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    A New Setup

    Inari Osaki
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    A New Setup  Empty A New Setup

    Post by Inari Osaki on Mon Oct 23, 2017 3:30 pm

    It was another day, the second after running into Kameko at the market. While resting after her previous training session she found herself brainstorming more Taijutsu technique while at home. Being one of the top Taijutsu experts in her village it was a hobby to her. Masuyo wore the standard gear most Shinobi in Iwagakure wear. Her footwear consisted of standard black sandals fitted for comfort and security. With the toes and heel left exposed they provided additional balance, while the rest of the foot up to the ankle was protected by the thick material of the sandal. The soles of the sandals are reinforced with hardened material to resist heavy impacts and wear. Fishnet tights draw from her feet all the way up the entire length of her legs designed to fit snugly and providing minimal warmth while still remaining breathable in hotter conditions. A pair of tight black shorts reach down nearly five inches above her knees. White bandage wrap is wrapped around her right thigh which has a navy blue holster strapped over. Around her waist she wears the basic utility belt which carries two green holsters on her right side along with a tool pouch around her back side and a canteen to the far left. She wears a red lapel on her left side extending down to her knee not interfering with her access to her tools.

    A red top is worn with loose sleeves reaching down just a little past her elbows. This is reinforced with a brown leather flak jacket provided by Iwagakure's armory which serves as issued the issued armor. This is accompanied by an additional tool pouch which is wrapped around the abdomen facing the front instead of being on the rear. On both hands Masuyo wears a set of fingerless black gloves backed with small steel plates providing comfort and protection. Around her neck Masuyo wears her forehead protector as a collar. The black cloth is tied in a knot around the back side of her neck with the steel plate facing the front for identification. The steel plate has Iwagakure's emblem engraved on the front. Masuyo has straight black hair which extends down to her mid back. Two strands of hair drop down touching her chest which leads into her bangs which are cut shorter and swept to her right side. She stands at 5'9 weighing approximately 145 lbs. Her fair skin is complimented with her voluptuous form which is completed with a pair of hazel eyes.

    She did not have anyone to practice on today as she tried to allow her students as much free time as they could possibly need. Kameko was an example of that. Masuyo believed that, although work is important, we all need free time and vacation to maintain sanity and quality of work. For now she worked on a clone. It wore a heavily padded training jacket to absorb impact. It was to protect people from spars from being beaten up too much. Mainly for the Genin with weak bodies. Masuyo used it to minimize the amount of times she had to create clones. She had already practiced a lot of her intermediate Taijutsu techniques, the clone still standing tall and almost unscathed. They have all proved to be successful in their efficiency and execution. "Brace yourself now!" Masuyo exclaimed as she crouched slightly, the clone getting into a position to embrace impact. Kicking off her feet she hopped just enough to put her waist at chest-level of her clone. Rotating around a full 360 she extended her leg driving her foot into its chest.

    The clone was staggered greatly before vanishing in a small cloud. "Excellent." She thought to herself. With her training session done she finished editing the instructor manual for it, along with the other technique she created for her Taijutsu style. So far it has been coming together nice. It was only a matter of time until she began strictly enforcing it and making Iwagakure's military a full-bodied force to be reckoned with. For now, it was time to grab some lunch.

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