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    Weaponized Healing [Solo]

    Satori Ryuutei
    Satori Ryuutei

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    Weaponized Healing [Solo] Empty Weaponized Healing [Solo]

    Post by Satori Ryuutei on Fri Apr 19, 2019 4:07 pm

    Satori stared down at the scroll that his mother had offered him. It was a scroll containing all of the "standard" medical techniques in the village. His fingertips idly traced its edge for a few moments as he contemplated what he was about to do.

    No Ryuutei of blood had ever managed to perform medical techniques. It was an impossibility for them, supposedly due to their overwhelming raw chakra. The focus required was immense, tremendous mental focus and willpower was a necessity, and Ryuutei couldn't manage it with their chakra.

    They used to say that about Genjutsu, too.

    He'd proven them wrong, proven that dedication could overcome any barrier. His eyes stared down at the scroll as his jaw locked before he released a breath. Then it opened. The first medical technique was based on standard recovery.

    Healing Hands, it was called.

    Shifting himself slightly in place Satori examined the instructions on the scroll. He would need to have wounds that were equivalent to first degree burns or minor lacerations to practice the technique it would seem. Narrowing his gaze, Satori clenched his hands a few times before his claws extended. Raking them across his arm, causing the crimson liquid to run down the limb before he relaxed his hand.

    Now came the next part. Channeling chakra and specifically using it to target the cells within the injured area, encouraging healing. His jaw set slightly as the wounds decorating his arm throbbed before he placed his hand on top of the wounds. Claws still dripping the blood fresh from the wound, he began.

    Initially, the difference was nearly impossible to properly balance out. The flow either caused the cells to rapidly increase and instantly turn into scar tissue, leaving the rest of the wound open. Or it would put in too much energy and cause the cells to instantly die, worsening the damage. The balance was incredibly difficult to manage.

    Releasing several breaths after what had felt like hours of training, Satori fell back and stared at the wounds on his limb. The healing process was, quite frankly, near impossible to get a proper grip on. Visualization was going to be key but he felt like he was missing something, and that something was only going to come with more practice.

    Resigning himself to that fact, Satori straightened himself out before stretching his arms above his head. Ignoring the throbbing pain in his injured one, before leaning back and beginning once more. There was nothing to it but practicing; he'd known from the start trying to get a proper grasp on everything was going to be nearly impossible after all.

    For the next few hours, Satori would do exactly as he'd said that he would. Dedicating himself to nothing but practicing the mending technique again, and again. Initially, it had no show of effect in the slightest. It felt more akin to hitting his head against a wall instead of performing a technique.

    But then, finally, he felt it. The slightest shift of the injury as the flesh began to slowly crawl over toward the center of the wound. Releasing a slow breath, he grinned to himself. Success. If a bit late. It wasn't a perfect mastery over it, but a few more days of practice would most assuredly fix that if nothing else. Taking a breath he grinned and lifted his hands up.

    More practice was all he needed, now. This was proof. Ryuutei could, in fact, learn medical techniques, and that meant an entirely new door had opened up to him. He didn't need to bother with elemental natures. What he was going to acquire was more than enough to make up for anything that hey may have been able to grant him.

    For the next few hours, well until night began to fall, Satori practiced the medical technique on himself. Constantly re-opening wounds before beginning all over again until he had managed to become proficient enough in it to comfortably use it on another.

    The next day this process would continue. The next technique on the scroll evolved the principle of medical techniques and combined it with the usage of Taijutsu. He couldn't help but contemplate how fitting the ability was to be combined with his own Taijutus style.

    The techniques allowed one to transform parts of their body into soft, malleable states that could then stretch and extend beyond their normal limitations. It was named the "Soft Body Manipulation" technique and had a variety of different benefits and possibilities. Frankly, the fact it allowed you to extend and manipulate your body in exotic ways alone was a tremendous tactical benefit.

    The base technique was something that entered familiar grounds. Channeling chakra into the body and holding it there, focusing on it and amplifying the body. This was normal. He was used to doing exactly that for his combat training and due to it, he got the hang of the next one relatively quickly. Grinning as he felt the fluctuation of chakra, he only had to take it a step further and introduce yang release into the mix.

    Changing his cells structure and body so that he would become more malleable, flexible. From here the progression was relatively painless, allowing him to follow through the steps and begin. Initially practicing by using its basic principals to extend his limbs and alter his body shape, before beginning to delve further into the benefits of the technique.

    Soon he was releasing his limbs in high-speed strikes, extending his body to reach things up to nine meters away and even began the process of amplifying his bites with medical chakra that made them feel more akin to a snake. The process was specifically designed to cause intense pain, and combined with how powerful his jaws and fangs were, it'd be quite the beneficial attack all things considered.

    After hours of dedicated training using this form, he was able to move on to the next. This time, the style was far more advanced. Instead of amplifying or altering his body, something Satori was quite used too, he was forced to approach it from a new angle. There was no power enhancement to this style but instead focused on releasing basic medical chakra into the hands to allow for pin-point attacks against the pressure points.

    This could be used on himself, to amplify his physical abilities, or it could be used to debilitate and weaken an opponent by repeatedly striking their own pressure points to cause numbness and eventual paralyzation. By the end of his little training session, Satori was flicking across the training grounds with amplified power and speed releasing barrages of jabs and stretching himself to test the limits of the new techniques he had learned.

    Beyond pleased with his progress, he knew it was time, to begin with, the next step to all of this. He'd mastered the standard D-Ranks, and now it was time to evolve into the C-ranks instead.

    The next technique on this list was something called "Chakra Scalpel", essentially a blade of chakra that he could manipulate and alter at will into a blade that could dissect an opponent alive. Perfect for debilitating an opponent by cutting tendons or shutting down proper physical mobility, or even cutting through key arteries and organs.

    Suffice to say, Satori was excited to learn such a devastating technique and went into it with absolute focus and dedication to push himself as far as possible as quickly as possible.  The first few attempts hadn't benefited him too much. There was too much focus on proper control compared to the others, holding a refined blade of chakra that could shift in and out of states of matter was a difficult concept to grasp.

    However, as the hours ticked by with attempt after attempt, Satori was finally able to properly push himself past that initial barrier. Getting the hang of it to the point that cutting through flesh and a few inches into the body was possible, perfect for basic surgeries, and more importantly, for cutting through exposed arteries with only a touch to the throat or chest. A potent weapon and support tool added to his arsenal.

    The next step was moving on to a form of combat a bit more familiar to the youth in the form of raw physical power. The technique apparently was designed to overwhelmingly empower the user's raw physical strength by channeling their chakra directly into the body and muscles. This required incredibly refined chakra control and balance as in order to maximize the benefits of the chakra one must release the chakra with each blow or action.

    Satori clenched his hands a few times in thought at the process of what was required in order to utilize a technique of such a degree. Chakra control was already difficult, but to perfectly manipulate it so that every attack and action he performed was balancing it out? That was a new level of control that was required. Bemused by this idea, but without a way to particularly make use of it otherwise, Satori could only throw himself into his training.

