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Toonami & Konami
Toonami & Konami

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Post by Toonami & Konami on Mon May 06, 2019 12:17 am

The Twins returned to their lavish apartment in Tanzaku Town. Toonami had healed up but was no less pissed at how the encounter had gone. Konami was equally as frustrated at having lost but was also unsure of what their next move should be. They hadn't managed to keep Iwa from falling into enemy hands which meant that Konoha's leadership would be ticked off and looking for someone to blame. Best case scenario, they were months behind schedule. Konoha wouldn't trust them with any vital or sensitive information after this fiasco. This meant they'd have little leverage or room to maneuver in terms of getting what they wanted. Worst case scenario, they'd be blamed for Konoha's defeat and suspected of colluding with the Society. If Konoha was particularly desperate for a scapegoat for Satomi's disappearance, they could always pick her. Konami sat in one of the sofa-chairs in the apartment with her hands steepled thinking of a way around the problem. She hadn't read the scroll as she assumed it may be rigged with a trap to prevent prying eyes from seeing its contents. She could guess what it was. Some sort of declaration of independence or perhaps a message explaining that she was still loyal to Konoha.

Konami doubted it was the latter. If she was a double-agent then Konoha would not have acted the way it did in response to her attempted takeover. No, it appeared Akeno was all in and by their previous conversation, she wanted the Twins to join her.

Toonami for her part was pacing up and down the room. She had retrieved a baggie of cocaine from the dresser and snorted it violently as soon as they got home. The sting of defeat made her crave releif and Konami was in no position to refuse her.

"Fuck! fuck! fuck! Dumb magma bitch cunt! She fucked us over! FUCK!"


"What? Don't fuck start with me! It's you're fault! Why the fuck did we have to go on this cocksucking mission anyways? And where the fuck did that spooky zip Gin go anyway? Left us hanging with our dicks hanging open in in the motherfucking cocksucking wind!"

"It couldn't be helped. We had to gain Konoha's trust...."

"And for what? They won't even let us in their fucking village to report to them! What are we now fucking errand girls?!"

Konami had to admit, her twin had a point. Konoha was not interested in letting them in on any juicy secrets and after this debacle, the best they could hope for is maintaining their subordinate status. And even that was a big if.

"That bitch fucked us over......she's a cheater too. I would have kicked her ass! Fuck her!"

The blueberry twin couldn't see past the two options in front of her. She hated Konoha and Akeno equally but for fairly different reasons. She hated Akeno for beating her in combat and sparring her like she was some kind of child. She hated Konoha acting like they were holier-than-thou despite the fact that they couldn't even find their own Kage. Konami, on the other hand, had a clear mind. She could see the chessboard unfolding in front of her. There were many moves they could make. Many plays. Some better than others, but none of them ideal. The two worked out the situation in their own way. Konami remained silent and contemplative. Toonami continued muttering curses and punching the air as she animatedly walked about the apartment. They'd eventually reach the same conclusion but Konami was the first to speak.

"I think we take Akeno up on her offer. She's not a stupid woman. She's either being controlled by Shin or her actions are being driven by information that we don't have access to. Either way, I intend to find out who's pulling the strings here."

"NOOOOO FUCK NO. That bitch can eat a dick! We aren't working for her, are you fucking kidding me?!"

"Its the smartest play and you know it. If we stay with Konoha, they give us nothing and keep us in the dark. Our progress is too slow on this front and we need to switch it up. Akeno gave us an open door invitation. She works for Shin and Shin is either working with another major player or he's on his own. Whatever he did in Kiri, he did it for a reason...and I want to fight out what."

"Yeah I know, knowledge is power yadda ya but fuck no, I'm not sucking up to that bitch."

Toonami knew it was the best move. She was angry that she had lost but she knew that Akeno could offer the twins more than their current "contractors". She also appreciated Akeno's style. The girl was a complete bad bitch. Konoha-Nin took themselves way too seriously and Akeno had dialed the fuck-shit-up meter to 11 which is something Toon herself would do. The only reason Toonami wasn't masturbating to the girl was that she had beaten her and made her look bad in front of big sis. There'd need to be payback for that.

"Let me do the talking. I agree, Toonami that she cheated and eventually she'll need to make good on that. But I'll handle it. Just...."

Konami didn't need to say much from there.

"Yeah, yeah. "

Toonami got her drift.

"How the fuck are we supposed to find her anyways? It's not like she's gonna stay in fucking Iwa. Konoha is gonna chase her out....unless motherfucking Shin Kazehana shows up with his bajillion puppets. But I don't think even he's that dumb to play the same trick twice."

"We don't need to find her. If Akeno is working with big players they'll make another large move soon. Similar to Iwa in scale and audacity. We wait until we get news of that play, then we head there to collect information. We're bound to pick up her whereabouts eventually. In the mean time, we shouldn't stay here. Konoha doesn't trust us to step foot in their village and there's no telling how they'll react to the letters we brought them. Its best we lay low until we can figure out how to find Akeno or contact her. We need to go....."

"Go where? Kiri?"


"Then whe-?"

Konami looked her twin dead in the magenta eyes. They had the same brain, and she knew her sister would pick up on her meaning eventually. When she did, Toonami's own eyes went wide with shock. The cocaine heightened her surprise and she literally jumped backward in excitement.

"Oooooh shit!"

The two got their belongings together and that night, they'd leave Tanzaku Town.


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~The Twins~

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