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    Establishing Control

    Gin Akiyama
    Gin Akiyama

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    Establishing Control Empty Establishing Control

    Post by Gin Akiyama on Fri Apr 05, 2019 4:05 pm

    Gin had made it to the government building with the company of Konami which wasn't difficult to find. The tallest and most ornamental buildings in the village typically were. Having arrived before the largest building which was the former Tsuchikage complex now serving as a general government building. This was the place to get business done. "Well at least we know the village is the same as we left it. I just need to organize a messaging protocol between the villages and we should be ready to go." Gin entered the building and into the lobby where he ascended the stairs to the very top. That's where the aviary was and where all messages were sent and received. It was essentially an exclusive post office for interactions between countries. Gin would order a message to be sent every two weeks from Iwagakure to Konoha during lockdown periods. Afterwards, a message monthly would be sufficient. After getting that protocol set he would descend downstairs to regroup with Konami. "That should be all. Lets regroup with the others back at the gates."


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    Toonami & Konami
    Toonami & Konami

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    Establishing Control Empty Re: Establishing Control

    Post by Toonami & Konami on Fri Apr 12, 2019 4:03 pm

    Konami followed Gin into the building and allowed him to establish the communications system that he wanted. The Twins waited for him to come back down and then followed him out. They heard some commotion near the gates and decided that now was a good time to check it out.

    ~The Twins~

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    Inari Osaki
    Inari Osaki

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    Establishing Control Empty Re: Establishing Control

    Post by Inari Osaki on Sat Apr 20, 2019 7:25 pm

    The aviary received the news of the gates being breached by high level Fire. It was an emergency for the village. After the connection was established by Gin it was time to make use of it. The Iwagakure messenger bird left the aviary and made haste to Konoha. The village would hear the news soon.

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