    For the next few days, Satori did nothing but hammer away at the usage of amplifying his physical power using the technique. Initially, there was little to no difference. However, as time progressed he was able to eventually evolve his chakra to the point of pinpoint precision. Not an easy thing to accomplish, in the slightest, but it was important. An evolved variation of this technique existed within the scroll.

    That much he knew; and if he was going to progress then he needed to master this. Besides, what better way to increase his basic chakra control than learning a technique that forced you to become an expert in the field or lose a limb?

    He had to cling to those thoughts ten hours into the training when his arms were covered in burns and bruises from chakra backlash ripping into his flesh. Something that forced a more instinctual ability within his body to activate to compensate. The use of his medical chakra flowed through his limbs in an attempt to ease the pain; and instead of minor wounds mending, he felt something else stir.

    The bruising began to rapidly vanish, the fractures in his bones mending, and though his limbs felt a bit stiff afterward he stared down at the steam flowing from his skin. The effect was identical to his father's regenerative prowess. A grin split across Satori's lips at this realization. Even if it was accidental, this meant he had managed to build upon the technique his father had used and push it to a new level.

    Suddenly reinvigorated physically, Satori was able to continue pushing himself. Every strike, every burst of chakra through his limbs to enhance his striking power, was worth the pain and drawback. Eventually, even his massive pool of chakra began to deteriorate until, finally, Satori was forced to slowly fall back and relax. Falling into a seated position as he stared at the large crater his hand had caused an impact to the training ground.

    A grin split his lips. Cherry blossom impact, huh. it was one hell of an offensive technique, but the fact his body was able to regenerate from it purely from his bloodline was pretty incredible too.

    This opened up entirely new doors. How quickly could he regenerate from wounds if he combined medical techniques and yang chakra with his clan's regeneration? How far could he go? Perhaps he'd even be able to recover from lethal damage that he had sustained with the right amount of time and practice.

    Satori was excited to find out.

    Techniques Learned:
    Soft Body Manipulation [D] [150 Words]
    Soft Body manipulation - Surprise Whip [D] [150 Words]
    Soft Body Modification: Writhing Agony Fangs [D] [150 Words]
    Ijutsu-Reverse Chakra Palm [D] [150 Words]
    Ijutsu - Chakra Palm [D] [150 Words]
    Pressure Strike [D] [150 Words]
    Healing Hands [D] [150 Words]
    Chakra Scalpel [C] [225 Words]
    Chakra Enhanced Strength [B] [300 Words]
    Cherry Blossom Impact [C] [225 Words]
    Feral Recovery [A] [150 Words]

    Total Words Required: 1,950
    Total Words Written: 1,970
    Satori Ryuutei
    Satori Ryuutei

    Posts : 774
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    Location : Kirigakure no Sato

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    Weaponized Healing [Solo] Empty Re: Weaponized Healing [Solo]

    Post by Satori Ryuutei on Fri Apr 19, 2019 5:09 pm

    Satori was faced with a new problem. The next techniques were all incredibly high-end, and had secondary requirements he had yet to fully master himself. Things like poisons that he needed to analyze, or injured patients. Holding his chin in thought Satori gazed down at the training grounds as he contemplated exactly what he wanted to do. It was around this time however, that his ear would twitch as he heard the soft sound of feet tapping against the ground. Heading toward his current position and causing him to lift his gaze, narrowing his eyes on the individual nearing him.

    After a moment, he relaxed.

    It was his birth-mother, Raika. The red-haired woman offered a slight smile to him before she set down a basket of what appeared to be onigiri along with a small bag of chakra pills she placed next to it before leaning down and accepting the offered hug from Satori whom grinned.

    "Thank you, mother," he stated simply as she smiled and nodded.

    "Of course, Satori. How's the training going, hm? Are you still stumped on the medical concepts? I can offer you some tutoring if you'd like," as she stated this she settled down next to him sitting cross-legged. The young man smiled in repsonse before shaking his head once at her initial question.

    "I've managed to learn all of the D and C-Rank medical techniques," he stated idly, causing his mother to halt and stare at him in surprise. Slowly blinking once before her brow furrowed, lifting a hand up as she began to count.

    "Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, Fuuinjutsu and now Ijutsu as well? All you have left is Kuchiyose," she pondered with bemusement, before shaking her head. "To think you can even use Ijutsu. I know you're not really like your father much but honestly I expected you to meet the same walls that he did. Congratulations, Satori," she stated with a proud smile that made his heart stir slightly.

    He hadn't really thought about it. But he was the first blood-Ryuutei to ever learn medical techniques. Slowly he allowed a brief smile to form on his lips before he looked up at the sky. He was progressing well. All his hard work over the years was finally starting to catch up to him, but...

    "It's still not even close to enough," he stated bluntly, causing Raika to blink, then laugh softly as her chin fell into her palm.

    "Yes, I suppose with your ambitions it wouldn't be," she murmured simply before slowly tapping her fingertip against the basket in thought. "You probably won't be satisfied until you're able to fight the Mizukage in a one on one battle and win without any trouble, hm?"

    Satori blinked and glanced up, before contemplating that question for a few long moments. His brow eventually would furrow and he would shake his head, causing her brow to rise.

    "As long as I'm stronger. Strong enough to protect the land, and as strong as I can possibly be," he finally responded before idly crossing his ankles beneath him and looking toward her curiously. This was one of Satori's greatest strengths, he didn't compare himself to anyone else. Only himself. He wanted to be as strong as he could possibly ever become, not stronger than anyone else, not compared to anyone else.

    Only his own strength mattered in the end.

    Smiling softly, Raika pushed the basket a bit closer to her son in response. "Well, the future Mizukage better eat up then, hm?" She inquired simply, causing Satori to grin and accept the food as he bit into the first onigiri. It had been at least twelve hours since he'd eaten, he'd forgotten how hungry he was. Quickly he began to scarf down the food as his body realized its weakness, grilled meat and bean paste decorated the rice-balls insides.

    It was more of a meal than a snack, but to a Ryuutei that's all it was. After he'd finished stuffing down the food, Satori shifted his gave toward Raika as she cleared her throat to acquire his attention. Smiling she tilted her head.

    "What are you trying to learn, Satori?"

    The question caused him to swallow his bite quickly before lifting a hand to begin counting the names off of his fingers as he listed them. "Delicate Illness Extraction, Mystical Palm, Poison Mist, Cherry Blossom Tearing Impact, Cherry Blossom Profusion Palm, and Healing Resuscitation Regeneration. I already managed to learn the basic Chakra Enhanced Strength as well." The statement that he had already learned a B-Rank technique caused Raika to blink in surprise, before releasing a laugh.

    "I see," she murmured softly, before leaning back and releasing a low hum of thought. "So you're stuck on the support and medical techniques due to lacking a proper patient, yes?" She inquired curiously, glancing toward him before he nodded his head once in affirmation. She gave a low hum, before idly pointing a thumb at herself with a smile.

    "Well then, let's just use me shall we?" She inquired simply, causing him to blink before his brow furrowed in thought. The techniques were all relatively high-end, a mess up could be fatal. But she knew that, and trusted him to perform it well on her. The trust made him smile, and he released a slow breath as he grabbed one of the chakra pills before popping it into his mouth. Crunching down on it and straightening up slowly before he turned and offered his mother a hand.

