20m around the source.

    Half-life/Time Limit: 6 posts

    Effect on Target's Health: Skin burns; third degree. Fatigue. Numbness of Muscles and Joints. Shortness of breath. Chronic Cough. Lasts 4 posts.

    Effect on Target's Stats:

    Target's base Constitution is reduced by (1 Tier).

    Same Constitution to resist the Health Effects
    1 Tier higher to resist both Stat and Health Effects.

    S Rank
    Effective Range: 0m-25m around the source.

    Half-life/Time Limit: 4 posts.

    Effect on Target's Health: Skin burns; fourth degree. Dizziness. Disorientation. Hallucinations. Stiffness of Joints and Muscles. Coughing Up Blood. Laboured Breathing. Last 3 posts.

    Effect on Target's Stats:

    Target's base Constitution is reduced by (1 Tier-).

    Same Constitution to resist the Health Effects
    1 Tier higher to resist both Stat and Health Effects.

    1. As a drawback, these Health and Stat debuff effects are not instantaneous. So the opponents have a window to avoid them. What does this mean? Well, if a Græy creates a wall of B rank Radiation between himself and the opponent, if it is not completely destroyed in the same post/turn that it is created, then it begins to emit radiation waves up to a 15m radius around it. Once this emission starts, that's when the Health and Stat debuffs begin to affect those around. So in a nutshell, for every Radiation construct created, there is a 1 post window during which an opponent may decide to destroy it or to flee outside the range of the emission.
    So, simple battle scenarios to further clarify:
    Scenario A
    N's post--Naruto throws a kunai at Græy.
    G's post--Græy creates a C rank wall of Radiation to block the kunai.
    N's post--Naruto decides to use D rank Earth to destroy the wall and keep the fight going.

    Summary: In this scenario, no emission occurs because Naruto decided to destroy the Radiation construct immediately.

    Scenario B
    N's post--Naruto throws a kunai at Græy.
    G's post--Græy creates a C rank wall of Radiation to block the kunai.
    N's post--Naruto decides to ignore the Radiation wall and creates two shadow clones.
    G's post--Græy throws two shurikens aimed at the clones and begins running in an arc to flank Naruto from his left side. (Radiation emission occurs, spanning 10m around the wall. At this point Naruto is hit with the Stat debuff and health effects.

    Summary: In this scenario, Naruto failed to destroy the Radiation construct immediately and so in Græy's next post, the emission has begun and Naruto is hit with both the stat debuff and health effects.

    2. The emission effects do not stack. This means that one cannot create 3 C rank Radiation pillars and assume that the opponent will be hit by x3 C rank stat debuffs and health effects. Only one can be used. But as long as they are created at the same time, the opponent will have to destroy all 3 pillars to be free from the emission effects.

    3. What happens if a C rank construct's emission effects are in play and then the user creates an A rank construct? In this situation, the effects of the higher ranked emission becomes dominant.

    Now, it should be noted that all that has been explained between the lines above are not techniques. They are just a guide to the added effects that occur when opponents are exposed to Radiation emission that will come from the techniques. Certain techniques will not need the 1 turn interval before they can emit radiation and this will be mentioned in such techniques.

    Radiation Release interacts with other elements like this:
    Equal: Fire, Lightning, Wind
    Weak: Radiation Release counts as being one rank lower than these elements.
    Earth- Although the user can create solid Radiation Release constructs, these are not as strong as real Earth.
    Water- Same as above. However, in its energy form, Radiation can cause water to evaporate.

    Bloodline Limits & Drawbacks

    If the Græy Family member shows some restraint in the use of their Radiation Release techniques during battle, they can fight alongside allies. However, if they choose to go all out in battle, they have to consider the fact that they may end up poisoning their own allies as well. This is one major drawback which may cause them to be sent on solo missions more often or to have to fight multiple enemies without help from their own allies except these allies are Græys as well.

    If one is able to completely destroy a Radiation technique in the same turn/post in which it is created, they do not suffer from any of it's effects (bother Health and Stat based).

    Clan Bloodline Techniques


    The Graey Family (Radiation Release) 1pwf20

    Character Name: Shimiko Chinoike

    • Strength: D
    • Constitution: C
    • Stamina: A
    • Speed: A
    • Coordination: A
    • Intelligence:  A
    • Perception: A

    Limit Break Points:

    • Physical: 1
    • Technique: 1
    • Destiny: 1


    • 2x Kālīkoroshimasu
    • 10x Serrated Kunai
    • Six Sai of Serration
    • Chinowakugumi Armour
    • Twin Tessen of Terror

    Link to Character Updates: https://gladiusrp.forumotion.com/t344-shimiko-s-updates
    Link to Character Application: https://gladiusrp.forumotion.com/t260-shimiko-chinoike
    Link to Known Techniques:

    Shimiko's ANBU Mask

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