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    (Link Back) The Best Naruto RP


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    (Link Back) The Best Naruto RP Empty (Link Back) The Best Naruto RP

    Post by Robo on Tue Sep 03, 2019 11:08 am

    (Link Back) The Best Naruto RP Nrpg
    Rule Directory - Character Creation - Questions - Discord Server

    +An original play by post adventure!
    +Follow your own unique story
    +Do anything, anywhere
    +Climb the ranks from academy student to kage
    +Play as a powerful village ninja or a deceitful missing-nin
    +Create your own epic missions and jutsu
    +Take part in legendary battles against rival villages
    +Become a part of a vibrant, 100% player-driven community

    Mention this link upon creation to receive 1000 wc towards your first character!
    Returning players may also be interested in our character reclamation event running until the end of September 2019  

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