    Lifting her up easily, he would place his hands on his hips.

    "I suppose the first should be the Delicate Illness Extraction, then?" he pondered idly, causing Raika to nod once in affirmation. Smiling before she would reach behind her into a hip pouch, bringing out a vial that held a transparent liquid that shifted slowly within its vial.

    "This is a C-Rank poison I created," she explained simply with a smile before tilting her head as Satori nodded once while she would slowly lower herself back down. "You already know the process of the technique, yes?" She inquired simply, examining him while Satori's brow furrowed, but nodded once in agreement.

    A smile formed before she brought out a canteen of purified water, and poured in an herbal liquid mixture. Handing it to Satori, whom frowned slightly but accepted it, she smiled.

    "Don't get all uncertain now," She stated simply, "Calm mind, steady hands, steady chakra," she stated the mantra firmly and caused him to nod his head once in affirmation before she lifted up the liquid to her lips and downed it. The poison quickly spreading through her body as she fell back, causing Satori to narrow his eyes before chakra pulsed into his hands as he placed one palm against the liquid.

    Infusing his chakra into it, before releasing a breath and placing his hand against the side of his mother's body. Chakra flowed outward, infusing itself into the skin and her body before surgically piercing her. The orb was pressed into her, and with narrowed eyes, he began.

    The process was painful. Brutal and efficient. Satori had to use his chakra to keep his mother down while he forcibly extracted the toxin from her body, but after several long minutes of work, the process was complete. Raika, to her credit, had only flailed physically and not screamed or cried once. However, it was clear she was fatigued, staring at the sky and breathing heavily as she slowly sat up and smiled weakly at Satori.

    "Well done, Satori," she murmured simply before closing her eyes and releasing a slow, steady sigh.

    "Next, mystical palm, it will help me recover from that," she murmured, and Satori nodded in agreement. The technique would most assuredly help her after all. The mending it would do could restore the damaged tissue and her stamina, as well as remove any residual pain. Taking a slow breath Satori ran through the processes within his mind. The technique required that you essentially form the healing hand's technique, but amplify it with more chakra and focus internally as well as externally.

    Relaxing his body, he pressed his hands down against her stomach and began the slow, tedious process of repairing his mother's internal injuries. It was slow, far less efficient than healing hands. Using it mid-combat would be incredibly difficult, his regeneration was definitely superior. But it used quite a bit of chakra. Combining the two would make the best of both worlds, realistically.

    Relaxing himself after the healing was complete, Satori slowly settled back into his position and stared down at his hands. The next technique was the poison mist, something that certainly interested him but that he wasn't entirely certain on. After all it required him to have toxins on hand for him to memorize and break down. Ruffling a hand through his hair Satori sighed before looking back toward Raika who giggled softly at his clear uncertainty before pulling out a vial holding the same liquid that she'd drunk.

    "Use this," she stated simply, and so Satori did. Taking time to analyze the contents, breaking them down with his mind to understand what the toxin did and how to properly mimic it. The knowledge he'd gained from treating it assisting with its use tremendously. This would eventually lead to the young man not only breaking it down, but understandings its core principals. The next step of infusing his chakra into his body and molding it, before releasing it into a gaseous cloud came naturally.

    Raika smiled at the showing, obviously pleased with his rapid growth. He'd only needed a bit of help to meet the criteria, that was all.

    The next set of techniques took Satori a bit more time to properly learn and understand. They were far more complex and required to work alongside Raika actively in order to understand their principals. Healing Resuscitation Regeneration had been especially difficult on them, Raika could perform it on her own but it wasn't easy for her, and Satori simply lacked the experience and mental capacity to do so himself as well. However, after several long hours of dedicated practice, he was able to finally get a grasp on it with his mother's assistance.

    The other techniques after the healing primaries, were relatively easy for the young man to grasp. His natural affinity for chakra control and Taijutsu coming in handy as the cherry blossom variants were all relatively easily accessible. Allowing him to leave crater after crater in the ground as he got quite good at pumping his chakra through his limbs before releasing the chakra on-impact. The devastation that tended to follow amused Raika, whom knew it was now well beyond what Kiyoshi was capable of himself. In many ways, it appeared that the young man had already surpassed his father in every aspect.

    Shaking her head in bemusement over this she turned and motioned for Satori to take a break. The pair settled down to eat dinner while she examined his limbs; no bruising. He'd perfectly mastered the control at this point, causing a soft chuckle to form in her throat at the realization before she idly shifted her position and offered the young man a smile.

    "I think once you master these, you'll nearly be my equal in medical techniques, Satori," she stated simply causing the wild-maned young man to blink at her in confusion before swallowing.

    "You're better at chakra control and have more knowledge than me, mother," he responded with bemusement, but she shook her head once.

    "Experience is gained quickly, and with your creativity, you'll be able to overwhelm any superior chakra control or select techniques without any problem, Satori." He contemplated that information, brow furrowing before he shrugged.

    "We'll see," he answered simply, and she left it at that. But she knew her words were accurate. The boy's adaptability and growth were truly astounding.

    Techniques Learned:
    Delicate Illness Extraction [B] [300 Words]
    Mystical Palm [B] [300 Words]
    Poison Mist [B] [300 Words]
    Cherry Blossom Tearing Impact [B] [300 Words]
    Cherry Blossom Profusion Palm [A] [375 Words]
    Healing Resuscitation Regeneration Technique [A] [375 Words]

    Total Words Required: 1,950
    Total Words Written: 2,033
    Satori Ryuutei
    Satori Ryuutei

    Posts : 774
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    Location : Kirigakure no Sato

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    Weaponized Healing [Solo] Empty Re: Weaponized Healing [Solo]

    Post by Satori Ryuutei on Sat Apr 20, 2019 6:44 pm

    After their break, Satori was able to finally relax back and contemplate the next series of techniques that he had on his mind. Now, they were dipping into more advanced, and in turn, serious medical techniques that generally a Genin would never have access too. Only the benefit of having advanced ranking parents and a powerful clan allowed him to bypass that restriction. The techniques he was now looking at did such things as temporarily reanimating corpses, forcing the rapid cell activation of the body, as well as building on the previous concepts that he had been using by amplifying his physical power even further than previously.

    Sighing, he glanced up at his mother as his brow furrowed.

    "This first technique, Body Revival, it uses the same principals as Mystical Palm, but instead of focused it spreads the energy across the body to target the muscles and flesh and steadily build them up as combat progresses?" As he inquired this, the wild-haired boy glanced down at the techniques information once more while Raika nodded once.

    "Yes, it's quite useful to amplify your base strength over time, though it can be quite costly so for obvious reasons have a large base pool of chakra is quite important as well," as she explained this she then blinked at the expression decorating Satori's face. She'd seen that look before, and so she fell silent and watched quietly while the young man's mind worked. After several long moments, his head tilted.

    "Couldn't this base principal be used to rapidly regenerate the bodies internals as well?" he suddenly inquired, glancing up at his mother whom blinked, her brow furrowing.

