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    Hide and Seek [Mission | Solo]


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    Hide and Seek [Mission | Solo] Empty Hide and Seek [Mission | Solo]

    Post by Yumi on Thu Aug 30, 2018 12:33 am

    Hide and Seek, favourite pass time of children across the ages, one will count while the others hide and once the number has been reached the seeker goes to find those who have hidden. Some children are good at the game able to find hiding spots so good they last until the end, while others suck so bad you can only look on in pity. Hide and Seek wasn't just a game to pass the time, no it was also used to help shinobi in training. Being able to hide and stalk your prey from the shadows was an important requirement. To be able to seek shelter and hide from the enemy meant survival, but failing meant death. One must be sure they are skilled at the task or else it could mean failure not just your death but the deaths of your comrades. Hide and Seek taught academy students the importance of stealth, all for the future.

    To make things different the academy was seeking a veteran shinobi, or older Genin to head on over and play a little Hide and Seek with a group of fifteen students. The goal was for the requester to find all fifteen students, they were to keep an eye out and report any students who seemed to show promise in the art of stealth. The one to take the job was Yumi, a medic, illusionist and chemist, who could now add sealing amateur to the long list of jobs they had and soon amateur crafter. Entering the grounds, Yumi met up with the instructor for the day at the training fields, who gave them a rundown, behind them were fifteen students a mix of boys and girls. Once Yumi was introduced the students were told to head off and hide throughout the academy and in the surrounding streets.

    Yumi shut their eyes and began to count to twenty, counting slowly and calmly allowing them plenty of time to hide. Once twenty was reached, Yumi's eyes shot open, a serious expression forming as they took off, using their high level of intelligence to try and track the students. Most of them hadn't covered up their tracks. The training field was dirt and the shoes of most of the students had that dirt on their soles, leaving dirt footprints. Yumi descended, finding a student instance hiding, poorly, behind a bush. Yumi continued finding student after student within ten minutes the medic had tracked down nine of them, leaving only six remaining.

    Walking through the academy halls, Yumi continued searching for the remaining six, on a wall, there was a slight distortion. Reaching out Yumi grabbed hold of a cover and pulled it down revealing the tenth student. The concealment technique could have worked, but they had formed a gap between them and the wall. The medic stood still, listening, they could hear heavy breathing. Looking up another student was clinging to the rafters. They hadn't steadied their breath. Four students to go. Setting into motion, Yumi scoured the entire academy, finding two more. It seemed the majority of the students had chosen to hide into the academy. Leaving for the streets the Genin searched hard.

    Clicking their teeth they entered a nearby clothing store and looked around. The store had four customers and a clerk. Looking over the customers, Yumi frowned, one seemed unsteady in their steps while they wore a giant fur coat. Walking up, Yumi placed a hand on their shoulders and turned them. It was a student in giant high heels to add extra height to make them seem like an adult. It was also a good idea to wear disguises but they would have to work on it. Yumi sent them back to the academy and began searching for the final one. As they walked, Yumi scoured the streets and stores but found no clue. Yumi wall climbed up to a nearby rooftop and looked out, catching the sight of a shadow moving in the distance, ducking behind a wall on top of a roof, five buildings over.

    The Genin moved roof running towards the building and landed with a thud atop the wall. looking down, Yumi saw the final student crouched low. With a word, Yumi sent them back to the academy. Yumi followed after and reported to the instructor that the final two and the one using the concealment technique had promise. Getting the mission stamped the Medic left heading to the mission office to obtain their payment. Getting paid, Yumi departed, heading home for the evening.


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