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    The Black Death Officially Controls Hot-springs

    Tetsudashi Ken
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    The Black Death Officially Controls Hot-springs Empty The Black Death Officially Controls Hot-springs

    Post by Tetsudashi Ken on Mon Jan 13, 2020 7:55 am

    After weeks he had everything taken care of now sitting in a large office he had a lot of things to take care of, for one he needed to get some more shinobi to watch the village, he would need to hire guards and also hire scouts in order to send messages to other lands. He began to work on the preparations while he had a secretary working for him she was cautious due to the rumors of what he was like. He did not treat her poorly and simply treated her like she was someone that worked under him.

    He would let the village know it was under his care now and they would no longer have a threat of other nations, he would become strong and find a way that they could become part of something stronger. He was unsure who he could get as allies but if he could get a stronger nation that was not one of the major three as an ally all the better. He also still needed to infiltrate the society in order to make a place for his daughter to be safe. He knew Shimiko was not a kind person despite how she appeared so he had to do his best. He simply hoped she understood this was a hard task and once he was part of it he needed to get as much information as possible to hand over to the girl.

    "Hey you, I need you to write up formal sounding messages for me, while I may be a warrior my messages sound rough I need a woman's touch. I want you to write messages to reach out to nations to ally again Konoha, Kiri, and Kumo. I want them to be sent once we find the locations to Suna, Iwa as well as all the minor villages if you would not mind of course."

    She would frown at him as she had not been called her name a single time yet just hey you or woman.

    "Sir my name is Keori I have told you this several times I am not hey you or woman, please call me by my name."

    He smiled as she said that she had spunk and he liked that a lot but he would not and remember to keep her name in his memory. It was nice feeling fire and anger toward him that was intent to kill but more common anger. Maybe being in charge of a village or alliance wasn't so bad, either way he would have her write the letters and prepare. He also would gather all the exclusives or known knowledge of the village and place it in his secure hands, It did not seem like they had much but that was fine he didn't take them over for such knowledge.

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