    "Well, yes, but there's a time-gap. The chakra needs time to re-build the body after all," as she explained this, Satori released a low hum of thought as his gaze slid down toward the scroll once more. Curiously, Raika's head tilted to the side.

    "What are you considered, Satori?" She inquired simply, causing the young man to blink and glance up before offering a slight smile.

    "Combining this technique with the Ryuutei baseline regeneration," he explained, lifting a hand and examining his palm for a moment in thought. "Our regenerative ability's greatest drawback is the fact that it can only heal moderate wounds, it can't fix anything out body couldn't naturally, right?" His gaze flicked up, and Raika nodded once while holding her chin in thought.

    "But it's near-instant, its speed is quite useful," she countered, but Satori shook his head.

    "That's the point I'm trying to make. If I can take the speed of our regeneration and amplify it with the healing power of this technique..." His voice trailed off, and she blinked once before slowly falling back and holding her chin in thought.

    "High-speed healing using no handseals and mending lethal damage," she murmured with a few blinks, before laughing softly in bemusement.

    "As long as you had the chakra for it, the difference would be tremendous," she pondered before tapping her finger lightly against the ground in thought. "You'd essentially be un-killable as long as you had the chakra stores to release an S-Rank technique repeatedly and the damage wasn't to your head."

    Satori nodded once in agreement, glancing back down to the scroll once more with a slight smile, before hauling himself up and clapping his hands together once. Releasing a breath and straightening before he turned and faced his mother with narrowed eyes.

    "Then, all I need to do first is channel the chakra into my muscles themselves, specifically the fibers, and instead of releasing it amplify the body?" he inquired simply while she nodded once.

    "Right," he murmured before taking a deep, slow breath and beginning. Chakra flowing through his body and pulsing into his limbs before releasing a punch aimed directly at the ground, causing it to rock softly from the impact. He then drew back--and repeated. Satori would begin the process with brutal disinterest for his own bodies health, and as his muscles tore and his bones fractured the chakra would knit them together once more with each strike.

    Driving down into the ground again, and again. Each time the force would grow, until finally, his fist smashed with such force that the ground shook around them and he felt his chakra beginning to finally wane. Releasing a slowly built up breath as he tried to recover himself he slowly straightened and flexed his hands several times. He was standing in a massive crater at this point, his musculature having grown considerably as he slowly tilted his head to the side.

    "Certainly handy, but the time and cost is tremendous," he murmured as he flexed his hands a few times. Raika from her seat would glance into the hole and smile softly.

    "Indeed. Take a break, Satori. Once your chakra is recovered we'll move on to the next, with that level of recovery its fairly clear that you've managed it." The words caused Satori to grunt before the young man released the chakra, feeling his body slowly re-adjust and return to normal while he moved up toward the edge of the crater and fell into a seated position. Accepting a chakra pill and interlacing his fingers idly in his lap while he contemplated the idea he'd had previously.

    "It's definitely possible," Satori murmured with a grin, causing Raika's eyes to soften while she gave a soft chuckle of amusement. Clearly, the young man was eager to try, but they had basics to cover before he delved into making his own S-Rank techniques.

    "It likely is, but for now focus on the next step, Satori," she stated gently. Snapping the young man free of his thoughts as he offered an apologetic smile.

    "Right, building foundations first is important," he agreed, before clapping his hands together and rising up once more. The next technique was something known as the Cell Activation technique, and judging from the information it was based on the idea of another; the Yin Healing Wound Destruction. A defensive last-resort technique that relied on precognitive abilities and focuses on the target's movements to read and time healing to form as the impact initiated against them.

    Once learned the combination would be a tremendous boost to his medical knowledge and skillset. Combining them together could even allow him to evolve the basic medical techniques even further possibilities. Grinning he would turn and face Raika whom was already standing, knowing where this was going already as her hand cracked against her palm a few times. She wasn't as brutal as Kiyoshi, but she had married into the Ryuutei and such an action wasn't for show. She knew how to dish out raw power just as well as any of the wannabe jinchurriki's.

    Stepping forward toward him she paused briefly as chakra fluxed through her body before she narrowed her eyes on him and waited as he braced himself and allowed his chakra to slowly flow through his body. Then, he looked at her and nodded his head once. The silent statement that he was as ready as he was ever going to be. The response was near immediate as her fist reared back and shot toward him with the power of several paper bombs going off in his face.

    The raw force caused bones to crack, bruising to form instantly, and sent Satori flying backward to bounce along the ground like a ragdoll as he wheezed from the pain. He could have tried to defend but that wasn't the point of the techniques training. Holding his stomach he grit his teeth against the pain and stared at the ground silently while he tried to endure the pain, after a few moments, his chakra fluctuated and filled his body. Rapidly regenerating the damaged tissue as he slowly hauled himself up to his feet with a bit of struggle.

    "Ow," he stated bluntly, slowly straightening up with a wince as his hand lifted to rub at the back of his neck in pain. Raika simply smiled as he brushed himself off and released a slow breath before focusing on his mother and narrowing his eyes.

    "Again," he stated bluntly.

    The training continued, brutal and efficient for many hours after that. Satori found himself bouncing along the ground again and again from the impact and he was beginning to understand the timing of the technique properly now, not that it was that easy by any means. By the time he finally managed to counter his mother outright, holding his footing as the force of her blow collided with his feet and his healing rapidly condensed; Satori ground his teeth and stared the woman down as he ignored the pain throbbing in his stomach.

    Success. Her hand slowly lowered, revealing perfectly healthy skin without a bruise, and Satori had only been sent skidding back a foot. Releasing a slow breath and unclenching his jaw he grinned at his mother.

    "Ow," he repeated simply with bemusement, causing a low laugh to fill her chest. It was an understandable reaction.

    "Now you know why it's listed as an emergency only technique. Certainly, its power is undeniable when times correctly, but the chakra cost is heavy and even more importantly, it's incredibly painful as you still feel the damage forming as your chakra mends it." Placing her hands on her hips she eyed Satori as the young man straightened.

    "Are you fit to keep going?" She inquired simply, causing Satori's lips to turn into a wide grin, as if the question itself didn't even need to be asked. This caused a sigh to pass through her lips, before she straightened and nodded once. Clapping her hands together and smiling.

    "Then, let's move on to the cell activation technique. It will help you understand how to properly utilize what you just learned as well." Nodding once, Satori straightened before moving toward the woman as she motioned toward the scroll. The details were laid out for him to read, and from there Satori would begin the next level of training. No longer simply dipping into the basics of medical techniques, he was now delving headlong into a wide variety of different medical techniques.

    Specifically, those that allowed the user to breathe life into the dead. Activate the cells of a person to cause mass-regenerative benefits to becoming possible and re-constitute patients. Even learn a complicated and advanced technique that could be combined and used to regenerate a complete loss of tissue. By the end of the techniques and lessons, Satori was laying on his back, breathing heavy.

    He'd expended almost all of his deep chakra pools, eyes heavy-lidded as even his near-limitless supply was clearly nearing its limits. But, the reward for this in turn was obvious. Satori had obtained the knowledge that most Jounin medics lacked, a complete understanding of all the basic medical techniques. Including the S-rank variations. His grin was undeniable. It finally felt like he was making proper progress as a ninja, after all these years.

    The more S-Ranks he could learn, the more he could expand upon them and amplify his versatility. Lifting a hand up, he stared into his palm as the chakra deteriorated and left him feeling tired and weak. Despite that, a laugh burst through his lips as a grin decorated his lips.

    "Finally," he murmured simply. He'd done it. He'd defied the old laws that the Ryuutei had believed to be true for so long, the rules that said Ryuutei couldn't learn Genjutsu. Couldn't learn Medical Techniques. Those rules that forced them to fear the death of their children and require the wives and husbands outside the clan to become medics. His eyes softened, and slowly he relaxed as his gaze lifted up toward the sky once more.

    Raika couldn't help but smile at how pleased the young man clearly was. He'd passed a major milestone, not just for himself,b ut for his entire clan. He was now walking proof that determination could overpower the limits of their blood. It wasn't that Ryuutei couldn't learn such techniques. It was just that no one had tried hard enough.

    Techniques Learned:
    Body Revival [A] [375 Words]
    Cell Activation Technique [A] [375 Words]
    Yin Healing Wound Destruction [A] [375 Words]
    Dead Soul Technique [S] [450 Words]
    Chakra Enhanced Strength Version Two [S] [450 Words]

    Total Words Required: 2,025
    Total Words Written: 2,075
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    Weaponized Healing [Solo] Empty Re: Weaponized Healing [Solo]

    Post by Satori Ryuutei on Sat Apr 20, 2019 7:30 pm

    It was Kiyoshi's turn to train the young man now, and this was evident by the fact he was standing across from Satori in the ring that had been drawn around them. Satori had taken a break from the cerebral work that had been involved in his previous training and instead begun to engulf himself in the physical arts instead. Even more importantly, in the arts of his clan. He had summoning techniques he wished to learn as well, but before he could do that, he needed a foundation.

    The standard Taijutsu techniques, on top of the techniques that the Ryuutei Clan were famed for would be key if he wanted to properly progress. With that in mind, he'd come up to his father the day after his medical training and asked the man to officially train him in the clan's combat style as well as the higher-up variants of the Arkhat techniques. They'd be useful to teach to Midori later as well.

    Grinning, Kiyoshi stood inside the circle and began.

    "We'll start with Arkhat since you're already familiar with the basic style," he idly lifted a hand up. "We'll be going over some B-Ranks that go along with Arkhat as well as another that works quite well with the high paced combat style of our clan," as he stated this he would grin.

    "Arkhat is pretty simple. Put in more chakra, and hit harder. I won't dodge, I'll block. If you can manage to push me out of the circle, we'll say you've mastered the techniques, alright?" Satori contemplated this, before nodding once and lifting his foot. It was just the previous techniques, but with more chakra? Well. That was simple enough, leave it to Taijutsu to have such simple concepts in comparison to the high cognitive focus required for Medical techniques.

    As both feet entered the ring, the atmosphere completely changed. Within the circle, Ryuutei were enemies, even during spars and lessons such as this one. Straightening slowly Satori clenched both hands a few times before lifting his hands up and aiming his open palm at his father before his chakra pulsed around him briefly. Infusing it into his body as he took up the Arkhat stance, before his eyes narrowed on his father. Then, in a flash he dashed toward him and drew his hand back.

    Just infuse more chakra, he'd said. So Satori did just that. Chakra burst along with his hand before exploding out from his palm as it smashed into his father's chest, causing the man's eyes to suddenly bulge in surprise. He'd kept one arm up intending to block the first attempt outright and instead found himself hit with such force his arm cracked and flew into his chest. Matching and surpassing his base strength with the chakra as he was pushed back several feet, immediately Kiyoshi was forced to take a more serious stance.

    But Satori was faster than his father. The stance amplified his raw power even further. His open palm smashed into his fathers open chest, sending him skidding backwards again. Kiyoshi had sworn to use no techniques, and now he was paying for it as he felt his heels halt at the edge of the ring. Satori was already upon him. When had the pup gotten this damn agile?!

    Lifting his arms in a guard his eyes narrowed on Satori, in time for a knee to suddenly smash into his chest, causing his eyes to bug. The force wasn't quite as high as the palms, but it caused him to slump and his guard to weaken. Perfect for Satori, as his hand smashed into Kiyoshi's forehead. The open-palm strike sending him head over heels into the sand behind him with a dull thud, right out of the ring.

    Satori landed lightly at the edge, and blinked once before a wide grin formed on his face. He'd just proven that while using techniques, he was outright superior to his father. Kiyoshi was staring at the sky in surprise, one eye closed from the pain throbbing in his skull and arm. After a few moments, the man slowly grunted, hauling himself up to his feet and allowing a grin to form on his lips.

    "Well damn, pup," he stated simply as he slowly hauled himself to his feet. Straightening and cracking his neck a few times before he examined him for a moment.

    "Think you can do that again with me using techniques as well?" he inquired simply, grinning as Satori allowed a wide grin to split across his lips. Clearly excited by the idea the young man would step back to take his previous position in the ring once more before rolling his shoulders slowly.

    "The next step is something called the falcon drop. It's a mid-air grapple you had to set up by launching your opponent into the air, and then smashing them into the earth. It's damn effective if you can pull it off." As Kiyoshi explained this, he re-entered the circle and his eyes narrowed.

    "Again. This time, I'm using up to C-Ranks," he stated bluntly, causing Satori's lips to curl into a smile. This was the first time he had ever forced his father to use techniques of any sort. It didn't matter what rank it was. The fact was that now Kiyoshi was admitting that he had to expend chakra if he wanted to take on Satori. It made his blood rush realizing he was slowly approaching his final goal.

    Lowering himself down so that his hands touched the dirt, Kiyoshi grinned. Taking on the four-limbed style of the Ryuutei as Satori narrowed his eyes, and shifted into the Arkhat style.

    Now, they were both using taijutsu that evened out their weaknesses. Satori's raw power was magnified, and Kiyoshi's agility was amplified. With a blink, the battle began. Satori dashing forward in a straight brust, his open palm smashing forward and causing Kiyoshi to flip backward at the impact as the air around his palm shifted roughly from the force. Kiyoshi's grin turned feral as his feet shot out mid-flip to smash into Satori's shoulders.

    The smaller males hands lifted up and absorbed the impact directly, causing him to grin and hold his fathers feet in two ironlike grips that caused his eyes to widen slightly. Then, Satori's muscles clenched and lifted. Kiyoshi's claws dug into the sand, but he didn't have proper footing. He'd been out-strategized, not thinking that his son was capable of catching his attacks just yet even using Arkhat.

    Then he was airborne, and Satori had shifted into onto fours--before flashing upward in a sudden blur. Landing on the tree and flying off it like a springboard, seamlessly shifting from Arkhat into the Ryuutei clans combat style. Kiyoshi spun mid air to face his son with narrowed eyes.

    "Don't think it'll be that easy, pup!" He snarled, hands clenching before hurling downward to crash into Satori's head and send him face first into the dirt. But instead, his hands touched only air. Satori had purposely slowed his descent, causing Kiyoshi's eyes to slowly widen in shock. He'd seen through his combat habits perfectly and prepared for them by faking his fearless assault. It was just like fighting Raika's fast-acting mind. Kiyoshi grinned, right as Satori's limbs locked around his neck and body.

    The rotation initiated tremendously, before suddenly flying straight toward the earth propelled by momentum and gravity atop his own force: before smashing Kiyoshi head-first into the dirt. The explosion sending sand in every direction and causing the boy to land on the sands surface a bit of a distance away. Kiyoshi grunted, slowly hauling himself free of the sand as bruises covered his body, and blood leaked from his mouth and nose from the collision.

    But, Kiyoshi had his son beat in one regard: raw durability. Grinning slightly, he slowly straightened as his regeneration activated, rolling his neck a few times slowly.

    "Well done, pup," he stated bluntly as his eyes narrowed on him for a few long moments. He wasn't there just yet. He still had a few holes, but it was clear Satori was approaching the point he could take on his father head on in victory, and claim the title he'd been after since he was young.

    Satori fell onto all fours, chakra flowing through his body as his eyes narrowed on his father. Then, his fathers eyes widened in shock as the chakra flickered along his body--and began to physically manifest. The explosion of chakra flowing from him causing Kiyoshi to stare in complete shock. This was the "Burning Lion". A Clan technique that turned chakra into raw overflowing power. Slowly lowering his hands to his sides, Kiyoshi could only smile.

    "...Like you need my training, pup. You're practically my rival at this point," he murmured, and Satori's heart raced at the compliment before his father burst into the same glowing aura of chakra as well. Both of them suddenly disappeared, crashing together as the impact rocked the sands and emitted a shockwave as the two chakra monsters bore down on one another with feral smiles and cackles of joy. Satori because he was approaching the goal he'd had for so long.

    Kiyoshi, because he was proud of his son, and because he was finally able to let loose for the first time in a long time as their chakra and strikes met again and again.

    Techniques Learned:
    Peregrine Falcon Drop [B] [300 Words]
    Crushing Palm [B] [300 Words]
    Smashing Boulder [B] [300 Words]
    Beasts Roar [S] [175 Words]
    Feral Nature [D] [75 Words]
    Catlike Reflexes [B] [125 Words]
    Nine Lives [A] [150 Words]
    Burning Lion [S] [175 Words]

    Total Words Required: 1,600
    Total Words Written: 1,629
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    Post by Satori Ryuutei on Sat Apr 20, 2019 10:38 pm

    It was a few days after his spar with his father. The fight had been more intense than he'd assumed; and he'd lost. The fatigue from the battle had been quite intense, but what he'd gained from it had been by far worth it. The Taijutsu he'd been only loosely capable of before was now mastered, and beyond that, it meant that he was now going to be able to take on the next great challenge. Genjutsu. It wasn't so much so a challenge like Medical, but it still retained tremendous chakra control. More importantly, he was going to be training with his mother.

    Raika, unlike Kiyoshi, was intelligent and skilled in the usage of Genjutsu and Ijutsu. Compared to Kiyoshi, Raika's approval when it came to Genjutsu was far more important and held far more weight. If he could trap her in any of them, then he'd have tremendous proof that the techniques were well worth the effort to utilize mid-combat.

    Satori watched as his mother walked toward him, entering the training grounds with a polite smile as he hands tucked behind her back.

    "Kiyoshi said you wanted to practice Genjutsu, Satori?" She inquired simply, causing the young man to nod his head once as his brow furrowed.

    "I have a few techniques that I want to try, but father will fall into them easily. I needed a more potent wall to resist," he explained simply, causing Raika to laugh into her hand. Well, the young man was correct. Kiyoshi had a durable body and raw power that was astonishing to many. But in the end, his mind was his weak point, and the largest reason that she knew Satori could beat her husband now if he wanted too.

    But, that wasn't the Ryuutei way. Genjutsu was something newly introduced to the clan, and he, understandably, didn't wish to push such ideas down the throats of others. Once he was the clan head he could change things however he wished. Evolve them, alter them and progress the combat without trouble to accept illusions as a victory. Especially since he had proven it was possible for a blood-Ryuutei to learn and use them.

    But, for now, she understood her sons line of thought in an effort to try and find a balance between tradition and the future.

    "Very well," she finally stated with a smile as her hands clasped before her. Tilting her head slightly in curiosity.

    "What would you like to try first then, Satori?" The question was an earnest one. It was rare that anyone dedicated their time to creating new Genjutsu, and if Satori wanted to test out new ideas on her she was more than willing. Perhaps she'd even pick up a few things from her son's creative mind.

    "First I want to show you a few of the basics that I made," Satori stated simply before he would lift up a hand and perform the dragon seal, causing lightning to suddenly burst around his hand. This caused her eyes to narrow a bit, as she knew very well her son had forgone the usage of elemental techniques to focus on other forms of combat instead.

    So, it was a Genjutsu that faked the elemental nature?

    "Interesting," she pondered, examining it for a moment before he aimed his palm at her. The jolt of electricity striking her, causing her body to suddenly seize up for a few brief moments before her hand clenched. Releasing the technique in a kai as her breath slowly relaxed. A low hum filling her chest as she lifted a hand up to her chin.

    "Have you created others to mimic the elemental effects?"

    "Yes, mother. A fire blast and a mimicry of the hidden mist," he replied simply as she nodded her head once in affirmation, offering a slight smile.

    "I think they're excellent distraction tactics. They won't work twice on someone though likely, of course, if they're bad at sensing Genjutsu or struggle to break them, then it doesn't really matter anyway," amused at this she would tilt her head slightly to the side. "Such as your father."

    Sator smiled, before nodding once. Her approval of them was more than enough to satisfy him that the concepts were solid. They were meant to be nothing more than glorified distraction tactics anyway, after all. This meant he would be able to move on to the next series of them, and with a breath, he began. First starting with the burst of happiness technique that he'd designed, forming the handseal and smiling brightly at her.

    With the trigger sealed, she began giggling uncontrollably, much to her confusion and ire. Which led to more giggles as her hand smacked to her mouth, not only was it flustering, but there was the obvious fact that laughter halted proper breathing. It distracted the mind, threw off stealth, and was generally a serious pain. She quickly dispersed it as well, falling silent and squinting at her son.

    "That one's just an annoyance, but a good one," she admitted with a bemused sigh, causing Satori to grin.

    "I'm considering branching off from it, one that specifically targets the body and mind to shut them down and put them to sleep. Another that uses the same effect but more wide-spread," as he explained this he idly tapped a finger against the side of his thigh. She hummed, but gave a nod of approval.

    "The first idea especially is a good one. Being able to lull a target to sleep through illusions is something that one of the higher-rank standards is capable of," as she clarified this she would hold her chin in thought.

    "Though I'm surprised you thought of something so... gentle," she stated in amusement, causing Satori to grin.

    "It was for Midori, initially," he explained simply. It made sense, and Raika immediately nodded her head in understanding. WIth Midori's blood-rage, it would be useful to lull her to sleep whenever she began to slip out of control. It was a wise decision to make, and it made sense now why he'd delved into it initially.

    "Well then, what else?" She smiled, looking into her son's eyes--and froze. Suddenly she felt chills washing up her spine, as her son's eyes seemed to glow a deep emerald hue. As if a snake was staring her down prepared to devour her whole. Then within a second, it was gone as he blinked. Causing her to stumble slightly in a mixture of surprise and intrigue, slowly regaining herself as she focused on Satori for a few moments.

    "Bloodlust?" She inquired simply, causing Satori to not his head once in agreement.

    "Bloodlust combined with timing and fear. It's great for slowing down an opponent suddenly, catching them off guard while they're distracted," as he explained this, Raika gave a low hum of thought. Amused, she lifted a hand up and looked at the sky. He was attacking the weaknesses he had from every angle. Faking elemental effects, dipping into fear and emotionally based illusions, there were all sorts of possibilities if he wanted to keep this pattern up.

    Glancing down she tilted her head slightly as she realized once relatively major flaw to all of this, however.

    "None of these are higher than C-Rank though, correct? Do you have any others that you're working on?" The inquiry was curious and simple enough as Satori grinned in response before nodding his head once in agreement.

    "I have a few. Two S-ranks and a B-rank," he responded simply, causing the woman to halt for a moment, stunned at his casual assurance of what he'd created. Few ninja his age could even learn A-ranks, let alone create them. But creating S-Ranks? Even with what he'd managed to do with medical techniques earlier, it was impressive at the very idea. A smile split across her lips.

    "Show me," she stated simply, causing Satori to nod his head once in acceptance to the request and head toward her. He offered her his hand with a pleasant smile, causing her head to tilt slightly in curiosity as she accepted it: before suddenly her eyes widened.

    Agony flooded her mind. The feeling of blades digging into her, of suffocation as pressure coiled around her throat and all light disappeared. Claustrophobia and suffocation, combined with pain and mental assaults. A panic attack, one so sudden her mind wasn't able to keep up with the fact it was all an illusion as she suddenly fell back. Satori having released her as a few beads of sweat formed on her brow.

    Breathing heavy, uneven as she slowly shifted her gaze up from the ground to focus on Satori whom looked concerned, but didn't move to intervene or comfort her.

    "I call it Nightmare, for obvious reasons, a B-rank designed to mentally assault the target with their fears and pains," he stated simply while his hands idly intertwined behind his head. The technique was one that many would find useless in combat due to the fact it required the user to touch the target. But due to his size and appearance, many assumed he was a simple Taijutsu user and allowed him to get close.

    They meant that mid-grapple the could suddenly be assaulted by the nightmares and curses of their lives and subconscious. It was quite a useful little illusion, really.

    After a few moments of breathing, Raika shakily lifted her eyes and examined her son. Before a bemused smile formed on her lips. It was most assuredly a B-Rank, and if it was weak compared to the two S-Ranks he'd created, they would certainly be of use. Slowly hauling herself back up, she looked up at her son and nodded once.

    "Definitely a powerful weapon. Timing it right will be important. If you manage to make use of it mid-combat the opening it could give you would be tremendous by comparison," she advised simply, causing him to agree with a nod silently.

    "I planned on using it while in a physical battle with an opponent," he clarified simply, "or during torture for interrogation," this second statement caused a blink from Raika as she gave a hum of thought.

    "I didn't consider that. Yes, that would be quite useful. It paralyzes the target?" Satori nodded once in response.

    "And the user," he corrected.

    "Hm. Still very useful since the moment you break it they'll be off-balance from the trauma giving you the opening you need," she pondered idly, before shifting her gaze to the side, clearly contemplating the details of it all before straightening and offering a smile.

    "So, what are these S-Ranks then, hm?" As she inquired about then, Satori stepped forward and once more offered his hand. More prepared this time, Raika took a breath, before accepting the hand into her own.

    It was then that the same effects as before wrapped around her: but it wasn't for only a few brief moments. The constriction of the chakra, the feeling of suffocation, the world seemed to slow around her before blurring away. The world itself had changed around her. It was nothing, a void of black, no sight, smells, sounds, nothing. Only a void that suffocated everything including her. Panic began to assault her senses as seconds turned to minutes, and minutes turned to hours within her mind.

    Finally, the world seemed to calm, and Satori released her. At that moment, Raika collapsed. Satori, panicking, rushed to his mother's side only to find her unconscious and pale from the psychological attack. To say that Satori was caught off guard was an understatement. Satori had anticipated that the technique would make her writhe in pain, suffer and curse, but not this. Forcing a Special Jounin to pass out from the mental fatigue and pain was... well. It certainly clarified that it was an S-Rank technique.

    Satori was forced to wait while his mother recovered, and practiced his chakra control while he waited. Carefully channeling the chakra through his body in rapid paces before he began to feel the slight shifting of the energy flow from his body to mind, and back again. This was a general meditation technique he'd practiced since he was a child, and did wonders for visualization and chakra control.

    Glancing down Satori heard his mother stir, and glanced down at her with a curious expression. Letting her groggily lift herself, she looked several shades paler now as her brows lowered. Clearly suffering from a headache as her hand lifted up to rub at her head gently.

    "Ow," she murmured simply, reiterating what her son had said each time her fist had smashed into him during their medical training. This drew a weak laugh from her as she slowly sat up and examined Satori, whom offered a slight smile in return before intertwining his fingers in his lap before and blinking once at her warily.

    "I checked your pulse and body, you seemed fine. I suppose it was just too much for your mind to handle though, my apologies, mother," he stated simply and Raika simply smiled.

    "That's quite the illusion," she finally murmured, straightening and rubbing at her temple as she settled into a seated position across from him before her eyes examined the boy for a few moments. That illusion altered the perception of the target of time itself to such an immense degree that it had felt like a day of utter terror, suffering and panic had gone by.

    But instead, it hadn't even been moments. A second had past at best. She shook her head slowly, the amount of focus that took was tremendous; as well as chakra. It was no wonder Satori was managing to learn so many techniques so quickly. He'd already put himself through the wringer trying to create these illusions.

    Taking a steadying breath, her eyes focused on Satori's own.

    "What's the last one, Satori? After this, we'll practice the standard illusions. You don't know many of those, correct?" The question caused Satori to nod once in agreement, hands idly wrapping around his legs in contemplation before smiling softly.

    "Can you come at me with the intent to kill, Mother?" he inquired simply, causing Raika to blink and her brows to furrow. After several long moments, she slowly rose up and nodded. Placing her hands behind her back and stretching before her chakra began to gather slowly through her body before she straightened.

    Chakra laced her limbs, before her step forward caused the area to shift briefly under the power of her step. Chakra infusing her arm, chakra strings flowing along the limb to amplify its speed, before she took a Taijutsu stance atop that.

    Then, she was upon him. Her fist flashing through the air as her pupils dilated, aiming to crush her son under her fist and send him crashing into the sand beneath them. Satori didn't even flinch as his eyes seared into her own--and everything stopped. Terror gripped her heart. The feeling of about to enter death's door flooded every sense she had as her chakra control, physical movement, everything stopped.

    Satori held the eye contact as she found herself completely unable to budge, even as he slowly lifted himself up and placed a hand around her throat. His claws a hairsbreadth from her jugular. Then he smiled, blinking once as his hand lowered and the illusion broke. Her breathing returned as she gasped for air and fell back, lifting a hand up to her face. Her hands were shaking.

    "...What the hell was that?" She murmured softly, looking up at Satori whom grinned in reply.

    "It's the S-Rank version to my other technique I used," he explained simply, "It specializes in last-minute paralyzation, but it has alot of drawbacks. I need to be close, and I need to make eye contact and maintain it. It doesn't last for long, and I have to move really slow while doing it or the chakra control and contact can both break," as he stated this he idly lifted a hand and examined his palm in thought.

    "But it's useful if I time it right and don't use it often so no one knows how it works," smiling, he turned and focused on his mother who let out a sigh of bemusement. The young mans progress was astounding really.

    "Well, it certainly fits the title of S-Rank," she agreed, clearly impressed before she would clap her hands together firmly.

    "Well, how about you learn a few more then? A more solid foundation should help you create even more effective illusion," smiling softly, she would straighten herself up before glancing up in thought.

    "You know all the standards of C-Rank and below, correct, Satori?" The question caused the young man to nod his head once in the affirmative, causing a low hum of thought as she contemplated where to begin.

    "In that case you'll need to learn Phantom Sound Chains, Double False Surroundings, Tree Binding Death, Flower Petal Escape, String Bean Binding Illusion, Lightning Illusion Flash of Lightning Pillar, Bringer-of-Darkness, Paralyzing Flute, Temple of Nirvana, and Genjutsu Binding. Though in some ways your custom S-Rank--" "Basilisk Gaze", he corrected her easily.

    "--Basilisk Gaze is superior, but Binding has less weaknesses and a bit more versatility even if it isn't as strong," smiling softly, Satori nodded his head once in agreement. Clearly content with the idea of learning more standards before he would lift his gaze up and contemplate what exactly he needed to start with.

    "The first sounds like it has to do with sound--do I need to hum?" Bemused, Raika shook her head in response.

    "No, but you'll need a flute. Perhaps it'll be worth learning the Lion Tribes Genjutsu if you wish to delve into using your own vocal cords as the trigger?" The question caused Satori to hum, and nod in agreement. Something for another time though, for now he had a whole arsenal that he needed to properly work with.

    "So I need a flute?" he pondered, glancing around before his mother idly pulled one from her pocket.

    "Technically any instrument could work, but the flute is the best basis, you still remember how to play correctly?" The question caused Satori to hum, accepting the instrument idly in a large hand and examining it for a few minutes.

    "I think so," he stated idly, before lifting it up to his lips and beginning. Releasing a long, slow breath into it and tapping his fingers against it a few times in thought to properly mesh out the sounds for a few moments.

    After a few attempts, he would nod once in satisfaction. Grunting and lifting a hand up as he looked toward Raika for instruction.

    "Right," she stated simply before placing her hands together in front of her body. "The technique uses sound as the trigger, obviously. From there you are then able to alter the state of the technique to trap a target within the sound waves. The initial effect is freezing their movements, before then moving on to steadily trap them in an optical illusion of being bound. The illusion is an area of effect, targeting everything that hears it, so you must be careful when near allies," as she explained this she would smile and motion for him to begin.

    Satori did just that, chakra flowing through his limbs and body before flowing into the actual instrument as he took in a deep breath and began to push it into the flute, soft melodic notes beginning to fill the air as Raika continued.

    "From the binding, you begin to transfer into damaging illusions and pain that cause psychological effects, pain, confusion and general loss of senses," as she explained this, she smiled, prepared to let him practice for a bit: before suddenly the world turned black. Chains bound her limbs, causing her eyes to widen as she quickly was forced to release her chakra in a swirling blast.


    Stumbling once afterward, she released a slow breath. Shaking her head in surprise, before slowly straightening and offering a slight smile to the boy as he lowered the flute from his lips and tilted his head slightly to the side.

    "Like that, Mother?" He inquired simply.

    "Yes, just like that. Well done," she stated simply with a smile before tilting her head slightly in thought. "While the flute is out we may as well focus on the other forms of illusions using it as well," with this she moved on to the next one.

    "The next is a technique that steadily breaks down the target's mobility and focus, it's excellent for controlling the speed of those attacking you and keeping them at a measurable distance," as she explained this Satori smiled before nodding once. If it followed the same principal but focused on overwhelming the senses and slowing mobility, then that was just fine really. Relaxing his chakra, Satori slowly straightened before his energy fluctuated and he began.

    The chakra rotated through the flute, before resonating out in waves that flowed through the air in rapid swaths. This process would continue, each time a new technique was given to Satori he pushed through and learned it at high speeds. His natural chakra control combined with his intellect and memory making it easy for him to naturally fall into the motions and sways of the chakra itself.

    Eventually, this evolved to the point that Raika watched as the last S-Rank technique hit her, controlling her body and forcing her to outright freeze before she was able to slowly, carefully move forward with gritted teeth. Satori was satisfied with this and allowed himself to relax as his fingers intertwined and his eyes met her own once all was said and done.

    Raika simply smiled. "You've definitely progressed well. That's all of the standards on top of the customized techniques that you already knew," she murmured idly with bemusement until she then clapped both hands together and straightened.

    "Well, with that handled I suppose the next thing to do is to get some food, tomorrow how about we dip into Fuuinjutsu?" Tilting her head at the question, Satori's lips curled into a grin. Clearly excited by the prospect as he nodded his head once in affirmation. He was looking forward to it. Fuuinjutsu was the last on his list before he could begin dipping into Fuuinjutsu, and by extension, the skills that he needed to finally become the head of the clan by defeating Rokumaru in a one on one contest of skill and strength.

    Eager, Satori would hop up--swaying only once due to chakra fatigue, before grinning at his mother.

    "I'll help you prepare the food, mother," he stated simply, contemplating what to make. Venison stew over rice with a side of honey-roasted fruits and berries sounded nice. His stomach rumbled in agreement at the idea, which settled it in his mind.

    Moving toward the exit of the training grounds, Satori was already making mental preparations for what exactly he would do next for the Fuuinjtusu training. He knew for a fact there weren't nearly as many standards in that branch--he'd have to work quite a bit to create his own it would seem.

    Techniques Learned:
    Rolling Fog [D] [75 Words]
    Nightmare [B] [125 Words]
    Demonic Flute: Phantom Sound Chains [B] [300 Words]
    Demonic Illusion: Double False Surroundings [B] [300 Words]
    Demonic Illusion: Tree Binding Death [B] [300 Words]
    Genjutsu: Flower Petal Escape [B] [300 Words]
    String Bean Binding Illusion [B] [300 Words]
    Lightning Release: Lightning Illusion Flash of Lightning Pillar [B] [300 Words]
    Bringer-of-Darkness [A] [375 Words]
    Paralyzing Flute Genjutsu [A] [375 Words]
    Temple of Nirvana [A] [375 Words]
    Genjutsu Binding [S] [450 Words]
    Hells Suffering [S] [175 Words]
    Snake Eyes: Basilisk's Gaze [S] [175 Words]

    Total Words Required: 3,925
    Total Words Written: 3,963

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